My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 555

She could hear Kevin’s voice ringing in her head- Karen, don’t be afraid, I’ll stay by your side forever. Kevin’s voice was still as deep and seductive as before, but he left her just like that, as if they were strangers. She questioned him not because she thought that he was the murderer who had killed her father, but because she wanted him to explain. She wanted him to tell her that he had not done those things, so she could be assured. However, not only did he not deny it, he even admitted it. Was he so desperate to abandon her? At that thought, Karen felt lost and cold, as if her heart had been dug out of her body. She wanted to cry, but she realized that she had cried too much and she lost her strength. She could only let the sadness engulf her and slowly crush her. The two of them led very different lives. Perhaps it was a mistake for them to get together… That’s why their married life became so difficult and hard. Well, she had tried her best. She had tried her best to live a normal and happy life, but there were just many things she couldn’t control. She tried to stop thinking about it. Kevin can do whatever he wanted after this… but she did not have her closure. How could he just leave so easily and let her suffer alone? Gradually, Karen regained her strength. She sat up, put her clothes back on and decided to have a decent discussion with Kevin. Even if they weren’t going to continue their lives together, she wanted to clear things up. She didn’t want to be left hanging without closure. Knock! Knock! Just as Karen fixed herself up, the doctor knocked on the door and looked at her worriedly, “Mrs. Kyle, your baby’s condition is very unstable now, you can’t get agitated anymore.” Even the doctor knew her condition was unstable and she needed to be calm, but Kevin failed to protect her earlier and even tried to… “I’m fine.” Karen bit her lip, “Where’s Kevin? Please send him in. I have something to tell him.” Although she was angry, she knew that the doctor would be talking about Kevin. “Director Kevin, he…he left… The doctor stammered. Hearing the name “Kevin” made the doctor stammer. She did not forget how violent Kevin looked when he entered the staff room earlier. He asked them to come to the ward quickly, so they thought something had happened to Mrs. Kyle. However, it seemed that she was well and fine, so what happened? Were they trying to put up an act to make all of them scared? “He left?” Obviously, Karen didn’t believe her. The doctor nodded hard and held Karen carefully. “Mrs. Kyle, please be careful. If something happens to you and the child, Director Kevin will blow up our hospital.” So, please, please, Mrs. Kyle, stop acting so ruthlessly… They still had their families and they didn’t want to lose their jobs, or lives. Karen knew she should be more careful with her child. What was most important now was to protect the child. She could think about other things after that. Outside the ward, Kevin was listening anxiously. When he heard that Karen was still fine, he let out a sigh of relief. He was too angry earlier and got in the heat of the moment that he almost made her.. Luckily he managed to control himself in time and not cause any irreversible consequences “Director Kevin, Mrs. Kyle’s emotions are quite stable. Both her and the fetus are fine.” Another doctor explained carefully. They all hoped more than anyone for the safety of Karen and her child. They hoped that she would quickly give birth to a child, then their lives would be better. Kevin said in a deep voice, “You guys can go back first. Make sure you observe her ward at all times. I will not tolerate with any shortcomings.” “We will definitely take good care of Mrs. Kyle and won’t let anything happen to them.” Unless they were seeking their own death, who would dare to be careless with them? As soon as the doctors left, Kevin turned his head towards York Tanner, “Call Nick, ask him to bring George here. If George doesn’t cooperate, kidnap him.” After seeing George, Karen became agitated and affected the condition of the fetus. She even asked if he was the one who instructed Herbert’s murder. Any Tom, Dick, and Harry could tell that George had something to do with Karen’s suspicion. It was also weird that George didn’t turn in the evidences he had of Herbert’s kidnap. If he wanted to understand what was going on, George must be the key to all that. He must find George as soon as possible to understand what happened. York called Nick immediately, and before he could say anything, the other end of the line reported a lot of things and York’s expressions gradually turned bad. After he hung up, York looked at Kevin with fear, “Director Kvein, Nick was leading some men to go look for George. When they reached, George was gone. There were traces of a fight in his house, so there’s a possibility that he got kidnapped.” Problems were arising one after another. Things really have been aggravating recently. As York reported to Kevin, he quietly observed his mood. Their director was now a furious creature. If anyone offended him now, they would die a scary death. “George is gone?” Hearing that news made Kevin smile. His smile seemed chilly and dangerous, “Very well! Looks like someone is deliberately trying to frame me. That’s fine. If they want to play, then let’s entertain them.” Kevin was never one to lose. If someone had the guts to disturb him, then they must have made enough preparations. “Tell Nick to stop investigating.” If Karen misunderstood him, then the mastermind would have a chance to swoop in He had to admit that the mastermind’s plan wasn’t bad at all. In his many years of working, he really hadn’t met any worthy opponents like that. He admired his opponent’s courage. If Karen didn’t get involved in this, he would even consider having a few drinks with this opponent. After all, a great rival was as rare as a knowing friend. However, this person harassed Karen as well. As soon as Kevin gave the instructions, the door of the ward opened, and Karen walked towards him with a pale face. When she reached his side, she didn’t give Kevin a chance to speak. She threw her phone at Kevin and said, “Kevin, if anything happens to him, i’ll fight you to death.” After saying that, Karen turned and ran out. Kevin couldn’t catch her in time, and he only managed to catch the phone she threw at him. There was a clear message shown on the phone, “Karen, they are here. I may not be able to see you again.” The sender was George Ken.

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