My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 543

Karen Daly did not open the video immediately, she replied with a voice message to George Ken, “Brother, if you have time to drink with your friends, how can you not have the time to come to Secret Garden?” Jayden was the child they adopted. Karen and Kevin would raise him as their own child, as a part of the family. On the day when Jayden was officially adopted, of course, they hoped that the important family members would all be present to show their appreciation and respect for Jayden. It would also be a formal way to let everyone know that he would be part of the Kyle family and introduce him as Jayden Elias Kyle She informed George yesterday, but George did not come. Karen was somewhat upset. After Karen’s voice message was sent out, George did not reply to her. She waited, and finally, without any replies, she decided to click on the video that he sent. She clicked on the video. Karen could see quite clearly that the video was recorded from George’s home. As she watched, Karen immediately realized something was not right and sat up straight. The video continued to play. When she heard the doorbell ring in the video, Karen was super nervous as she was actually holding her breath while watching. When she saw her father walking out of the room, Karen went absolutely limp. The cell phone almost slipped out of her hand. She saw her father. She saw her father who was alive and still walking. Even if her father’s face was full of scars, she was not afraid at all. She was able to see her father’s appearance through the recording In her memories, her father was still so young and handsome. She thought he still looked the same from the photos 20 years ago. From the video, Karen saw her father walking up to the door and looked through the peephole. It wasn’t someone he knew, so he didn’t open the door and returned to his room. Not long after, the person knocked on the door again and opened it with a set of keys. He tied her father up very quickly and left. When the door was opened, Karen’s vision was fixed on one person. One of the two men who kidnapped her father was the one who worked for Kevin and followed Nick Black around. She recognized him clearly A few days ago, when they came back from Beaford City after burying their father, George pointed and showed her the man at the airport. He asked her whether she knew the man and if the man was working for Kevin. At that time, she was so sure that the man was working for Kevin. But right at this moment, she was hoping that this man was a traitor like Amelia Gray. She hoped that whatever he did was directed by someone else, and it had nothing to do with Kevin However, Karen was clear that after Amelia Gray’s incident, Kevin asked Nick to conduct background checks on all the people around him. Anyone with a slight problem would be fired without a doubt. “So what’s going on now?” Why did the people working under Kevin kidnap her father? Slowly, Karen finished watching the video. After watching the video, she was completely frozen. She didn’t know how to react. She no longer knew who she was or where she was, and even thought she was dreaming. She thought that she was probably dreaming. It must be a dream. If it was not a dream, how could she see such a horrible thing? “Yes, yes, I must be dreaming.” Karen muttered. At the same time, she reached out and pinched her thigh really hard. It hurt! This meant that she was not dreaming. The video she watched earlier was absolutely real. Karen closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself down. She rewatched the video again to see if it was a delusion. She wanted to check if the person she saw in the video was the person she knew. This time, when she watched the video, Karen was very calm. She withheld every emotion as she rewatched the whole video She put down her phone when the video was done. She leaned back on the sofa, and closed her eyes slowly. Her emotions were a complete mess, and her brain was as confused as it could be. Was the murderer behind her father’s death really Kevin? No, it wouldn’t be Kevin. It definitely wouldn’t be Kevin. Karen believed that even if everyone in the world wanted to kill her father, Kevin would not be one of them. Kevin treated her like a precious treasure, he would do literally anything for her. She went missing for three years, and Kevin waited for her those three years. She could sense that Kevin had been protecting her so carefully, for fear that she would be hurt again. How could Kevin do such a cruel act of murdering her father? But if it was not Kevin, then who would it be? She recognized one of the kidnappers. That man was the one who worked for Kevin. He must have had obeyed Kevin’s orders. At this moment, Karen really hoped that the man was a traitor to Kevin. And everything he had done was actually instigated by someone else But who was commanding him? Karen was very clear that the probability of this hypothesis was very low, so low that it was almost impossible to happen. She called George with her trembling hands, hoping that George could give her an explanation. When she called, George did not answer. He didn’t pick up the first time, so Karen called the second time… Finally, on the fifth time, someone answered the phone. “Brother..” When she called out the word, Karen trembled so much she didn’t know how to continue her sentence. “I’m drinking. Don’t disturb me!” George hung up immediately after he said so. As Karen heard the beeping tone after the call ended, her heart went pounding like crazy. “Why are you still up this late? What are you thinking about?” Kevin interrupted Karen and she came to her senses immediately. She hid her phone away and looked at him. stammering, “No, nothing.” “Nothing?” Karen looked flustered and it was obvious. He reached out and touched her forehead. She wasn’t sick, but why was she acting like that? “I.. I’m fine.” Karen wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, but her trembling body betrayed her. “Karen!” Kevin’s voice became even louder and a little angry. “If you have something to say, just tell me. Don’t keep it to yourself. I am your husband. Whatever happens, I will take care of it for you. ” “Kevin.. I.” Karen threw herself into Kevin’s arms and hugged him tightly. “I’m afraid, I’m really scared.” Kevin embraced Karen’s trembling body and said, “What are you afraid of? Tell me! I’m by your side, don’t be afraid!” “I’m afraid we’ll be separated! I’m afraid someone will frame you! There are so many things I’m afraid of.” But she dared not tell him about the video she just watched.

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