My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 545

Mia Kyle’s grandfather, Warren Silas, was a bad person. He deserved to die. But Mia was innocent. She had never done anything to hurt anyone. Karen Daly wanted to believe that her father was a reasonable person. He would not hurt an innocent girl. But was she right? Her brother had just told her what their father did. “Father was framed by Warren Silas. Later, he started to plan for revenge on the culprit. This enemy. Warren assumed the identity of the head the Kyle family. He had power, money, and influence. Dad had no chance to get near him. Over the years, he had been trying to plan for his revenge and when he almost succeeded, his enemy turned out to be an imposter.” “After Warren was arrested, he suddenly died in the Chatterton Town military base. Father couldn’t get his revenge. The grudge he had been carrying with him for so many years couldn’t be relieved. Therefore, he found Warren’s granddaughter, Mia. Father also believed that Mia had something to do with Warren stealing your baby back then. So he kidnapped her.” “He wanted to kill Mia to vent his anger, but in the end his conscience took over and he spared her life.” “Father let Mia go and her injuries have also healed. However Father had been blaming himself ever since. He would wake up countless times every night.” Speaking of this, George couldn’t control his tears as they streamed down from the corners of his eyes. He wiped away his tears and said, “Karen, Father knew what he had done. He was willing to pay for what he did with his life. But before that, he only had one wish. He wanted his surgery to succeed and to meet you with a proper appearance.” George said each word slowly and solemnly. Every word he said was like a bullet hitting Karen’s heart. Her heart shattered along with her conscience. Karen covered her ears and shook her head, shouting loudly, “No, it’s impossible. He wouldn’t, he wouldn’t… he wouldn’t hurt Mia.” She didn’t want to believe that her father had kidnapped Mia. If her father had kidnapped Mia and nearly killed her, then that would be Kevin’s motive to kill her father. Although Mia was not a child from the Kyle family, but Kevin loved her like his own sister. Mia had a special place in the Kyle family’s hearts. If she was harmed, they wouldn’t show any mercy to the culprit. When Mia was rescued, the Kyle family, including the hot tempered Neil Brown, didn’t even mention about the kidnapper. Now thinking about it, it was likely that Kevin and the others had already known about the kidnapper. They didn’t say anything because they wanted to deal with it secretly. Karen was devastated at the thought of this. It was a sunny day, but she felt a darkness envelop her. Everything was crumbling into pieces. George added, “Father had just one small wish, but Kevin took it away from him. Kevin pretended to get brand new documents for dad. He even offered to help if we faced any problems. The night he gave me the documents, he sent someone to kidnap and kill dad.” “He had planned everything. But he didn’t expect that I have surveillance at home. He didn’t expect that father would hold on until I found him,” George said, gnashing his teeth. “No, it wasn’t Kevin! He is my husband, my children’s father. He will never, never hurt any of my loved ones!” Karen still believed that Kevin did not kill her father even after what George had said and even if she had some doubts herself. “Then explain this. Listen. Even if you don’t believe me, even if I was lying to you this whole time, would our father lie right before he died?” George took out his mobile phone and searched for the recording from the night of his father’s death. As he scrolled through his phone, he said, “Dad wasn’t back for a long time. He talked about you the most, he was worried for you. He wanted nothing more than to hear you call him dad and hug you.” “When you married Kevin, he knew the Old Master Kyle was the culprit behind your misfortune. Yet he couldn’t save you. Do you know how hurt he was? “This was the last thing dad said to me. Listen to it yourself. If you still feel that Kevin is innocent, I have nothing else to say.” He clicked a button, and the weak voice of Herbert Ken was heard. “George… Help Karen… George, Kevin is a bad person. You must save her, you must save her.” The recording wasn’t clear, but karen heard every word. She heard her father say that Kevin was a bad person. He had asked George to save her. What had her father gone through before he died to say such a thing? Karen really wanted to listen for more, hoping to get more information. But the recording kept repeating itself. She couldn’t find any more clues. “Brother… why? Why Kevin? Why him? What went wrong? What did dad see? I don’t believe, I don’t believe Kevin killed him. There must be some misunderstandings… Yes, it must be a misunderstanding… Could it be that someone had framed Kevin? Pretended to be him to make dad turn against Kevin?” Karen was so flustered that she was babbling “Karen, wake up! Is that even possible? Do you really know Kevin? Do you really know him?” George was fed up with Karen’s unrealistic excuses. “I… How can I not know Kevin?” Karen said meekly. But George’s question rendered her speechless. Did she really know Kevin? Sometimes, she felt that she knew Kevin very well. But sometimes, she felt that she knew nothing about him. No matter what, Kevin was always strategizing, always planning. He would account for everything. “Karen, do you know all the things that Kevin did? When you got married, you didn’t even know his real identity. Later, his true identity turned out to be different from the one he had revealed to you. Think about it, why is he hiding that from you?”

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