My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 551

“Karen, it’s your dad here… Kevin is not a good guy. Stay as far away from him as possible.” “Karen, if you want to be with Kevin, it’s your own choice. But please don’t find excuses for him.” “Karen, you didn’t care about your father’s death because of a man. He didn’t forget about you even in his last moments. What kind of daughter are you?” “Karen, have money and power blinded you? Have you forgotten whose child you are?” “Karen, Kevin is the devil who kills without batting an eyelid. But you’re still defending him. What will your deceased father think?” “No, No. Kevin is not a bad guy. He’s not!” Karen Daly waved her hands, trying to drive away the voices in her head, but they wouldn’t leave her alone. Her deceased father, her brother George Ken, and even her mother who had passed away many years ago, were appearing before her. They all looked at her in disappointment, as if she had done something shameful. “No, no, Kevin wouldn’t do this, he wouldn’t.” Karen tried to explain, but she couldn’t. Every piece of evidence presented by George was pointing towards Kevin Kyle. Before the truth was unearthed, how could she defend Kevin? She couldn’t ask them to blatantly trust Kevin this time, right? Kevin had been treating her well and taking good care of her, she could trust him unconditionally. But they had no reason to trust him, especially her brother, George. “Karen, wake up, wake up…” The noise pulled her out from the nightmare. Before she could see clearly after she opened her eye, someone grabbed her and held her into his arms. She could feel a large palm pressing her head onto his chest. She could hear his heartbeat. “Let me go!” Even though it felt warm and solid, she knew immediately that it wasn’t Kevin’s chest. Their well built physiques were similar, but their scents were different. Karen was too familiar with Kevin’s scent. Even if she couldn’t see him, she knew that he wasn’t Kevin. “Don’t move!” Henry’s voice sounded above her head. He sounded worried. “Henry, let go of me!” Karen struggled to get away, but he was stronger. She couldn’t push him away. On the contrary, Henry hugged her tighter. His voice came again, “Karen, if you want the baby in your belly to be alright, behave yourself. Otherwise, I don’t know what I will do.” “Baby? My baby? What have you done to my baby?” Karen panicked at the mention of her baby. “If you dare hurt my child, I will kill you.” Henry grabbed her hands and said, “Karen, if I hadn’t brought you to the hospital, you would have lost the baby already!” Hearing this, Karen suddenly realized what was going on. She had gone downstairs from George’s house and bumped into Henry. Then she passed out, and had that nightmare. “Don’t worry. The doctor said that both you and baby are safe for now” Henry had no intention of letting her go. “For now? What do you mean? What have you done to me and my baby?” Karen took Henry’s word literally. “I actually do want to do something, but I wouldn’t hurt you. The doctor said that your emotions will affect the fetus. You just need to rest well and don’t get emotional, then the child will be fine.” “My baby…thank god…” Karen repeated to herself. She was still in a daze, and didn’t realize that she was still in Henry’s embrace “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Henry looked at her and said earnestly, “Karen, I want you.” His words were straightforward and his eyes were firm, as if Karen were a toy, and he would have her if he so chose. “Henry, we don’t know each other. I have no bad blood with you. Why are you doing this?” Karen had thought about it countless time, but she couldn’t find any reason why he kept pestering her It was unlikely for him to like her. She was about to become a mother of two. She didn’t understand why he was attracted to her He pinched her chin and said with a faint smile, “As long as I remember you, you don’t have to remember me.” “You’re a psycho, go away!” She wanted to stab him with a knife. Before she could sort out matters at home, some lunatic has now decided to add more trouble to her life. He put his arms around her and whispered in her ear suddenly, “Karen, you don’t know how much I like you.” “Damn it! Go like someone else, I don’t f*cking want you.” She wanted to slap him in the face. Bang Suddenly, the door of the ward was kicked open, startling both Henry and Karen. Kevin’s tall figure appeared. He looked at them with a gaze as sharp like daggers. When he saw his wife in another man’s arms, he was instantly filled with rage. The always level-headed Kevin couldn’t keep his cool this time. Without thinking, he charged forward, grabbed hold of Henry and pushed him away. Henry quickly steadied himself, turned around and said, “Matthew, I have helped send your wife to the hospital, but this is how I’m being treated. I’m very disappointed.” Before Henry could finish his words, Kevin raised his fist and punched him in the face. Blood oozed out of his nose. In the past, when Director Kevin wanted to beat someone up, he would send Nick Black to do the dirty work. He rarely did it personally. “Matthew…” Kevin punched Henry again with full force, aiming at his nose. Seeing him all bloodied, he shouted, “Nick, take him away!” He looked at Henry coldly. If he could, he would continue to beat him up, but he didn’t want Karen to witness the bloodbath “Matthew..” “Get lost!” From the moment Kevin broke in, Karen was overcome with shame. Even though she didn’t do anything wrong, but she couldn’t explain why she was alone with Henry. She didn’t say anything, neither did Kevin. He stared at her gloomily, his eyes full of rage.

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