My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 554

After a very long time, when Karen was about to suffocate from the kiss, Kevin finally let go of her. Karen bit her red and swollen lips and blinked her eyes hard, trying to stop the tears from escaping. Kevin looked at her with his tender and loving gaze, yet showing hints of wariness. From the photo, you could see that Karen was unwilling to have that kiss, and Chace Yaleman forced it on her. Kevin was angry at Karen, not because she was kissed by Chace, but because she didn’t mention the incident to him at all. Did she enjoy it? Or did she think that Kevin could not do anything to him? Kevin’s eyes got wider, and he finally spoke after a long time, “Karen, do you have anything to tell me?” He gave her another chance to explain herself. As long as she told him what happened, he would believe whatever she said. “Kevin, what do you want me to tell you?” Karen looked at Kevin and suddenly laughed. Although she was laughing, her beautiful eyes were full of tears. What he just did had already shown that he had something in mind. So why should she explain further? Kevin clenched his fists and said in a deep voice, “Karen!” “If I said it was just an accident, and I didn’t want that at all, would you believe me?” Karen was afraid to hear his answer, so before Kevin opened his mouth, she continued, “Since you wouldn’t believe me, why bother asking? You wouldn’t believe what I said anyway.” “Karen… How would you know that I wouldn’t trust you if you’re not going to tell me anything? Kevin took a deep breath, trying to control his temper. “How was I supposed to tell you?” Karen was so angry that she grabbed the photo and threw it at him. “Kevin, even without me telling you, you found out anyway, didn’t you? Aren’t you in control of my every movements anyway? Do you even see me as your wife?” “Do I see you as my wife?” Hearing Karen’s words, Kevin got so angry he laughed out loud, “Since you think that I don’t see you as my wife, then so be it.” “You want to hear it from me, huh? Then let me ask you, were you the mastermind who hired the murderer to kill my father?” Karen looked at Kevin and spoke slowly but surely, “What?” Kevin couldn’t believe his ears. Was she accusing him for Herbert Ken’s murder? “Because my father kidnapped Mia, almost killing her. You wanted to avenge her, so you asked someone to kill him.” Karen decided to just let it go. Once she’s said everything, she wouldn’t have to suffer alone. “I killed your father because of Mia?” Kevin snorted, “Karen, who’s telling you such things? Am I such a person in your heart?” Karen clenched her fists, “Kevin, you should know what you have done better.” “Hah…” Kevin snorted. He looked at Karen with feelings of shock and he didn’t know how to react. All this time, he had deployed countless amount of resources and effort to investigate Herbert’s murder. But he never complained, because he thought it was worth it. He thought it was worth doing it for his own wife. But he definitely did not expect that instead of hearing words of appreciation from Karen, she was coldly suspecting him as the murderer. If he really was the murderer, he would have done things thoroughly and carefully, leaving no clues for her, or anyone else. “Am I wrong?” Karen asked. As long as he denied it, she would believe him. “Go on now, deny it. Say it’s not me. Tell her I had nothing to do with it… Kevin denied in his heart, but Karen did not hear anything. Kevin glared at her, and his anger level was rising. After some time, he chuckled coldly as he walked close to her, “Karen, congratulations on getting the correct answer. Indeed, I was the one who hired a murderer to kill your father. Do you like my answer?” “You, you are spouting nonsense..” How could it be him? It couldn’t be him. Why did he admit. was it really him? “But Karen, so what if you know that I was the mastermind of your father’s murder? Are you going to kill me? Eat me? Or maybe you’d go off with Yaleman?” Kevin’s gaze turned cold as ice. He reached over and took off Karen’s clothes forcefully, then pressed himself against her tightly, “Karen, in this life, you’re destined to be mine!” “Kevin, what are you doing? Let go… let go of me..” Karen struggled hard, but it did not change anything. She could only watch Kevin tear off her clothes mercilessly. The cold air hit her instantly, making her shiver. She had never seen such a terrifying Kevin before. The Kevin she was seeing now was no longer the gentle and loving Kevin she knew. He was just an evil wolf, waiting to devour her at any moment. “Kevin, if you do this, I will hate you!” It was useless to struggle, so she stopped struggling. She dropped her hands powerlessly and closed her eyes. He could do whatever he wanted. The child in her belly was the least of her concern now. “Hate me? Who are you to hate me?” Karen’s helplessness made Kevin even more furious. He got up and grabbed her chin, “Karen, do you really think I cannot live without you?” “… I’ve never overestimated myself in such a way. I know my worth.” Karen chuckled and said weakly. He was the impressive head of Rovio, while she was only a small scale designer. How could she think that he would be unable to live without her? “You-” Kevin added more pressure on his grip, but when he saw her frown in pain, he loosened it again. No matter what she did, he could never bear to see her get hurt. Kevin’s gaze moved away from her pale face. He got up, adjusted his shirt, and turned around to leave mercilessly. As soon as Kevin left, Karen’s heart fell deep into the fiery pits of hell. She curled herself up into a ball, and felt like a bird whose wings broke; helpless and scared. It turned out that compared to her suspicion of Kevin being the murderer, him admitting it made her sadder. She didn’t believe that he was the murderer, and yet he admitted it. He must have grown tired of her. Tired of all the troubles he got from her… That must be the reason why he didn’t even bother explaining to her.

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