My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 547

Mia Kyle and Little Karen slept until late in the morning. When they got up and went downstairs, they saw Jayden sitting alone in the living room, staring into the space. The Kyle family treated Jayden as their own family. The servants regarded him as their young master. However, he was still not used to it. His previous life was totally different. Living in such a big mansion was a distant dream for his biological family, even after a few generations of hard work. Not only was the residence different, but the family also had different lifestyle habits. So if he really wanted to integrate himself into this family, he needed to work hard. “Jayden, have you had your breakfast?” Mia held Little Karen’s hand and greeted him as they passed the living room. “Yes.” He replied. He glanced at Mia and then fixed his eyes on Little Karen. He really wanted to talk to her, but it seemed that Little Karen was a bit distant towards him. He opened his mouth but nothing came out. Mia continued,”It’s the weekend. You don’t have to go to school. Do anything you want. This is your home. Don’t be shy.” Jayden nodded. “Okay.” “Miss, Little Miss, breakfast is ready. Do you want it now?” Sarabelle said as she smiled. Mia said, “Yes Sarabelle, please help prepare it for us. Thank you” “Miss, don’t mention it. I’m blessed to be working in the Kyle family,” Sarabelle said as she prepared the breakfast. The breakfast was prepared meticulously. It was prepared separately, according to their individual tastes. Mia took a sip of her warm corn porridge and asked, “By the way, Sarabelle, is my sister-in-law up yet?” Sarabelle said, “She went out to look for Mr. Ken.” “Little Karen, follow me to go to your uncle’s today.” She didn’t want to leave the kids at home without adult supervision. “Okay.” Little Karen wanted to follow her aunt too. She didn’t like staying at home, “Little Aunt, I want to go too.” Jayden had been here for a few days. He knew that father listened to Little Karen, even though she was the youngest. Her father would agree with whatever she said. In fact, it was Little Karen who told her father to keep him. Therefore, he needed to take good care of this sister of his. Only then would his parents be happy. Only then would he be connected with this family. He was eleven years old. He knew a lot of things. “Okay, let’s go together then.” Mia knew Karen’s intention to adopt a child was to find a playmate for Little Karen. This was a good opportunity for them to bond. Before going out, she gave a call to Neil Brown. Mia found out that apparently Neil wasn’t at the military base. He was with the government officials of Chatterton Town to welcome some important VIPs from Country A. Mia was from Country A, but she hadn’t had the chance to visit the country. Meeting the people seemed like a good start The officials were meeting at the Chatterton Town State Hotel, which was often reserved for important delegates and officials. Whenever foreign politicians visited, the hotel would be heavily guarded by special armed forces. This time, with Captain Brown leading the troop, nobody dared to cause any trouble. When Mia arrived with Little Karen and Jayden, the foreign delegates were still on their way, so she had time to chat with Neil. “Neil, who’s coming this time?” “The third son of the President of Country A. The only child of Madam President.” Neil replied. “Oh… I see. He’s indeed an important guest!” Mia said. “Looks like it for now. We’ll have to wait and see what he’s capable of.” “Little Aunt, Little Karen wants to go there and play. Can I take her?” Jayden noticed that Little Karen kept looking at that direction, and guessed that she wanted to go there. As a good elder brother, he had to be aware of what she wanted to do. “Go ahead. Just be careful.” It was safe here, so Mia wasn’t too worried about them. Jayden and Little Karen went to the second floor. Before she took a closer look at the musical lamp that had attracted her attention earlier, the crowd downstairs caught her attention. “Brother Lionel!” The boy in a black suit was most familiar to her. He was Brother Lionel Although his clothes were different, and his hair was shorter… his face and eyes did not change. Little Karen recognized Brother Lionel instantly. She had been thinking about him every day. “Brother Lionel!!” She shouted at the top of her lungs, but there were just too many people around him. It was too noisy… Her voice got lost in the crowd. She shouted several times, but Brother Lionel didn’t hear her. She became anxious. so she turned around, and rushed downstairs. Jayden tried to catch her, but she was too fast. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared into the crowd. Jayden couldn’t keep up She walked through the crowd and rushed towards Brother Lionel. She wanted to jump into his arms again. She wanted to feel his hugs and kisses again. There were too many people around Brother Lionel. She was too small. She was maneuvering through the legs of the crowd, but she didn’t think of backing out. The thought that she was about to meet Brother Lionel gave her energy. No one could stop her. Finally, she reached Brother Lionel’s side. She rushed over and hugged his leg then said softly, “Brother Lionel, I missed you so much!” She squealed his name and rubbed her little head against his leg, waiting for him to pick her up. Then he would tell her how much he missed her too. However, Little Karen didn’t get what she had anticipated. Instead, someone else picked her up. “Whose child is this? How can you run around like that?” Although she had trespassed the VIP guests, but any child who was here had to be either rich or important, so even if they didn’t know who she was, they were still friendly. “No! Let go of me! I want Brother Lionel!” Little Karen said angrily, but her eyes were fixed on her Brother Lionel. From where she stood, she couldn’t see his face clearly because of her height difference with Brother Lionel Now that she was being carried, she could see his face and his eyes clearly.

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