My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 564

Nick Black sighed once again, “No matter who you provoke, don’t provoke the chief’s wife.” Director Kevin was not a petty man, but when it came to his wife, he was not forgiving. He did not mention what had happened, but he remembered it anyway. From time to time, he would remember to get his fair share from his end. Chase Coleman, the young master of the Coleman family, was an elegant-looking gentleman. At this time, however, Director Kevin had beaten him up brutally. “Mr. Yaleman, do you want to walk out on your own, or do you want me to call someone to carry you away?” Nick looked at Chase and asked with a smile. Well, Chace deserved this. Chace raised his hand and wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. He looked at Kevin and said, “Matthew, thank you for giving me such a big gift today.” As the saying goes, an eye for an eye. Since Kevin had given him such a big gift today, he had to pay back twice as much. Otherwise, how could his ego let this go easily? After seeing Chace off, Nick returned to the office quickly “Director Kevin, he has already been sent away.” Kevin stood in front of the tall windows and looked at the view of the city. As he was admiring the view, he suddenly felt lonely Business was like a battlefield. People who had never stepped into it would never know how terrible it was. They would never imagine the deception that was part and parcel of the business world. He led Rovio Corporation Inc excellently over the years. When he achieved outstanding results, some people cheered for him, some envied or resented him. He was just like a king sitting on his throne. There were too many people coveting the throne, and there were many people who were trying hard to take the throne over. Throughout the years, Kevin had experienced too many things like this and dealt with too many people who wanted tried to go over his head. He sighed as he looked back at Nick, and said, “Watch Yaleman. I’d like to see what tricks he can play” Karen Daly went to bed late last night and woke up late today. When she woke up, Kevin Kyle and Little Karen had already woken up. Today was Monday. Little Karen was going to kindergarten, and Kevin was going to work. They didn’t wake Karen up so she could have a good rest. With Little Karen getting up so early and Karen, as the mother, sleeping in instead, Karen felt very guilty. She was neither a good wife, nor a good mother. There was a note on the bedside table, on which there were a few words written in a familiar handwriting, “Have a good rest at home and wait for us to come back.” Kevin, of course, was the one behind such a familiar and special handwriting. For a long time, as long as Kevin did not wait for Karen to wake up, he would leave a note or message for her. He would tell her where he was going and when he would be back. No matter how much time has passed, Kevin’s attentiveness towards her had just changed a little. It seemed that he was more caring and considerate than when they first got married. Karen finished reading the note. Instead of throwing it into the trash can, she kept the note. Although these were just normal notes, each note showed Kevin’s care towards her. Therefore, she would keep these notes every time. She thought that when the two of them got old in the future, it would be interesting if they looked through them again. Karen put the note into her specially-made storage box. There were already some notes in the box, and every note was written by Kevin. Only Kevin would treat her so nicely. After a while, Karen folded a few banknotes into heart shaped notes and put them into the box, like it was symbolising placing her hearts in the box with Kevin’s notes too. They would never be separated for the rest of her life. It was a little childish and ridiculous, but as long as she was happy, she didn’t mind. After keeping the box, her cell phone vibrate. A new message came in. She went to the bedside and picked her mobile phone up. She opened the text message and saw a video. Another video again? Karen clicked on the video but she did not play it. The video from an unknown number might be a hoax to push her husband and her apart, or a virus, or a dirty joke… Just as Karen was hesitating, another message was sent from the same number. The text message wrote, “This video is about Director Kevin. It’s up to you to decide if you want to watch it. It’s also up to you to decide what to do after watching it.” As it was related to Kevin, Karen could not resist the temptation anymore. She would like to see how this video was related to Kevin. She played the video, and a few boxes of banknotes appeared on the screen. In addition, there were bags of white powder Boxes of 100 dollar bills and bags of white powder… Karen had watched such scenes before in movies. The first thing that came to Karen’s mind was- a drug deal. Police officers were always catching drug dealers but the business seemed to still be going strong. Who was in the middle of the drug deal? Why would those people send her this video? What did this video have to do with Kevin? Just as Karen was lost in thought, someone in the video said, “Director Kevin, ask your people to check these goods.” Director Kevin? As soon as she heard these two words, Karen’s nerves were instantly pulled taut. Who was the Director Kevin those people mentioned? Soon, the video gave Karen another answer. As the angle changed, the face that Karen was so familiar with appeared in front of her. Who else could that handsome face be other than Kevin? Kevin said, “We have worked for so many years. I can trust your goods. The face, the voice… were all Kevin’s. What they said after that, Karen could not hear it or see it anymore. There were only a few words in her mind. Kevin! A drug deal! “No, no, Kevin’s Rovio is a legal business.” Kyle family was a well-known family. He was well-educated, well-mannered, and followed the rules. Kevin would never do such a thing. “No, it’s impossible.” Karen tried to persuade herself, but she could not deny it, because the man in the video was indeed Kevin. She had been with him everyday, and they were sleeping in the same bed, so she would not mistake him for someone else. When Karen was so flustered that she did not know what to do, a call came in. Before she could say anything, the person on the other side said, “Mrs. Kyle, what do you think the consequence will be if this video is exposed to the public?”.

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