My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 560

“Her father is a big piggy, so she is a piggy too.” Karen played along with Kevin. “Then we’re all piggies too then.” Kevin rubbed Karen’s head and gently held her in his arms. “So did our baby torture you in the belly today?” Of course, Kevin sounded relaxed only because he had been updated about Karen and the baby’s condition. If Karen’s emotions were stable, then the baby would be fine. The baby would definitely come to this world safe and sound. Karen laughed and replied softly, “I took care of both baby piggies very well while you were busy out there. They have been nothing but absolute darlings to me.” “I am not a baby piggy. I am a good girl.” Little Karen had been sleeping since the afternoon. She had already woken up when her father pinched her face, but he was too busy being lovey dovey with her mother that they didn’t notice her. “Yeah, you are a good girl.” Kevin carried Little Karen out of bed, “Little Karen, let’s have dinner together.” Little Karen replied, “I want to eat jam!” “Okay. I’ll have someone prepare some jam for you.” Kevin was really spoiling his baby daughter. No matter when, as long as it was Little Karen’s request, he would immediately get someone to get it done. He would never let Little Karen get sad. If Little Karen requested to fly to outer space, Kevin would probably agree without much hesitation “It’s already so late now, and you still want to get her food?” Looking at them, Karen sighed and shook her head. People always told her that daughters must be spoiled. But she was afraid that Kevin was taking it to a whole new level. Karen had already been back for a few months now, and she hasn’t seen Kevin turn Little Karen down even once “Karen, you should eat some as well.” Someone had reported to Kevin that Karen only had some porridge for dinner. He knew she must be hungry. “Okay,” Karen replied softly. She had no appetite for dinner as she was eating alone. Now that she saw her husband and daughter, her appetite improved a lot Kevin looked at the food that Sarabelle sent over, and served them on the table. He put Karen’s favorite dish near her, and put Little Karen’s favorite dish where she could reach it, “Here, Little Karen. Eat it by yourself.” “Thank you, Daddy!” Little Karen said softly. Little Karen liked strawberries very much. The kitchen staff would prepare strawberries for her every meal. There was a container that only had strawberries. Little Karen immediately grabbed one and stuffed it in her mouth, the sweet and sour taste exciting her taste buds. After eating a strawberry, Little Karen licked her lips, “Daddy, I love eating strawberries.” Karen wiped Little Karen’s mouth and spoke gently, “If you like it, then eat a few more, but not too many. Your stomach is so small, so don’t spoil it.” “Mommy, will the baby in your belly spoil your stomach?” That cheeky girl related her mother’s words to something else. Hearing what Little Karen said, Kevin looked over at Karen quickly. Before he even asked, Karen explained, “I’ve already told her everything. She said she’ll love her younger brother or sister very much.” Kevin lowered his head and kissed his precious daughter. “Yes, Little Karen, even if we have a younger brother and younger sister, both of us will still love you.” “I love my Daddy, Mommy, younger brother and sister, and Brother Lionel..” At any time, Little Karen did not seem to forget about her Brother Lionel. Hearing ‘Brother Lionel’ made Kevin’s heart sink a little. Little Karen was his most precious child. He had hoped that she wouldn’t rely on someone else too much, because she could get hurt very easily. Karen always said that he spoiled their daughter too much, so naturally he had already paved Little Karen’s future perfectly so that she could be happy all the time. As for that royal family member from Country A, Karen and Mia probably thought that he was just a boy who looked like Lionel, but Kevin knew that he was indeed Lionel. He was the Brother Lionel that Little Karen missed. But actually, he was not really Lionel either. Lionel was not his real name. It was just a fake name he used when he took refuge. In fact, he was the only son of the current president and first lady of Country A, and he was a very important member of the royal family. Compared to the two sons the president had with his ex wife, this third and youngest son was very mature although he was still young, and the president took a liking to him. And it was precisely because the president liked him, his two elder brothers were jealous and attacked him in Chatterton Town last time. He had been seriously injured then. If Little Karen did not insist to save him, Kevin would not have meddled in that matter. That’s why Kevin thought it was very natural that he saw Little Karen as his saviour. If he could stay by Little Karen’s side to protect her and take care of her, that would be great. But there were still many uncontrollable factors. In his business empire, Kevin was bold and daring. But when it came to Little Karen, he was particularly careful. With his complex personal status, it was impossible for Lionel to be with Little Karen forever. He had to leave at some point to fulfill his destiny Instead of letting him stay with Little Karen for too long, that she wouldn’t leave him, Kevin thought it would be better for him to leave earlier in her life, so that Little Karen could forget about his existence. Therefore, a year after his visit to Chatterton Town, Kevin sent someone to destroy all information of the visit, and made it seem like he never came to Chatterton Town before. All because he wanted to protect his beloved daughter. Only by wiping out all of Lionel’s background information, could Little Karen completely forget this person, and then Kevin could feel at ease. Sure enough, years later, when Little Karen had grown up. and she brought the memento Brother Lionel had given her to look for him, she had already forgotten what Brother Lionel looked like. Although she didn’t remember what he looked like, Little Karen would never forget her promise to Brother Lionel, that she would find him after she grows up. With the birthday gift Brother Lionel had given to her, she would search high and low for him, never giving up. Because she would forever remember that she must find him. She must find her Brother Lionel. No matter where he was.

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