My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 548

Brother Lionel was still as good-looking as how Little Karen remembered. To her, he was the only boy as good-looking as her father was. Looking at him, she flashed a bright smile. Her big, bright eyes glinted as she looked at him. She was adorable, Even the man who was holding her was tempted to pinch her face, and give her a peck on the cheek. However, as soon as the man reached out his hand, she tilted her little head and avoided the contact. “Big bad guy. let go of me!” She didn’t want someone she didn’t like to touch her. This man was bad because he had taken her away from Brother Lionel However, in her eyes, she could only see her Brother Lionel She couldn’t care less about what the others were doing. She looked at Brother Lionel, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time, and her heart was full. She silently hoped that Brother Lionel, would come over quickly, take her away from this bad guy, and hug her. “Brother Lionel, I want a hug! Come and carry me quick!” Little Karen blinked her big bright eyes, her heart full of hope, and reached out her small hands towards Lionel. Just as she got her hopes up, Brother Lionel’s gaze swept past her. He didn’t stop for a moment, as if he didn’t recognize her at all. “Brother Lionel, carry me.” She thought he didn’t hear her, so she repeatedly called for him. But it was to no avail. This time, he didn’t even turn to look at her. It seemed like he didn’t know who she was. “Brother Lionel, I want a hug.” After the third time, she pouted her lips, her voice at the verge of crying. She had missed him for so long and now that he appeared before her, she was overjoyed. But Brother Lionel had blatantly ignored her. Disappointment hit hard on Little Karen She was only four years old, so she didn’t understand much. She didn’t consider anything about Brother Lionel’s true identity. She only knew him as her Brother Lionel and didn’t care about anything else. Therefore when she saw him, she rushed through the crowd without thinking. She wanted to throw herself into his arms. In the past, when he was around, Brother Lionel would always hug her. This was the only time he didn’t hug her. He didn’t even look at her. She pursed her pink lips and said softly, “Brother Lionel, it’s me, Little Karen! Hug me please…Brother Lionel.” This time, she couldn’t wait for his reaction. She couldn’t hold her sadness any longer. She pursed her lips and was about to cry, but she held it in because Brother Lionel had said before, children didn’t look good crying. She didn’t want to be a cry-baby. She didn’t want Brother Lionel to think that she wasn’t cute. She wanted him to think of her as the most adorable child in the world. However, he still didn’t look at her, as if he wasn’t actually her Brother Lionel, who would protect her with his life. “I’m sorry for the trouble, l’l take this child away immediately.” The man said, when he was certain that the VIP didn’t know this child. The man turned and left, holding Little Karen in his arms. “Bad guy! Big bad guy! You’re a big bad guy! Let go of me! I want my Brother Lionel!” She pushed and scratched, but she couldn’t escape because she was too small. “Kid, that’s our VIP today. He’s not your Brother Lionel. Go home and find your Brother Lionel” The man patiently explained to her. “Bad guy! That’s my Brother Lionel!” She wanted to bite this man for denying that the person was Brother Lionel “I’m not a bad guy. If I were a bad guy, I would have kidnapped you already.” The little girl was so cute that he couldn’t say anything nasty to her. “Bad guy! You are a big bad guy!” He was a bad guy to take her away from Brother Lionel. “Let go of my sister!” Jayden suddenly stepped out. He raised his chest and stood in front of the man “Is this your sister?” The man smiled and said, “Little boy. you have to keep an eye on your sister. Don’t let her run around. What if she gets lost?” As soon as the man finished talking, Jayden rushed to the man and got hold of his leg. He opened his mouth and bit the man’s leg. Jayden was strong, and when he saw his sister being bullied, he unleashed all his force. “Kid, let go please! Why are you biting me!” The man put Little Karen down while trying to get Jayden off him. As soon as Little Karen was free, she turned around and ran back to where she saw her Brother Lionel… However, the place was empty. There were just a few staffs walking about, and naturally, Brother Lionel was nowhere in sight. “Brother Lionel..” She called out for her Brother Lionel and frantically scanned around her, but he was nowhere to be found. He had disappeared again. She felt the sky crashing down around her. She was in a daze Her eyes were filled with despair, confusion, and panic… Where did Brother Lionel go? Why didn’t he hug her? Didn’t he recognize her? “Little Karen!” Mia also spotted the familiar face, so she came to look for Little Karen immediately. “Little Aunt, I saw Brother Lionel…He…” As she spoke, she buried her face into her aunt’s arms and cried sadly. “Little Karen, listen to me, ok?” Mia patted her on the back and said softly, “That big boy is just someone who looks like Brother Lionel. He is not Brother Lionel. Brother Lionel has gone to a place far, far away,” Mia didn’t know that Lionel wasn’t actually dead, but had returned to Country A with Zuriel Perth. When she saw the VIP from Country A, she too thought that he was Lionel. But on second thought, it was impossible. he was most likely someone who looked extremely like Brother Lionel, that was it. The world’s so big. There was bound to be people who looked alike. It was possibly just a coincidence. “No, he is Brother Lionel!” Little Karen said with absolute certainty. That was her Brother Lionel. How could she not recognize him?

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