My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 546

“When we got married, it had nothing to do with love. Furthermore, we were adults. He didn’t force me to marry him, it was completely a decision of mine. I liked him, and it didn’t matter what family he came from. Back then, I didn’t tell him a lot of things too, but he told me that my past had nothing to do with him. He only cared about my future.” Karen blurted without thinking. From the very beginning, she had chosen to marry Kevin. He had never forced her. They were married for so long now, and Little Karen was already four years old. She had another child on the way. Was she really going to accuse him just because he didn’t talk about his past? “You didn’t tell him, but he could investigate. He knows everything about you… Otherwise, do you think he would marry you so easily?” The more Karen defended Kevin, the angrier George became. George’s voice was getting louder, but Karen shouted even louder, “If I were Kevin, the head of Rovio, I would investigate too.” “Okay, then let’s not talk about the past, let’s talk about now. PM Corporation was acquired by Rovio. Which means Kevin is the real boss. Has he ever told you about it?” George trembled with anger, but he couldn’t say anything to refute Karen. Rovio had bought over PM? So Kevin was the big boss of PM Corporation? How could this be? Seeing her surprised face, George knew that Kevin had not told her. She didn’t know anything about it. In fact, if Chace Yaleman hadn’t mentioned it unintentionally, he wouldn’t have known that Kevin was still hiding stuff from his wife. He continued, “Outside of work, on his daily matters, do you really know Kevin?” Karen continued siding Kevin, “He must have bought PM for me. He knows I love designing, so…” “Karen, enough!” George kicked the coffee table and roared, “Don’t find damn excuses for him anymore.” Karen quivered, she wanted to refute George but she was speechless momentarily. She could only stare at him with her big crystal eyes. “As I said, I’d tell you what I know. What you do with it is your choice. You don’t believe that he killed our father, that’s fine. You can continue living your good life with him. I won’t stop you. I won’t blame you..” Only, he knew that there was a possibility he might not want to see his sister again. “Brother, I..” “You can leave now. I need to be alone. George pointed at the door. “Brother, trust me one more time. Kevin won’t…” “He won’t? Did I wrongly accuse him? Would our father lie to me before he died?” “I.” “Karen, wake up already. Maybe Kevin only showed you his good side. Maybe there’s a bad side he’s not letting you see. You will never see him through.” “I don’t know how terrible he can be. Maybe one day I’ll see everything clearly, and that day may be the day I end up like dad too. I won’t even know how I die.” “No, you won’t Kevin could never do that. He will never do that.” Karen shook her head and stepped back. She didn’t understand Kevin, but she believed in him. His love for her felt so real. It was real. Anyone could lie, but the eyes were the true windows to the soul. Kevin looked at her with such sincerity and tenderness. How could he ever lie to her? Besides, she had nothing of value to offer. He had no reason to lie to her. He was the leader of the Rovio Corporation. He had the wealth, power, and reputation. There were many women around him trying to get on his bed. Why would he choose her? He had everything, why would he lie to someone who had nothing? Was it just for fun? Did he just take her as a fool? It couldn’t be. Kevin was a busy man. He didn’t have time to waste on people he didn’t care about. He was constantly overwhelmed with work, and he always worked late into the nights. He didn’t have time for useless matter. But she couldn’t explain what her father said before he died. Her father couldn’t have lied. Not right before his death. “If one day…. Before he could finish his sentence, George changed the subject. “No matter what decision you make, you’ll always be the apple in dad’s eye. You’ll always be my younger sister” “Brother! “Thanks for coming.” George waved his hand. Then he turned around and entered his room. He slammed the door behind him, ignoring Karen. He didn’t want to say something he would regret. If this continued, he would end up forcing Karen to do something she didn’t want to do. “Brother.” “You can go now!” He didn’t want to see her now. “Lets… “Just go!” Karen sighed. “OK then, I’ll leave.” She understood his reaction. Their father’s last words couldn’t be a lie. The clue had to be on the murderer. Perhaps, it could be like what she had assumed. The murderer had pretended to be Kevin, therefore her father had mistaken Kevin for being the bad guy. She got up, but her legs were too weak. She stumbled back down. Her belly felt uncomfortable, she was experiencing a contraction. Contraction! Her baby! At the thought of her child, her heart skipped a beat. No, she had to keep her baby safe. She had to go to the hospital as soon as possible. “Brother, I’m not feeling well. Please come with me.” She wanted George to drive her to the hospital, but no matter how she shouted, he ignored her. She gritted her teeth. She endured the pain and went downstairs to get a taxi. When the elevator reached the first floor, she bumped into a man when she was exiting. She was just about to say sorry, but when she looked up, she immediately swallowed her words and continued walking It was Henry from PM Corporation! He grabbed her and said, “Why? You’re just gonna leave without saying sorry.” “Let me go!” Karen wanted to get rid of him, but her body was too weak. She couldn’t wriggle free. “What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Her face was pale, and cold sweat drenched her forehead. Henry showed a rare glimpse of worry “I said let go..” Before she could finish her words, she felt dizzy. The image of Henry turned into a blur. Her head was spinning. Slowly, she blacked out.

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