My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 562

From then on, he could no longer forget the woman who wore his ‘Butterfly Love’. She was as beautiful as an angel. He tried hard to forget, but he failed again and again… So he decided to follow his heart and go for what he wanted. Even though she’s Kevin’s woman, and even though he couldn’t compare to Kevin in many ways, it didn’t bother him much. As long as he worked hard, he could get anything he wanted. So what if she was Kevin’s woman? After all, Kevin was just a man. He was not made of steel and iron; he was all flesh and blood. A gunshot or a sharp knife could kill him. “Young Master, is this real?” The middle-aged man looked at the video and could not believe that his young master could get such an important treasure “Take a closer look and see if it’s real.” Chace responded without turning his head. “Young Master, do you mean that this is not the real Kevin?” The middle-aged man stared at the man on the computer screen again and again. “Young Master, who else can this face and this voice belong to other than Kevin?” “Look at it a few more times. If there is anything wrong with this thing, all of our plans will be in vain.” “Okay.” The middle-aged man repeated the video and watched it again and again. After watching it several times, he still couldn’t find anything wrong with it, “No, I can be sure that the person in the video is definitely Kevin.” “That’s good. This butler who was always by his side was very good at observing people. If he couldn’t find any problem with the video, then other people definitely wouldn’t be able to do it too. The middle-aged man asked, “Young master, what should we do next?” “Follow the plan.” “But…” “Hmm?” “Understood.” The middle-aged man turned and was about to leave. After taking two steps, he turned back and said, “Young Master, I’ll send more people to watch over you.” Chace said indifferently, “In Chatterton Town, the person with most power in the military is Neil Brown, whereas in the business industry, it would be Kevin. Who would have the ability to fight with them?” The middle-aged man said worriedly. “Young Master..” Chace waved his hand to stop him from speaking, “No matter how many men you send my way, there’s no difference with me facing them alone. If they wanted to catch us, do you really think we can run away?” Even if he brought more men, Kevin could still catch him if he wanted to. More men following him only meant more men being sacrificed for his sake. Chace knew his stance well. “Young Master, you can’t..” “You’re dismissed.” Chace waved his hand and looked out of the window, but he smiled gently and confidently Although Chace knew the dangers and risks, yet he remained bold and daring. It was not because he was seeking for his death, but because he was very confident that this time, he could defeat Kevin completely Because of the rain, the weather gotten colder, but Kevin Kyle acted as if he didn’t mind the cold. He didn’t even wear his coat, and only wore his usual pairing of white shirt with black trousers. Although Kevin asked Nick to let his men rest for a night, Nick couldn’t actually ask all of them to rest up. He still had to prepare for everything so he could send it to their director in the morning Despite resting so late last night, Kevin still woke up early today and came to the office as early as ever. As his special assistant, Nick was already familiar with his working style and habits, so naturally he prepared everything he needed. “Director Kevin, we already found the man who looked identical to Chester in one of the recordings. They were in a van with the plate number AXX54. “After getting the number, we checked the owner of the car but we found that the van was already scrapped. It was stolen before Old Mr. Ken’s murder.” “We followed the clues and found the scrapped van. Just a few days ago, a fisherman discovered that a van had fallen into the sea while he was fishing in the sea. He called the police. Now the van has been sent back to the scrap factory, but we still couldn’t find locate the man.” Nick reported every single clue he found in detail. Kevin did not respond after he was done, so he didn’t know if he was satisfied with the information. Nick was in a tough spot. Lately, their director had been experiencing major mood swings, so it was very hard to tell what he was thinking and what he wanted. If he went on like this, Nick felt like his life span was going to be shortened. Not that he couldn’t handle the pressure, but his guts would shrink from fear. After a long while, Kevin replied, “Since we have found so many clues, continue investigating them. No matter whether that person is dead or alive, you must find him.” “Our men are still investigating, and I will report to you once there is anything.” “York, have you made an appointment with the person I told you to?” Kevin was no longer obsessed with finding the murderer Although there wasn’t any concrete evidence, he already knew who it was York Tanner stepped forward quickly and said, “He has already arrived, and he is waiting for you, director.” In the Rovio reception room. Kevin stepped into the room and saw Chace Yaleman standing in front of the window, as if he was admiring the cars on the road. When Kevin came in, Chace didn’t look back. Perhaps he was trying to be arrogant, or he really didn’t hear him. Kevin took steady steps towards the window, standing a few steps away from Chace. The reception room was right next to Kevin’s office, located at the top floor of the Rovio office tower. From here, one could see most of the city area of Chatterton Town. There were very few people who could enjoy the view of Chatterton Town from here. Chace did not say a word, and Kevin remained silent. Both of them looked at the view of Chatterton Town and were deep in thought After standing for some time, Chace couldn’t wait anymore. He turned his head and looked at Kevin, “Matthew, why did you ask me to come?” Kevin chuckled and asked, “How’s the scenery of Chatterton Town compared to Beaford City and New York?” Chace said, “Chatterton Town is an upcoming international metropolis. Over the years, it has expanded and grown very rapidly. Although it still falls short from those other cities, but there’s definitely good prospect here and may overtake the others one day.” Kevin slowly turned his head and fixed his sharp gaze on Chace. He chuckled, “You say it falls short from those cities now, but it could overtake those cities in the future. How does that happen?” Chace shrugged his shoulders, “Nothing in this world is permanent. Everyone will get their chance at good luck.”.

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