My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 550

 Although she was sad that Brother Lionel didn’t appear, she didn’t want to be angry at him. She kept his present around her neck all the time. Little Karen took out the necklace from under the collar with her chubby, little hand and said softly, “I have it on me all the time.” “Good.” Lionel nodded and helped her put the necklace back on her neck. “This was my birthday present to you. As long as you have it, I will always be with you. When you grow up, come look for me with the necklace.” “But I can’t seem to grow up!” Little Karen pursed her lips and was on the verge of crying. She thought that it had been quite some time already but she was still not a grown up yet. She had been eating her meals on time every day, just like her mother had advised. But she was still a child. She couldn’t understand why she was still a child when everyone else in the family were adults. Was it because she was too adorable? “Who said that?” Lionel stretched out his hands and made a measuring gesture of her height. “I think you’ve grown so much taller. “Have I really grown taller?” Hearing it from Brother Lionel suddenly made Little Karen believed that she had indeed grown taller. There was hope after all! She was growing “Of course! Lionel gently pinched her face. “Not only have you grown taller, but you’re also more beautiful and more adorable” Hearing this, she turned pink from blushing. Little Karen threw herself to Brother Lionel and kissed him on the cheek. She said softly, “Brother Lionel, I like you.” She liked his voice, his look, his company, and everything about him. Little Karen’s gentle voice traveled into Lionel’s ears. His heart melted. This child had saved his life. He wanted nothing more than to protect her. He really wanted to stay and watch her grow up. He wanted to be there for all the important milestones. But he couldn’t He came to Chatterton Town on official affairs. It wasn’t easy to take time out to meet her. “Brother Lionel do you like me?” When she noticed that Brother Lionel was silent, she raised her head and blinked her big bright eyes at him. “Of course I like you.” She was such a likable kid. Everyone who met her would like her instantly “I knew it.” She said proudly. She counted on her fingers. Her grandparents liked her, her parents liked her, and her Little Aunt and her uncle also liked her. Since everyone liked her, Brother Lionel would definitely like her too. Lionel held her little pink face. He kissed her once on the cheek. “This is for the kiss you gave me earlier.” He planted another kiss on her forehead where the plum mark was. “And this is another kiss for you as a gift.” “My turn.” She stood up, held his face, and planted another kiss on his face. Lionel held her in his arms and rubbed her head. “Little Karen, I need to get back to work now. Be good. Don’t cry anymore.” “Brother Lionel, don’t go, don’t go.” She hugged him tightly. She was terrified. “Little Karen, don’t forget what I said. When you grow up, take that birthday present and come look for me.” He held Little Karen in his arms and said patiently, “You’re not lying to me right?” She trusted him, but she was worried he would suddenly disappear. “I will never lie to you.” He pulled her small hand to his “Pinkie swear.” Their fingers intertwined and they said it together. “Pinkie swear. This can’t change for a hundred years!” It was such a childish thing to do. However, no matter how many years had passed, neither of them forgot about it, even for the grown up Little Karen, who couldn’t remember how Brother Lionel had looked like. “I need to go now, don’t cry anymore, okay.” Lionel tucked Little Karen back into bed. “Quick go back to sleep.” “Brother Lionel..” Even though she had promised him not to cry, she still felt sad when she saw him leaving soon. “Little Karen, be good.” Lionel rubbed her head and left without looking back. If he stayed a little longer, he might give in and stay with her no matter what. “Brother Lionel…” The moment the door was closed, she didn’t care about Brother Lionel’s advice. She got down the bed and was going to chase after him. But when she reached the living room, Jayden stopped her. “Sister, Little Aunt said that there is a bad guy outside and we shouldn’t go out.” “I’m looking for Brother Lionel, not the bad guy!” She glared at Jayden and shouted back angrily. “That brother has said that he is busy” Jayden heard their conversation in the room, but he didn’t want to interrupt. Yes, Brother Lionel was busy with important matters. She would find him when she grew up. At the thought of this, her hand reached for the necklace dangling from her neck. That was the only connection between her and Brother Lionel She wanted to grow up fast. When she was older, she could bring the necklace to look for him, and then she wouldn’t let him walk away again. Outside, Lionel didn’t hear her cries. He raised his head and took a deep breath, then walked away. He understood that Little Karen still missed him because he had only been gone for a short time. She would still remember him. After a few years, maybe even a decade, she would grow up. Then, there would be more people who would want to protect her. By then, she probably wouldn’t remember him anymore, or the brief but wonderful time they had spent together. Children forgets easily. Their memory are short. He knew that. However, at the thought that Little Karen would forget about him very soon, he felt a sharp pain his heart. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. He said to himself, “Bye Little Karen. Whether you will remember me or not, always be healthy and happy.” He sighed, then regained his composure. When he appeared in front of everyone once again, he was just the noble Third Prince from Country A, he was no longer Little Karen’s Brother Lionel.

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