My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 556

“Damn it!” Kevin cursed, then he put the phone away and chased after Karen immediately. It was now very obvious that someone was stirring things up and trying to pull their relationship apart. Karen had just received news that Kevin was the mastermind behind Herbert Ken’s murder, and at the same time, Kevin received photos of Chace Yaleman kissing Karen. With these two things put together, it would definitely cause them to argue… and now George was in trouble. Damn it! Kevin quickly caught up to Karen and pulled her back, almost roaring: “Karen, calm down!” “Let go of me! Let go of me! Kevin, let go of me!” Karen tried to push him away, but Kevin just tightened his arms around her and pulled her into his arms. She was so anxious that she bit his chest, “My brother said that you were the mastermind for father’s murder. I didn’t believe him. He said you were going to get him. I still didn’t believe him… Kevin, can I still trust you?” “The murderer wasn’t me, and I didn’t kidnap George… you need to go back and rest in the ward. I will find an explanation for all of these.” Kevin didn’t give her any chance to run away, instead he carried her in his arms back to the ward. “Kevin, my mother died in vain. My father got murdered… George is my only family left. I cannot let anything happen to him.” So many things happened so coincidentally in such a short time, so it probably had something more. Karen wasn’t stupid. The murderer wasn’t Kevin, and there must be someone stirring things up. George would very likely become the next sacrifice. Both her parents died in the hands of others, If anything happened to George, Karen would start to suspect if she was an unlucky star in her family. Kevin put her into the bed, “Karen, if you trust me, stay here and take care of the baby. Let me do everything else. If George even loses a finger, I’ll compensate you with my life.” “What nonsense are you saying? Although I don’t want anything to happen to him, I hope that nothing happens to you too.” Why couldn’t this man understand what she wanted? All she hoped for was for everyone around her to be safe and sound. Kevin wasn’t just her husband. He was her soulmate. She couldn’t imagine how she would be like without Kevin. How would Little Karen be? How would the baby in her belly be? All three of them relied on him heavily. He needed to be safe. “Alright, we will all be safe!” Kevin rubbed her head, and his voice became gentle, “Give me two days. Just two days.” Karen bit her lip and nodded carefully. “You must rest properly and not get agitated anymore. As long as you and the baby are fine, I will be alright. Understand?” Kevin cooed gently. “Mhmm. I know.” Karen bit her lip. Although she wanted to speak more, she remained silent. What she needed to do was to protect their child, not believe the rumors, and not cause anymore trouble for Kevin. “Good girl!” Kevin planted a kiss on her forehead and turned around to leave, “York, send someone to guard the ward. Don’t let Karen leave the ward at all. You can bring Little Karen here as well. After giving the orders, Kevin walked away quickly. He needed to capture those vile beings who were harassing Karen. “Mommy, I saw Brother Lionel today! Brother Lionel said I can go find him when I grow up!” When Little Karen reached the hospital, she jumped into her mother’s arms and spoke excitedly Little Karen met her Brother Lionel again. He hugged her, gave her a kiss, and promised that they would meet again after she grows up. Although she didn’t know how long it would take to grow up. she was very excited at the thought that she would be able to see Brother Lionel in the future. She didn’t have much friends, and she wasn’t close with Brother Jayden yet, so she could only share this happy news with her daddy and mommy. “You met Brother Lionel?” Karen was suspicious, but she didn’t want to burst her bubbles. She caught her and gave her a kiss on her rosy cheeks. All her worries and fear earlier faded as she saw her cute Little Karen. Their child was already growing up. Kevin must have endured all kinds of hardships raising her alone. How could she have suspected him? “Brother Lionel! It’s my Brother Lionel!” Little Karen was very happy, so she also kissed her mother’s cheeks. “Mommy, I want to grow up quickly.” “Baby, I love you very much. Forever and ever.” “I love you too.” “Karen, can you tell me about your stories with Daddy?” “Daddy and 1?” Little Karen blinked her eyes, “I love Daddy and I love Brother Lionel too.” The little girl was a quick-thinker. When she was talking about Brother Lionel, her mother suddenly brought her father up. Her mother must have thought that she would abandon her father because she already had Brother Lionel. She would never! If she had Daddy and Mommy, and Brother Lionel, then she would become the happiest child in the world. “Karen, Daddy and Mommy will always love you as much as we do now. If we have a baby, will you love the baby too?” Karen didn’t want to hide the pregnancy from Little Karen anymore. Little Karen was a member of the family. She had the right to know “A baby? Is the baby cute?” If the baby’s cute, she would love it. If not, she wouldn’t. Although she knew that there wouldn’t be any more child as cute as herself in the world, her younger sibling shouldn’t be too bad. Just like her younger sister, Momo. Although Momo looked different, and she did not know how to speak, she was still very cute. Furthermore, she kept her company always. “Yes, the baby will be very cute.” No matter whether it was a boy or a girl, Karen knew that her child with Kevin would definitely be cute. Little Karen said softly, “Then I would love the baby.” Hearing Little Karen’s answer made Karen extremely happy. She held Little Karen’s tiny hand and placed it against her stomach, “Little Karen, actually, there’s already a baby growing in here. You must love the baby in the future, okay?” “A baby growing inside? Will it sprout?” Little Karen was very curious. She opened her eyes very widely and blinked slowly Karen responded with a smile, “Mm. The baby will grow big and then the baby would come out from my belly, becoming a part of our family.” “I love you and Daddy, and I will also love the baby. Most importantly, I want to be with you and Daddy” Little Karen held Karen’s hand tightly. “You would hold my left hand, and Daddy would hold my right hand. will be a happy baby.” “Little Karen.” Karen held Little Karen tightly. Although her baby was so young, she’s already so sensible. She was really touched Of course, the reason behind her being so sensible was because of her surroundings and environment. Only with an outstanding father like Kevin, would there be such an outstanding daughter.

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