My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 566

Karen promised Little Karen that she would go to the kindergarten to pick her up in future. She hoped that she could keep to her words and not let Little Karen down. When she arrived at the kindergarten, Little Karen was held back by the teacher today because she had hit another child. It was normal for children to fight, but the parents of the boy saw Little Karen beating him. Of course, any parent would not want their children to be bullied. It would be hurtful to them if their child was being bullied. The parents of the boy was not easy to deal with. They insisted on asking the parents of Little Karen to apologize to them, or they would request for Little Karen to be expelled. They didn’t want a barbaric and ignorant child in the kindergarten The teacher wanted to persuade the parents of the boy that they couldn’t afford to provoke Little Karen’s parents. If they did, they couldn’t even stay in this town anymore. However, the parents of the boy made such a big fuss that they did not listen to the teacher at all. Karen encountered them when she picked Little Karen up. As Karen arrived, the mother of the boy who was beaten did not wait for the teacher to explain. The woman shouted at Karen, “How did you educate your child? She hit people in kindergarten. How did you even raise such a child?” When Karen heard that Little Karen had hit someone, she knew it was wrong to hit someone no matter what the reason was, and even considered to apologize on Little Karen’s behalf. However, when she met them, Karen didn’t want to apologize anymore. Her daughter was not a spoiled child. She believed that Little Karen would definitely not beat someone without reason. The mother of the boy was still shouting and making a fuss. Karen listened quietly. Seeing that she did not say anything, the other party became more arrogant. The woman waved her hand and wanted to grab Little Karen. Karen stepped forward and stood in front of Little Karen. She looked at the woman coldly and said, “You are such an unreasonable parent. I think your child is no better than you.” “What? My child is no better than me? Teacher, what kind of parent is she? How can she say such shameless words?” The woman shouted exasperatedly. “If you don’t teach your child well, there will be someone who teach him. Don’t make a fool out of yourself here,” Karen said nonchalantly. She knew how to argue well. She didn’t take the initiative to stir up trouble but she was not the kind of person who could be bullied by others. Besides, her daughter was involved in the matter. She could endure being bullied by others, but every child is precious. When other parents saw their children being bullied, they would feel hurt. When she saw her child being bullied, wouldn’t she feel hurt too? “What did you say? Let’s hear it again?” The woman grabbed the man standing behind her. “Someone is bullying me and our child, and you just stood here like a piece of wood. Are you useless? If you are a man, do something, or you can’t enter the house tonight.” The man who had kept quiet for a long time took two steps forward and glared at Karen Daly and Little Karen. He lifted his sleeves and was about to hit them. However, as soon as he raised his hand, he was grasped by the bodyguard behind Little Karen. As soon as the bodyguard exerted his strength slightly, the man gave out a scream. When the woman saw that her husband had been attacked, she was so angry that she threw herself at Karen. Karen wanted to dodge, but Little Karen suddenly stood in front of her and shouted, “Bad woman, don’t bully my mother.” Little Karen stood in front of Karen as a shield. Karen wanted to pull her back, but she was too late. The woman pushed Little Karen to the ground. After Little Karen was pushed down, the bodyguard panicked. He pushed the male parent away from them, and then he lifted the woman up and threw her out. “Her whole family can hit people in this school. Do you guys not have any rules? Teacher, you saw it. Security cameras recorded it. These are all evidences. You can call the police. For today’s matter, if your school does not give us an explanation, no one can leave.” The woman’s parents screamed while crawling on the floor. When the two parties were arguing, the teacher couldn’t stop them, so he had already hidden aside. Now, since the woman shouted for him, the teacher had to show his face. However, the teacher did not console the injured parents. Instead, he looked at Karen and kept apologizing, “Mrs. Kyle, I’m really sorry. This is our school’s fault. We will definitely give you an explanation.” “What do you mean? Are you blind? You can’t tell who is the real bully?” The woman shouted, and her reputation was gone. To be honest, those who could go to Chatterton Town Military Kindergarten were all of high status. Their families were either rich or powerful. That woman was used to being arrogant, she did whatever she wanted. Their child was involved. Not only did no one stand up for them, they were bullied instead. After scolding others, she scolded the man lying on the ground. “Porc, what are you? You married into our family, and we treated you well all these years. We didn’t ask you to work or pay a penny. When I asked you for help, you held me back. You’re useless. I’m telling you, if you don’t kick this shrew and this barbaric kid out, we’ll get divorced when we get back. I can’t live with you anymore.” The voice of this woman was reverberating back and forth in the kindergarten, but no one paid attention to her. Karen squatted on the ground. She picked Little Karen up and checked if she was injured. When she pulled Little Karen’s sleeves back, Karen saw a bright red wound on Little Karen’s elbow. Seeing the wound, Karen felt suffocated and distressed. “Get the doctor here.” As soon as they saw that Little Karen was injured, the others became anxious. The teacher, the principal, the nanny, and the bodyguard requested for the doctor to come immediately. Karen gently hugged Little Karen and said lovingly. “Little Karen, tell me what happened.” “Mom, it doesn’t hurt.” Little Karen didn’t want to make her mom sad. Her wound didn’t hurt anymore. Besides, the boy hurt her, so she beat him back, which made the boy’s nose bleed. They were even. Little Karen thought naively, but who knew that the other party’s parents would not spare her? They didn’t ask their child, but they blindly assumed that Little Karen was the one who started the fight.

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