My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 558

Karen, I really like you! I like you so much that I can’t live without you! I like you so much that I can’t even explain! There were many things Kevin wanted to tell Karen, but he had never said such romantic things before. Today was the first time, and it may possibly be the only time that he would confess his true feelings for her. These years, he had changed a lot. He was no longer just a cold, emotionless big boss. He was a good husband who was considerate of his wife and a good father who loved his daughter. However, something that hadn’t changed was his way of expressing love. As a man, he liked to express his love through actions. He took care of her, spoiled her… did everything which he thought a husband should do for his wife. He was just a man who’s not good at expressing his feelings with words. The reason why he would suddenly confess to Karen like this was because what she just said was very shocking. When Karen told him all that, she was implying that she trusted him, and wanted to stay on the same side as him. They were husband and wife. They were each other’s soulmate and support in life. There were 7 billion people in the world. One could meet many people in their lives, and Kevin had probably met a lot of women as beautiful and outstanding as Karen was. But… ever since he met her, he thought that even Aphrodite would lose out to her beauty This proved that she was truly his One in many millions! No matter how many people he met in his life, he was fixed on Karen. “Me.. me too!” Karen replied after recovering from her shock. Hearing Kevin’s sudden confession definitely shocked Karen a lot. Even though they were miles apart, she could imagine how calm Kevin must be as he said that. Karen and Little Karen were probably the only ones in the world to enjoy his kindness and generosity. Of course she must trust him at all times, for better or for worse. “Wait for me with our child. I’ll be back once I’m done.” After some time, Kevin regained his composure. He got out of his mushy side and went back to being normal. “Okay. No, Kevin, wait.” Just as he was about to hang up. Karen called for him again. “Yeah?” His voice was gentle, with no trace of annoyance. “Of course it would be best to find the murderer, but it’s fine if you don’t.. I just want you guys to come back safe.” Everything else was in the past. The people who were still alive and with her were her priorities now. She couldn’t bear losing him or George anymore. “No one will be able to do anything to me, especially with your blessings.” Karen could almost hear Kevin smile as he spoke, “Wait for me.” “Okay then… Come back quick. I’ll be waiting at the hospital with Little Karen.” “Mm The conversation had ended, but both of them didn’t hang up. Karen knew he was waiting for her to hang up. “I’ll hang up first!” Karen hung up on the phone gently. After hanging up, Karen stuck the phone closely to her face as she was still thinking about what Kevin had just said. As she recalled his words, Karen could feel her face getting hotter. Luckily he didn’t profess his love for her face to face, if he did, he would definitely tease her. Karen wasn’t the only one embarrassed right now. On the other end of the phone, Kevin was just the same. Although Kevin didn’t really feel weird or different, the people around him thought otherwise. Nick Black had been reporting the clues they had beside him. Kevin looked rather distressed before the call, and the atmosphere in the meeting room was tensed, as if the meeting room was going to collapse any minute. Just as everyone was on heightened senses, the familiar ringtone with the nursery rhyme rang. Upon hearing this ringtone, before Kevin even picked up the phone, the other men had already let out a breath of relief. This ringtone would ring when Karen or Little Karen called. The instance Director Kevin heard the ringtone, his expression softened considerably That’s right! It was in an instance. An instance. His mood changes faster than the weather, but they were already used to it They were able to take a breather only when Kevin was speaking on the phone, and they would think about what to do next. They needed to come up with some good ideas to find that daring and bold murderer. Sure enough, once the director picked up the call, his expressions… well, even Nick didn’t know how to describe his expression. They had never seen him wear such an expression before. How could you describe that expression? Mad? That’s not quite right! Starstruck? That’s right! That word. What on earth happened? Why would their director be so starstruck? Shortly later, when their director said something loudly, everyone understood. His stammer as he said out “Karen, I really like you!” That was a public display of affection. Ever since Herbert Ken was attacked, no one around Kevin had rested well. Besides, they were working around an ticking time bomb as they were prepared to be yelled at by their director at any time. And now, they just witnessed their director’s public display of affection. But that was a good thing. Since the director’s family problem was settled, he wouldn’t get so angry anymore. And only after solving his family problem, could the director fully concentrate on his opponent. At that thought, even Nick was worried about the murderer. Those torturous days were going to come to an end soon. “Nick!” Nick was still deep in his thoughts, so he reacted slowly when he got called upon. Someone beside him had to give him a nudge, “Di-director, what can I do for you?” Kevin’s gaze was as sharp as a knife, “Call Chester in.” “Chester?” He was just a sidekick that followed him around. Why was the director asking for him personally? Kevin raised his eyebrow, “Is there a problem?” Nick shook his head quickly, “No problem. I’ll call him in right away.

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