My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 568

The woman was getting more and more angry as she scolded them, but no one paid attention to her. Everyone’s attention was focused on Little Karen, and they were worried about her injury. Being ignored so badly, the woman completely lost it. She pounced at the doctor like crazy and said, “My son is also injured. Why don’t you treat his wound?” When she jumped at the doctor, the doctor was picking scraps out in Little Karen’s wound using forceps. The doctor couldn’t control his strength when the woman suddenly touched him, hence, he accidentally took out a piece of flesh from Little Karen’s wound. No matter how much Little Karen wanted to endure the pain, the pain of having her flesh pulled away was too much. Her face turned pale and she couldn’t breathe. Karen ignored the woman and she was focusing on Little Karen. As she watched Little Karen getting injured in front of her, she couldn’t bear it anymore. She stood up and slapped the woman in a flash. Karen bit her lip and said angrily, “Gareth, keep an eye on her. If she fusses around again, tear her mouth.” The woman was slapped and wanted to attack Karen back, but Gareth Cole quickly took hold of her so she could not move at all. He had failed to fulfil his duty earlier because Little Karen had gotten injured under his watch. Moreover, he did not even know what happened. When the bodyguards thought that they might be punished, they were all frightened and distracted that didn’t notice that the crazy woman was about to pounce onto the doctor. After being instructed by Karen, Gareth immediately came to his senses and seized the crazy woman. Little Karen was hurt again. The bodyguards were feeling pretty ashamed by their shortcomings in protecting her. “You are so arrogant, do you even know who is in charge of Chatterton Town? How dare you disrespect the River family. You’re really digging your graves here.” Suddenly, an old man’s loud voice was heard. Hearing this voice, the crazy woman turned arrogant again. “Fucking get your dirty hands off me, or I’ll make you all suffer.” The man was the woman’s father, and he held an important position in the governance of Chatterton Town. Judging from his demeanour, he should be an important member of the government When the woman saw that her child was injured, she called her father. The child was also treasured by his family. Before anyone even understood what happened, the woman already called for her strongest connection to come over to intimidate others. “What is going on here?” The middle-aged man looked at the person who held his daughter angrily and saw his poor little grandson crying. What he saw was that his daughter, grandson and his useless son-in-law had been harassed. How could he let it go? More and more people got involved in the matter as the boy’s family outnumbered Karen’s side. It seemed that Karen was at a disadvantage. However, Karen still did not pay attention to that person. In fact, she did not notice that there was someone else, as her attention was all on Little Karen. A small piece of flesh was pulled out from Little Karen’s body, and it was just like having a piece of Karen’s heard taken away too. She was distressed. Karen kissed Little Karen and comforted her gently, “Little Karen, relax. Wait for the doctor to apply some medicine on you and wrap up the wound so that it won’t hurt so much.” “Mom, it hurts so much… Little Karen kept trembling in her mother’s arms because of the pain. “Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” Karen held Little Karen tightly, and the pain she felt was no less than the little girl. The middle-aged man asked the bodyguard to let his daughter go, but Gareth simply ignored him and still took hold of the crazy woman. The other bodyguard stood in front of Karen and Little Karen, not allowing anyone to approach them. This time, they had to protect their masters well no matter what, and they would not let the other party stand any chance. Otherwise, they would be fired immediately “Where on earth did you come from? How dare you provoke my people? Do you know who am 1?” The middle-aged man was more arrogant than the woman, proving that the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. But no matter how he shouted, Gareth was still calm, as if he didn’t hear him at all. He ignored the man “Somebody, tie these people up, arrest them and send them to Chief Campbell in the name of obstruction of official duty. Lock them up for a few days, and so they would remember where they come from.” The middle-aged man spoke confidently. Hearing the middle aged man’s command, several bodyguards behind him rushed forward and wanted to tie them up. However, these people were not as capable as the bodyguards chosen by Kevin Kyle to protect Little Karen. The two bodyguards who accompanied Little Karen were carefully selected by Kevin. Their reaction and skills surpassed these ordinary bodyguards. The man’s bodyguards had just ran forward and were kicked back by Little Karen’s bodyguards before they could make a move. They had already been beaten down before they could even attack. The principal of the kindergarten wanted to talk to the middle-aged man to let him know who were they dealing with, but he couldn’t get close to the middle-aged man at all and he didn’t have the chance to speak. The middle-aged man’s men were defeated, and he yelled out with great anger, “Arrest them, and the mother and daughter too, since they humiliated our family. If I don’t get them expelled from this kindergarten today, I won’t live a day well.” “You won’t live a day well? Well then, you may consider planning for your death now.” A cold voice echoed from the hall. That voice caught everyone’s attention. Many people turned weak when they heard the voice, especially when they saw the person who came. The room was so quiet that you could hear pin drops. “Director, director…” The middle-aged man was so scared that he couldn’t say a complete sentence when he saw Kevin Kyle walking gracefully towards them in a white shirt. Kevin’s voice sounded like a curse to many people present, but his voice sounded the most melodious to Karen and Little Karen. When Karen heard Kevin Kyle’s voice, she felt that her worries eased and there was a person who could protect their child with her When Little Karen heard this voice, she knew that her most beloved father had arrived. In an instance, she felt that her wound really didn’t hurt that much. There were still tears in her eyes, but Little Karen smiled sweetly and said, “Dad, I want a hug.” “Yes, Little Karen.” Kevin’s eyes swept across the people who were present, and he finally looked at Little Karen and Karen. He walked over to them and hugged Karen. Then he carried Little Karen up and held her in his arms. “Little Karen, does it hurt?”.

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