My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 553

 Karen Daly and Little Karen were the most important things that happened to him over the years. They were the most precious treasures in his life. Rovio was very important to him too, but far less important than his wife and daughter. When he was very young, his grandfather often reminded him to put his family first before everything else. Rovio was the Kyle family’s livelihood. If they wanted to grow Rovio into a huge business empire, they would have to take care of their family first. A family was the backbone of a man. If there wasn’t a harmonious family behind a man, how would he have the energy to take charge of Rovio. The Kyle family had always prioritized their family. They believed that the family was the foundation to everything in their lives. In Kevin Kyle’s memory, his grandfather was very good to his grandmother. Grandmother had passed away for many years, but his grandfather had never thought of remarrying Instead, he focused on bringing up his son as a single parent. Nothing more could be said about Kevin’s father. His parents had been married for decades, but his father still loved his mother like before. He had never once raised his voice at his mother. Since he married Karen, Kevin had devoted his heart and soul to her. He had no other intentions. He gave his whole heart to her, but she didn’t reciprocate. Wasn’t he enough for her? Wasn’t his sacrifice enough? “Director Kevin, Chace Yaleman was taken away by his men.” Nick Black glanced at Kevin. After a pause, he said, “There is one more thing. I don’t know if I should say it.” “If you have something to say, just shoot.” Kevin spoke in a rough tone, which he had never used before. Even Nick, who was always with him, was taken aback. Nick quickly handed him a folder. He said, This was handed in by Hector. According to him, he saw this when he was checking the surveillance of the company. He decided to hand it over after much consideration.” Kevin opened the folder. When he took a good look at the content in the folder, rage seared through his eyes instantly. His anger was mounting. “Damn it!” He roared through gritted his teeth. His clenched fists crackling. He glanced up. his eyes fierce and frightening. “Bring Chace to me. I’ll make him pay for his actions.” “Yes, sir!” Nick nodded. He continued, “Director Kevin, George didn’t want to hand over the video. Wilis is dead, and all the clues we had led to nowhere. Right now, there’s no new development on Old Mr. Ken’s murder.” “Then continue the investigation, dig those people out one by one. I want them all gone!” Kevin said in a light tone, but it sounded frightening. Even Nick, who had served Kevin for many years, shuddered. However, he understood the reason of his anger. Chace had touched his woman. Even if he was the young master of the Yaleman family, Director Kevin would show no mercy. Nick left to carry out his orders. Kevin opened the folder again and stared at the two persons in the photo. It roused his anger once more, as he looked at Chase kissing Karen in the photo. “Damn it!” Why didn’t Karen tell him about this? That silly woman. He mustered all his strength to stop himself from bursting through the door to interrogate Karen. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, but to no avail. For the first time, his emotions took over his conscience. He suddenly got up, pushed the door open, and slammed the door behind him. Karen jumped and turned towards him. He walked towards the bed and threw the photo on the blanket. Before Karen could see it clearly, he held her head and kissed her hard on the lips. His kiss was hard and ferocious, as if he wanted to wash away any trace of Chase on her lips. He was telling her that she belonged to him. Nobody else could touch her “Kevin…No!” She couldn’t breathe and tried to push him away. However, as soon as she moved, Kevin grabbed her waist and pulled her close to him. “I’m your husband. What’s the problem for me to kiss you? Hmm?” Kevin held her chin. He bit her lips again. “Karen, you’re mine!” “Kevin, are you crazy?” Kevin looked terrifying, like a devil from hell. He leaned over on her body. “You make me crazy!” “That’s ridiculous…mm…” Before Karen could continue, Kevin silenced her with his kiss. The kiss wasn’t like any other kisses before. It was forceful, a punishment of sorts…she could feel it. “Hey… let me go…” Karen refused to reason with Kevin who had gone mad. She used all her strength to push him away. “Get out, don’t touch me!” “You want me to get out?” The enraged Kevin looked at Karen and her red lips. He thought of how Chace had kissed her in the photo. Those lips only belonged to him. But another man had touched them. Kevin clenched his fists, and his eyes smoldered with fury. Karen was terrified. She swallowed hard and retreated backwards. However, Kevin reached out and pulled her back to him. Once again, he kissed her. “No… let me go…” Karen struggled. Then, she glimpsed at the photo that Kevin had thrown on the bed. There were two people in the photo, Henry and her. Henry was kissing her. Karen remembered that day very clearly. It happened on one morning, when she had gone to work. Henry had blocked her in the elevator and forcefully kiss her. She didn’t tell Kevin about it because she felt guilty. She was afraid too, and she didn’t want to add to his worries. She felt that she could handle the matter on her own. She never imagined that Kevin would find out and even had the photo of them. It was like she was being caught red handed. She saw anger and disgust in Kevin’s eyes…but she couldn’t find the trust she was hoping for. Huh… Karen felt beaten. She felt like she had fallen into a bottomless abyss. They had been married for several years, but in fact, their marriage was so easily shaken. It was ridiculous! Laughable! The more ridiculous thing was that Kevin was still kissing her madly Karen was so furious she bit Kevin on the lip hard. He twitched, but did not let go of her. Instead, he kissed her harder. She struggled, but it was useless. Every time she struggled, his kiss grew even more overbearing.

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