My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 552

Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly continued to look at each other. Their eyes met, but they didn’t speak. The ward was so quiet that they could hear their own heartbeats. Kevin stared at her, observing every detail of her face. She looked calm and collected, she didn’t seem to have the desire to talk. He roared, “York!” “Director Kevin, I’m here.” York Tanner, who was standing outside, hurried into the room. He didn’t dare stand too close to the raging Kevin. The staring match continued. Kevin didn’t speak. York wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, he was trying to guess what Kevin wanted him to do. York raised his head and stole a glance at Kevin. Although Kevin was very angry, he could see his concern for Karen in his eyes In an instant, York understood what Kevin wanted him to do. He quickly said, “Director Kevin, ‘ll go call the doctor now.” The people around Kevin all knew how much he loved his wife. Kevin would not be at peace if he hadn’t get an explanation from the doctor on his wife’s condition. He was definitely worried, but he was still angry and he didn’t want to say it himself In times like these, the people around Kevin really got to work their magic. They had to understand what their director wanted and do it quickly As soon as York left, the ward fell silent again. Kevin’s eyes were fixed on Karen like nails. Karen was the first to look away because she couldn’t stand his stare. She had mixed feelings in her heart. She felt his stare intensified after she turned away. She felt uncomfortable, like she was sitting on a bed of nails. She opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say. It might be because she also suspected him to be a murderer Although she had defended him many times over, she still had her doubts. Because of her suspicion, she didn’t know what to say Should she ask him about it or not? Soon, York returned with the doctor. The doctor saw Kevin’s angry expression, and when he spoke, he sounded a little nervous. “Director Kevin, Mrs. Kyle and the child are fine for now. “For now?” Kevin shot a piercing look at the doctor. How dare the doctor described the situation in this manner. The doctor, after realizing he had said something wrong, hurriedly added, “Mrs. Kyle was emotionally shaken, and that had triggered a contraction. As long as she gets some rest and keeps calm, she and the baby will be fine.” The doctor wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and said, “To be safe, Mrs. Kyle should stay in the hospital for observation for two days.” After ensuring that everything was fine, Kevin turned back towards the expressionless Karen on the hospital bed. He waved his hand, signaling York to take the doctor away. After they left, he walked towards Karen and sat down beside her. He sighed and held her in his arms. He said, “It’s my fault.” That Chace Yaleman, whom Karen knew as Henry from PM Corporation, had pounced at the first opportunity he got! All because Kevin didn’t do well in taking care of Karen in the first place. Karen buried her head in his chest and instantly felt safe. She didn’t feel as scared as before, but she started to tear. She’s the one who was with another man, and doubting him, but Kevin was the one apologizing to her. Karen punched his chest and said angrily. “It’s not your fault!” He treated her better than anyone else in the world. She didn’t know why, but she felt so vulnerable when she was with him. She didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t fight back her tears in front of him. Kevin patted her on the back and coaxed softly, “Okay, okay, it’s not my fault. We’ll stay in the hospital for the two days to monitor your condition. Nothing can happen to you both, understand?” His voice was deep and gentle. It made her cried even more. Could she ask him about it? Ask if he did kill her father? But she couldn’t. He was so good to her. How could she doubt him? She wanted to find clues. She wanted to find the murderer in order to prove Kevin’s innocence. After a long time, Kevin let go of her and kissed her forehead. “Karen, don’t you have anything to say to me?” She didn’t sleep well last night, but she got up early to find George, and then she ended up in the hospital. It was obvious that something was wrong. But she didn’t want to tell him anything. “What, what do you want me to say?” She stuttered. Did he know what she was thinking? “You really don’t have anything to say?” Kevin clenched his fists instinctively. Sometimes, he really wanted to strangle this woman. After so many years, she was still the same. She kept so many things hidden in her heart, and she never opened up to him. He had emphasized so many times that he was her husband and she could depend on him. However, she had never wanted to give her heart completely to him. Wasn’t he good enough? Hadn’t he done enough? Fine. Assuming that he wasn’t good enough and failed to be the exemplary husband. But she could at least tell him what she wanted from him. But she never said anything. She kept everything deep in her heart. “I, I don’t have anything to say.” Karen pursed her lips and wriggled out of his arms awkwardly. She turned her head and lay down. “I’m tired. I need to rest for a while. Karen was avoiding the topic. This proved to Kevin that she was actually hiding something. However, she didn’t want to speak, and Kevin couldn’t force her. Kevin looked at her back, clenched his fists, and said, “Well, you lie down and rest for a while. Call me if you need anything.” He got up and went out. He sat on a chair at the corridor. He didn’t stay inside the ward because he was worried he couldn’t control himself, he didn’t want to get angry at her. He had almost never got out of control as he did today. For so many years, he had never lost control. He felt awful because he didn’t know what she was thinking. He had led Rovio for so many years, and everything was running smoothly within his control. Not long ago, a famous magazine had written an article of him which highlighted all the outstanding achievements he had attained over the years. He was described as a legend. However, for him, the real highlights from the past few years of his life, was marrying Karen and building a family with her.

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