My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 559

Chester was quickly brought in by Nick. Standing a few steps away from Kevin, he watched him warily, “Di-director Kevin, you asked for me?” Although he often appeared near Nick as they worked on Kevin’s commands, he had never reported directly to the director before. When he heard that Director Kevin asked for him, he immediately recalled if he had done something wrong lately that the director wanted to deal with him personally. But on second thought, even if he did something wrong, he only needed to report to Nick. There was no need for the director to step in. “Where were you and what were you doing on the night of Herbert Ken’s incident?” Kevin appeared calm, but his looks could definitely kill. “L. I was hanging out with Maynard and Raymond.” Under Kevin’s gaze, Chester felt like he was standing in a torture chamber. Even though he remembered clearly what he was doing that night, he stammered to say it. “Nick, call in the other two as well.” Kevin gave the orders to Nick, but his eyes were still fixed on Chester. “Got it.” Nick didn’t understand why the director was suddenly inspecting his men, but he still did as he was told. Maynard and Raymond gave the same answer. On the night of Herbert Ken’s incident, they were hanging out together and playing cards. They remembered it very clearly because they were playing very happily when they received the call about Herbert. When they heard the news, they were shook to the core. That was a man their superior asked them to protect well. Now that something happened to him… even though they weren’t on duty that night, they were rather concerned. Since the three suspects said the same thing, there were only two possibilities. One, they tallied their alibis; or two, they were indeed playing cards on that night. Kevin had been working hard since young, and he had seen countless people before. He had his own way of judging someone. He could easily tell whether the three of them were telling the truth. He glanced around the three, and his gaze fell on Chester again, “Who do you have in your family?” Chester replied honestly, “There’s my father, mother, and an elder sister.” Kevin frowned, “No one else?” Chester wiped his sweat. He thought about it, and added, “These are the people currently in my family… I used to have a twin brother, but he was kidnapped at a young age. We don’t even know if he’s alive now.” A twin brother! Then it was quite easy to explain why ‘Chester’ appeared at George’s house although he didn’t commit the crime. Sending someone who looked identical to Kevin’s men to kidnap Herbert, so that was an obvious way to push the blame to him. Now, the only mystery left was why Herbert told George those things before he died. Kevin smiled slightly, then he let out a cold laugh, “Dead or alive, I want you to find out about your brother no matter what.” “Director, I’m afraid that would be impossible.” Chester replied. His family had been searching for him over twenty years, and they could not find any clues. They didn’t have any lead now, so how was he supposed to look for him? Nick gave Chester a glare, and spoke up immediately, “Director, i’ll arrange for more men to look with him.” Kevin continued, “Send someone to check on every single surveillance camera in the area of George’s house. Try to look for his face.” There were quite a few surveillance cameras in the area George lived in. No matter how prepared their opponent was, Kevin believed that they must have left something out. The person Kevin was dealing with had gone quite far that he even investigated the men around him just to pull him apart from his wife. It would not be very hard to investigate someone’s background. However, the men around Kevin had their identities kept in high secrecy and their information were highly classified. To be able to investigate them, it would most certainly take a lot of time and effort. Nick nodded, “I had already asked someone to go through the cameras on that day itself. We will hear about it tomorrow.” Kevin added, “All your men have been going through a tough time. When this all ends, make sure you reward them well.” “Understood. “Send a message to the kidnapper. Tell them if anything happens to George, they can be prepared to dig their own grave.” Kevin got up and walked off. “Yes.” Nick caught up immediately. He knew the director was not joking Kevin then ordered: “Ask someone to keep an eye on Yaleman. Since he was brave enough to create trouble in Chatterton Town, don’t let him leave the city.” “Understood. “Arrange for him to see me tomorrow morning.” Kevin looked at his watch, “Since we already have some clues, we are on track. Let your men go back and get some rest for the night.” “Okay.” Nick scratched his head, confused. What happened to their director? Since when did he care about his subordinates so much? Maybe he did care about them, but he would never say his concerns out loud. Could it be that he was still starstruck from his confession to Karen? Whatever it was, he and his man must thank Mrs. Kyle. Because Mrs. Kyle made Director Kevin happy, their lives got better as well. Mrs. Kyle was like their knight in shining armour. When Kevin came to the hospital after finishing his work, it was already very late. The weather in Chatterton Town had been rather cold lately. As he entered the hospital, he was still cold. He was about to enter the ward when he suddenly thought of something. He took off his coat and gave it to one of his men He wanted to strip away his work stress and fatigue… He wished to always present the best side of him in front of Karen and Little Karen. Karen was very sleepy, but she was only sleeping lightly. She kept waking up and falling back asleep. When Kevin opened the door, she immediately woke up. Karen quickly got up and wanted to get him a glass of water, but Kevin swiftly got to the bed and held her down, “Just lie down and don’t move around too much.” “You’ve been busy for a whole day. You must be tired and hungry. I had Sarabelle prepare some food for you, and it’s still warm.” She couldn’t help Kevin with other things, so she helped him wherever she could. “Alright, I’ll eat it later.” Kevin pinched Little Karen’s face lightly, “Our Baby Karen really looks like a cute little piggy.”

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