My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 563

Nothing is permanent in this world, and everyone will get their chance at good luck… What Chace meant by this was obvious. Although Rovio Corporation Inc was one of the leading companies now, that doesn’t mean it will continue striving. Who knew that one day they might get unlucky and go bankrupt. Of course, Kevin could understand that, but he chuckled anyway, “Everyone will get their chance at good luck? Then you must have gotten lucky, since your company is so powerful now.” Many people believed in fate and luck, but Kevin never believed in them. He had always been in control of his fate, his luck, and especially Rovio’s development and growth. He was the one who lead his team to to their success today through hard work and wisdom, and not by luck, like what Chace said. Chace raised his eyebrows, “I have indeed thought that luck was in my favor ever since my company developed internationally.” “I’m not interested in how your company has developed… The reason why I asked you to come is to settle the score we have.” Kevin’s tone suddenly turned cold. “Our score? There must be some misunderstanding.” Chace knew what he meant, but before he admitted anything, he acted like he didn’t know. Kevin snorted, “Do you want to start, or shall I?” “What?” “You touched my wife, do you think I will pretend that nothing had happened?” If Chace had taken away his business, Kevin might have forgiven him, considering they had been classmates before. Instead, he laid his hands on Karen Daly, Kevin’s most precious woman. At the thought of Karen’s lips being touched by another man, Kevin’s fists balled up together. He couldn’t wait to beat Chase up. “About that, it was a misunderstanding, really. When I kissed her, I didn’t know she was your wife… If I knew, I would still kiss her anyway. She’s such a beautiful woman, so of course I would.” As soon as he said that, Kevin’s punch landed on his face in a flash. Kevin purposely landed his punch on his weakest spot, and his nose bleed in one punch. Taking the punch, Chace wiped his blood off his nose and looked at Kevin, “Looks like Rovio’s leader isn’t that great after all. Do you only know to solve problems with violence?” “There are some things that shouldn’t be solved by violence, but some people must be taken care of by violence.” Even if he beat him to a pulp now, that wouldn’t put away his anger. He was just playing with him and giving him a taste of his appetizer. He had not served his main dish yet. Before he even finished his words, Kevin threw another punch at Chace, but he reacted in time and blocked his face. However, Kevin reacted even faster. He changed the direction of his punch and aimed at his stomach, causing Chace to bend over in pain. Before Chace could recover from that, Kevin punched his stomach again. After punching him, Kevin wiped his hands off as if nothing happened. Chace clutched his aching stomach and looked up at him. He gritted his teeth, “This is why you asked me to come here today?” Looked like Kevin was using him just for practice. As he understood him, he wouldn’t be this childish. But he was gravely wrong. He misjudged Kevin severely. After so many years, they had all changed, but he still thought that Kevin was the same Kevin he knew in university That Kevin would never beat anyone up by himself. The people around him would do it all for him. Although Kevin had a good punch, he never physically assault people. He often said that violence could only cause someone physical pain. To destroy a person utterly, you had to destroy his mentality. “It’s just for this simple reason.” Kevin answered nonchalantly, waving another punch at him. Chace had also been trained. Although he was no match for Kevin, he was not the type to sit there and get punched. When Kevin’s fist came again, he quickly dodged it and swung a punch back at Kevin. Although Kevin rarely fought, he was very agile. Chace was definitely no match for him. Nick Black would often say that one should never aggravate Director Kevin, because once he starts to punch, someone will die. Chace’s attack didn’t reach Kevin, but he suffered another blow on his back. In just a few minutes, he had taken quite a lot of hits. Even though his physique and build was strong and tall, he was also just a normal man, made of blood and flesh. In his own words, a gunshot and a sharp knife could kill any flesh and blood. He was no different than other men. Although he couldn’t win against Kevin, he wouldn’t beg for mercy or give up… He was the successor of the Yaleman family. All these years, he had his strong ego issues, and no one ever stepped over him before. His surrounding and background had made him very proud and stubborn. He had a strong ego so he wouldn’t beg for mercy. He would only try his best to fight back. Besides, he wasn’t exhausted yet. They could still fight. He was fine with throwing punches, though most of the punches landed on him. Kevin had taken a few punches as well, but he was hit way lesser and they weren’t aimed at his soft spots, so he wasn’t badly injured. Chace however, had a different case. His face was bloodied, and it swelled up so much you couldn’t see his face properly. That was just his face. It was probably the the same all over his body. On the other hand, Kevin’s shirt was still neat and tidy, as if he wasn’t fighting just before. Kevin looked at the injured Chace and snorted, “Nick, please send the Young Master out.” Nick finally understood why the director only wore such a thin shirt despite the cold. If one needed to fight, wearing too much will make him less agile. Fighting was an intensive exercise, and that generated heat. Therefore, he wouldn’t need so much clothing anyway..

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