My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 557

The royal family from Country A was visiting Chatterton Town! This news made it to the headlines immediately and attracted the attention of all citizens of Chatterton Town. Although Country A wasn’t the most powerful country in the world, they were still quite influential. For this international event the guests were important members from the royal family of Country A. Their correspondents were the highest ranking officials of Chatterton Town and some representatives from the government. This news spread like wildfire on the internet. It was impossible for anyone to miss it, including Karen Daly, who was worrying about George Ken and Kevin Kyle. After a whole day of shouting, Karen was both mentally and physically tired. Little Karen was tired as well as she lay in her mother’s arms, unable to keep her eyes open. Just as Karen was putting Little Karen down for a nap, she received a notification from her phone recommending the latest news, She usually didn’t care much about trending news like this, but lately there were some news about her family, so she began reading the news more frequently. And as she took a look, a boy on a photograph caught her attention. In the picture, he was in a black suit and had government officials standing all around him. He looked very charming. Karen noticed him because he looked very similar to Lionel, in addition to appearing charming. Even after observing him for some time, she couldn’t tell how he was different from Lionel If anything, this boy looked more put together and elegant. He had a more mature and graceful aura about him. When she heard Little Karen say she met Brother Lionel, she was worried that Little Karen missed Brother Lionel too much and was hallucinating. She did not expect that there was a boy that looked exactly like Lionel. It wasn’t just his looks, but his height and age matched Lionel’s too. Lionel’s true identity was unknown. They’d never seen him contacting any of his family members before too. And this boy who looked so similar to Lionel, was from the royal family of Country A. Country A was ruled by a monarch. That meant that this boy, as part of the royal family could rule the country one day. If only he wasn’t part of the royal family of Country A, Karen would think that this person was definitely the Brother Lionel who had taken good care of Little Karen, No wonder her silly daughter would recognize this person as her Brother Lionel. If she found out the truth, she would probably be sad for a long time again. “Mommy.. Brother Lionel, it’s my Brother Lionel!” Little Karen poked her head out of the blanket, and smiled happily when she saw the picture in Karen’s phone. “Mm, yes it’s your Brother Lionel.” Karen planted a kiss on Little Karen’s cheek. Then she enlarged the picture, Good thing Brother Lionel is still so handsome.” “Brother Lionel is the most handsome person.” Little Karen stared at the photograph and hoped that she could grow up faster so that she can meet Brother Lionel again. “Mm? Brother Lionel is the most handsome?” Karen rubbed her daughter’s head asked with a smile, “So, your Daddy isn’t the most handsome?” Little Karen responded in a soft voice, “Brother Lionel is just as handsome as Daddy.” “You cheeky girl. She was still so young, and she already found other boys as handsome as her Daddy. When she grew up and find someone she liked, would she then think that her crush would be more handsome than her Daddy? At the thought of Little Karen growing up and meeting another person, Karen immediately thought of Lionel! If only Lionel had not disappeared. If only Lionel could accompany Little Karen for a long time and protect her, how nice would that be. But that was just a thought. Lionel could never return to Little Karen’s side again… Just like how Karen’s father would never resurrect and return to her side. Karen sighed silently and held Little Karen in her arms, “Dear, let’s sleep first okay? We will wait for Daddy too.” Little Karen cried a lot today. Crying was a very tiring thing to do, so she fell into a deep sleep quickly. Perhaps her Brother Lionel would appear in her dreams… so the little girl put on a smile as she fell asleep. Little Karen was sleeping very soundly, but Karen was not falling asleep She was very tired, and yet her mind was in a mess. She was thinking a lot about the past, present, and future. Although she had never seen her biological father since she was a child, when she thought that her father had been concerned about her for so many years, she knew her father loved her a lot. Compared to the monster, Samuel Daly, her biological father must have been much kinder. Her father had been thinking about her silently for so many years. Even before he took his last breath, he was still worried about her… Every time she thought of this, her heart would bleed. Before he took his last breath.. Suddenly, Karen thought of something. She quickly picked up the phone to call Kevin. Kevin hadn’t seen the evidence George had retrieved. Now that George was missing, someone might have destroyed the evidence, She needed to inform Kevin. While waiting for the call to connect, Karen hit herself on her head. How could she be so stupid to not tell Kevin such an important clue? What if there was a mole beside Kevin, and he would get betrayed again just because she didn’t tell him? The call got through quickly. She heard Kevin’s familiar voice, “Karen?” “Kevin, listen to me. George showed me a recording from the surveillance camera of his house, and there were two men who kidnapped my father. I know one of them. It was Chester, who’s always following Nick around.” “There was also a voice recording of my father just before he passed. He said that you are not a good person, and asked George to save me from you.” “Kevin, I’m guessing something happened to my father before he died. There must have been a misunderstanding, so he said things like that.” “And maybe, it’s possible that someone else was pretending to be you… I don’t know how, but someone is trying to frame you.” Karen said a lot in one go. She noticed that Kevin did not give any response when she was done. Was he even listening? “Kevin, are you still there? Do you hear me?” Karen pressed her lips tight and asked carefully. Kevin still did not respond. Was Kevin still blaming her for not trusting him? Just as Karen was reading too much into it, Kevin’s deep voice came slowly from the phone, like lyrics of a song, “Karen, I really like you!”

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