My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 565

Once the video of the drug trafficking act was made public, the consequences would be unimaginable. Karen did not know how capable Rovio’s public relations team was. She only knew that once this matter was exposed, even if the public relations team took action, it would have a great impact on Kevin. “Mrs. Kyle, of course, you can pretend you never watched this video or you can also show it to Director Kevin… Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The video will leak anyway. With Director Kevin’s means, maybe he can suppress the matter as long as he gives an order. But can he suppress it forever?” “Mrs. Kyle, I showed you the video first. My purpose is very clear. I’ll hand over the decision of this matter to you. We’ll do whatever you say. What do you think?” The man said. The person on the other end of the phone knew that Karen was hesitating, so he persuaded her. Karen Daly bit her lip and said, “Tell me, who are you? Why did you frame Kevin? What do you want me to do again?” “Mrs. Kyle, that was what Director Kevin did. How can you say that it was someone else who framed him? In fact, we won’t ask you to do much. We just want you… to leave Kevin.” The man spoke the last few words very slowly. Each word was like a hammer, knocking heavily on the tip of Karen’s heart Leave Kevin! The last thing she wanted was to leave him. She wanted to have a bigger family with Kevin. She wanted to raise their children with him and grow old with him. Her wish was so simple. However, there were many people who did not wish for their lives to be easy. Since the beginning of their marriage, there were always some annoying people fighting against them. Later, it was Warren Silas who pretended to be the old master of the Kyle family who forced them to separate. Now, she met Chace Yaleman, who acted like a ghost. He always pestered her, and she couldn’t get rid of him. Because of him, she argued badly with Kevin for the first time. Their argument was so bad that their relationship was in jeopardy Fortunately, Kevin did not mind so much. The relationship between them seemed to have returned to the way it used to be. However, Karen knew that although their relationship seemed to be stable, they could no longer go through any more hardships now. No matter how much Kevin tolerated her, he would reach the point where he could not stand it anymore. “Mrs. Kyle, what is your decision? Have you made up your mind?” The man’s voice came from the phone again. “I.” Karen wanted to refuse the demand immediately, but she was afraid of angering the other party, so she took detours. “You mean that as long as I leave Kevin, you won’t upload this video, but what if I leave evin and you upload it anyway?” “Don’t worry, Mrs. Kyle. We will keep our words. As long as you leave Kevin and let him give up on you, I will never let another person know about this video.” The man said sincerely “Don’t worry? How can I not worry when a villain like you aims to cause trouble behind someone else’s back?” Karen said. Karen hated this kind of people the most. They spoke nice words and acted nice. In fact, they were really vile. They could do anything for their own interests. “Mrs. Kyle, you can trust me in this matter. As long as you follow orders, others will not know about this matter.” The man assured her. “Tell that Chace, or Henry, or whatever his real name is, even if I leave Kevin, I will never be in a relationship with him.” Except for that despicable Chace Yaleman, Karen could not think of anyone else who would ask her to leave Kevin. This pervert, she had told him repeatedly that she had her own family, and he still pestered her. He was really a pervert “Miss Daly, since you have already guessed that our young master is behind this, I won’t disguise our identity anymore, If you don’t want this video to be published, then find a way to leave Kevin and have him give up on you.” The man continued Having Kevin give up on Karen was the best way to let her go. This method was the foolproof to his ultimate plan, and Chace didn’t have to execute the matter by himself, sp why not? Ofcourse, just like what I said, you can also choose to tell Director Kevin about this and let him deal with it. Maybe you should also think about this. Our forces are not as strong as his and he can force us to delete our copy. However, can he force thousands or even millions of people to delete it?” The man spoke in a cold tone. The other party’s words hit home. Kevin could find out who was behind this, but the Internet was a vast place. Once the video was published, hundreds of millions of people would see it. Even if Kevin’s public relations team could take actions, they could delete the video on the Internet, but they can’t change the viewers’ memories. After that, the man said something else, but Karen did not remember it. She didn’t even know when she hung up the phone, and she didn’t know whether she agreed to his demands. Leaving Kevin was the last thing she wanted to do, but as long as she left him, he would be fine… For a whole day, Karen was in a trance. She didn’t even hear Kevin’s call. Kevin couldn’t reach her by calling her phone, so he called the landline at home. Sarabelle answered the call and asked for Karen. Hearing Kevin’s voice from the phone, Karen was on the verge of tears. She really wanted to ignore it and tell him that she did not want to leave him. She wanted to live with him for the rest of her life. However, she had her own concerns. She was afraid. “Karen, what’s wrong?” Since Karen did not answer the phone, Kevin knew that something must have happened to her. Now, even after answering his call, she did not say a word, which worried him more. “Kevin, I’ll pick Little Karen up. You should get off work earlier today. I’ll cook for you.” Karen finally spoke up. She was not a good wife or a good mother. She had never done anything else for her husband and daughter. She did not even prepare meals for them. She wanted to make things right and she hoped that it was not too late. Kevin replied, “Someone will accompany Little Karen.” Karen explained, “Someone will accompany Little Karen, but that’s not family. What she needed now is her family members.” “Just take a good rest at home. I’ll ask Mia to pick Little Karen up.” Kevin was persistent I want to do this. No one can replace a mother.” Karen tried to restrain her emotions. “I really want to do more for Little Karen If she did not do more for them now, then she might never have the chance again. If she really left Kevin, she would leave with the child in her belly and leave Little Karen to Kevin again. She was not qualified to take Little Karen away. How could she be so cruel as to take Little Karen away from Kevin? After she hung up the phone, Karen got ready and then went out to pick Little Karen home from kindergarten..

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