My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 561

In a short while, the jam Little Karen wanted was sent over. However, that girl had already eaten a few strawberries and some other food. She was already feeling quite full. “Daddy, I don’t want the jam anymore.” Little Karen touched her belly and looked at her father with a sweet smile. “Okay, Don’t eat it if you don’t want to.” Kevin reached out and rubbed Little Karen’s head. Then, he carried her onto his lap. That cheeky girl. She was still so young and she was already using her smile to pull his heartstrings. What would she do in the future? “Thank you Daddy!” Little Karen stood up, hugged her father tightly and gave him a kiss, “I love you the most.” Kevin pursed his lips, “Don’t you love strawberries the most?” Little Karen stared at her Daddy with her eyes wide open, wearing a cute expression of shock and innocence. Daddy wasn’t being cute at all. How could he expose her like that? Sure, she loved eating strawberries the most, but the people she loved the most were her Daddy and Mommy! She pouted and wanted to climb down from her Daddy and run to her Mommy, but her father caught hold of her and didn’t let go. Little Karen pouted angrily and decided to be angry at her father. “Are you angry at me?” Kevin saw through her plan immediately. “Daddy, don’t do that.” Little Karen pouted and rested her head on Kevin’s chest, as if she was going to cry “Okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” Kevin lowered his head and kissed her pink little face, and the little fellow’s anger died away Looking at the father and daughter, Karen smiled gently and felt incredibly blessed. In the evening, Kevin called her to tell her about George’s condition and told her not to worry because he would not let anything happen to him. Karen believed in Kevin. If he said George was fine, then George would definitely come back fine. Therefore, when Kevin came back, Karen did not mention anything about George, and just enjoyed the moment with her family, After dinner, Kevin asked the doctor to check on Karen and the child’s condition again. Only when he’s sure that they were safe, he could rest well. Although it was a luxurious ward, it was a hospital after all and he trusted the doctors there. Since Karen’s health condition was quite stable, Kevin brought them back home, On the way back home, Little Karen slept in her father’s arm soundly. Well, she was really living like a pig. Kevin had one arm around Karen, and she rested gently on his shoulders. Lifting her head slightly, she said, “Kevin, I’m sorry.” Although he didn’t blame her for suspecting him as the murderer, she needed to apologize. She couldn’t just pretend it didn’t happen just because he didn’t say anything about it. Kevin kissed her on the forehead, “Karen, what I want to hear is not your apology.” Karen was confused, “Then what do you want to hear?” “I hope that you don’t hide anything in the future and just tell me if anything happened.” He was referring to the incident where Chace Yaleman kissed her. Although she didn’t consent to it, Kevin felt like killing someone at the thought of another man touching Karen. “I have told you everything I know.” Karen thought that Kevin wanted to know about what she knew regarding her father’s incident Forget it, he’d better not force her. He would give them some time. With more time, Karen would be more trusting and open As for the wedding preparations he had made, he decided not to tell her yet. He was going to surprise her after the problem at hand was settled. “Young Master, it seems that the relationship between Kevin and Karen did not go as we wanted.” A man in his fifties stood behind Chace Yaleman and reported to him courteously. “Oh… is that so?” Chace stood up straight. He was looking into the distance from his window, his eyes full of emotions. “Not only did they not turn against each other as we expected, their relationship seemed to have gotten better.” “Isn’t that better?” Chace smiled gently. Confused, the middle-aged man said, “Young Master, I don’t quite understand what you mean.” Chace threw a small USB drive into the middle-aged man’s hands. “Take a look for yourself. If there’s nothing wrong with it, send the video out.” After seeing this video, if Karen still trusted Kevin… that would be impossible. This was the ultimate gift he had prepared for them. Chace was still staring out his window and looking at the tall building opposite him. That was the Rovio headquarters, which was the tallest commercial building in the whole country. As he looked at it it was almost as if the building started turning into a human figure… Gradually, in his mind’s eye, he could see an image of Karen morphing from the building. “Karen…” He called out for her name, as if she was the most precious woman in his heart. The first time he saw Karen was a few years ago when Kevin brought her to Ivan’s workplace to pick a dress for the Chatterton Town charity dinner. In that exceptional bungalow, not only were there Ivan and Julie, he too was also there. He was a guest who reached earlier than Kevin and Karen did. But they didn’t know he was there. The dress named ‘Butterfly Love’ was not the work of Ivan. Instead, the real owner of ‘Butterfly Love’ was him. Julie mentioned that the designer of ‘Butterfly Love’ had Intended it for his future wife. And this was Chace. He had been waiting for the girl whom he was willing to give the dress to On that day, he finally awaited her. But she already had a spouse, and that man was better than him in every aspect. When they went to college in the United States, the lucky guy had always been him, and he had plenty of girls going after Chace. It was not because he was the most attractive among them, but because Kevin was too cold. In addition, he always had many things to do, so the female students had no chance to approach him. Many female students tried their best to create opportunities to run into Kevin. Only after countless failures would they then approach Chace. They approached Chace because they knew if they got closer to him, they could get close to Kevin… It was like that all the time. He didn’t mind much as he didn’t like those women anyway, so he just regarded them as friends with benefits. That stopped when he saw Karen. Although he only saw her from afar, he knew he had found an owner for his ‘Butterfly Love.

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