My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 567

Little Karen usually did not bother to argue with those childish children. She only wanted to eat well and grow up quickly. When she grew up, she would find Brother Lionel That was her priority. Sometimes, she hoped that Brother Lionel would help scare away those kids with just a glance, so she didn’t need to do anything at all. However, it didn’t matter if Brother Lionel was not around. She still had herself. She could also hit the bad kid who bullied her. “Little Karen, it’s not about that. You have to tell me what happened.” Karen Daly had to figure it out. She must not let her child be wronged yet the other party was still shouting at her. Everyone in her family doted on Little Karen. How could they let her go through such hurt? “He pushed me and I scratched my elbow.” Little Karen pointed at the terrified little boy who had been hiding behind his mother. Karen looked in the direction that Little Karen pointed at. When she saw the terrified little boy, Karen did not want to scold him. After all, he was just a child. Every child could be naughty, but when the child caused trouble, the parents needed to understand what was going on. They couldn’t let the child repeat their mistakes. The parents would then use the opportunity to educate their child. When the woman heard Little Karen, she immediately shouted, “Little girl, you have learned to lie. Let me tell you, don’t put the blame on others. Today, you hit someone and we all saw it. Don’t think that you can talk your way through just because your parent is here.” “Big bad woman, you are a big bad woman!” At such a young age, how could Little Karen win in a fight with a shrew? When she was anxious, she only knew that the other party was a big bad woman. “Karen, I’m here. I’ll protect you. Don’t be afraid.” Karen kissed Little Karen’s face and put her hands over Little Karen’s ears. Then, she looked at the woman beside her. “Teacher, please review the security footage of the incident. My daughter was well when she left home in the morning She got injured in your kindergarten. You have to give me an explanation.” Karen said. Since she couldn’t communicate with that unreasonable woman, she had to use evidences to prove that woman wrong “Okay, Mrs. Kyle, I’ll get the video immediately.” The principal responded with a smile. The matter was blown out of proportion. Although not as famous as the Kyle family, the boy came from a family that was relatively well known in Chatterton Town. Karen wanted to settle the matter today, If they can’t solve it, the kindergarten would never dare to offend the Kyle family. No matter which child caused the trouble first, they might just accuse the other family to remain on good terms with the Kyle’s. A while later, the doctor had arrived and was ready to treat the wound on Little Karen’s elbow. Karen hugged Little Karen and said lovingly. “Karen, let the doctor treat your wound first. If you feel any pain, tell me, okay?” “I am not afraid of pain!” Little Karen blinked her teary eyes and said bravely. Although she said that she was not afraid of pain, the wound on her elbow was about 2 inches long. When the doctor disinfected her wound, tears still coursed down her cheeks. However, she did not cry out loud. She plunged into her mother’s arms and she tried hard to hold her tears back because she did not want her mother to feel sad. “You can cry if you want to. No one will laugh at you as long as I am here.” Karen looked at the big wound on Little Karen’s elbow and wished that she was the one who got hurt instead. She was willing to bear the pain for Little Karen. However, the boy’s parents still did not give up. Looking at the doctor treating Little Karen’s wound, the woman was still swearing, “Don’t fucking think that it’s okay if you pretend to be pitiful. When we get the evidence, you will be expelled.” “Mom.” The little boy who hid behind the woman pulled the corner of the woman’s clothes. He wanted to say something, but the woman glared back at him. “Karen, I’m here. Don’t be afraid.” Karen kissed Little Karen who was in her arms. The more Little Karen held back her tears, the more her heart ached. She didn’t want to pay attention to the arrogant woman at this time. No matter how important the matter was, Little Karen’s wellbeing was more important. Although Karen did not care about the woman at this time, but it did not mean that she was fine to have others step on her or her child’s head. She looked up at the woman. She looked at the woman with a sharp gaze and did not show any emotions. The woman was about to swear, but when she saw Karen’s eyes, she did not say anything. The woman pinched her son, and the little boy cried out in pain. She took the opportunity to say, “Son, tell me, where does it hurt? Don’t be afraid. I’m here and I will never let anyone bully you.” The woman imitated Karen and pulled up the little boy’s sleeve too. When she saw a purple mark on the little boy’s body, she spoke exaggeratedly, “Son, who hurt you here? Tell me, was it the little girl who pushed you and injured you?” It was clearly from her pinch earlier, but she deliberately ordered the child to push the blame to Little Karen. “Son, tell me quickly. If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t be afraid. I won’t let anyone bully you.” While speaking, the woman glared at the little boy. Although the woman loved her child, she still didn’t want to admit her mistake. Even if she already knew that her son might be the troublemaker here, she had already made such a big deal of it. How could she step down now? News would soon be spread out. If her friends knew that her child had caused trouble and her son had been expelled, she would lose her reputation. Therefore, she would rather let her son suffer a little. It’s for her own good. Her son cried and didn’t respond to his mother, which made her very angry The woman shouted again, “You only know how to cry. Can you grow up a little? Don’t be like your useless father.” After scolding the child, the woman was so angry that she kicked the man sitting on the ground. “Look at your son! He can’t even do such a small thing. He just cries and cries. Look at how useless you are too.”.

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