My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 569

“Yes, it hurts a little. But you’re here now, so it doesn’t hurt anymore.” No matter how painful it was, when Little Karen saw her father, she knew that her greatest support was there with her. She would no longer be afraid that someone would bully her and her mother. Since her father was here, he would definitely chase the bad guys away and protect her and her mommy In Little Karen’s heart, her father was just like Brother Lionel; they were both superheroes. Whenever the bad guys saw them, they would be scared away. “Yes, our Little Karen is so brave. You didn’t cry even when you were injured. However, I want to let you know that you’re our precious child. If you’re ever been hurt or been mistreated, you must not keep it to yourself, and you must let us know so we can protect you.” Kevin kissed Little Karen’s adorable face. “Baby, do you understand?” “Yes, yes!” Little Karen nodded and replied sweetly. “I understand.” “Well, let’s get the doctor to clean up the wound first. When it’s treated properly, we will bring you home. This kindergarten caused you pain, so we won’t come to this kindergarten anymore in the future.” Kevin said gently. It was the most pleasant voice in the world according to Little Karen and Karen. However, as he was saying this so gently, the other guys around him were freaking out. Everyone who knew Kevin would understand that if he withdrew Little Karen from this kindergarten, there wouldn’t be a need for this kindergartners existence anymore. Although this kindergarten was not specially built for their family, it had caused great harm to Little Karen before, so it had already offended the Kyle family. York Tanner, who came with Kevin, had a look around. As he imagined that this beautiful kindergarten would soon be razed to the ground, he was somewhat sad too. His focus then shifted to the middle-aged man who had just been extremely arrogant but went completely silent now. He had been a high-ranking official for so many years now, how could he make such a stupid mistake? No wonder after all these years in the politics scene, he remained the Deputy Director of the Education Ministry in Chatterton Town. The main director had appointed many other people over the years yet it was never his turn to take the office. Maybe it really had something to do with his ignorance. How did he not realize that anyone who could attend the Chatterton Town Military Kindergarten would always be someone with a decent status or background? They made up all this fuss without realizing who they were messing up with. Such a pity for this old man. Not only did he lose the position that he had for more than 20 years, but his future would most likely be very miserable. Sigh, he could’ve offended anyone in the world yet he’d done it to the two most precious people of Director Kevin. Director Kevin had gone through a lot all these years. He had to play the role of both parents. He had to do all the tasks by himself, from feeding the child, to changing the diapers, to educating the child as she grew up. Over the years, Director Kevin treated his daughter like the most precious treasure in the world. Anyone who tried to offend or hurt her would surely be seeking death. When the middle-aged man saw Director Kevin, he was already scared out of his wits. He would never have imagined that the person they had just offended was the head of Rovio Corp. Well, this could actually be Director Kevin’s fault for keeping a low profile because he had never appeared in public with his wife and family before. Director Kevin was always in the media’s lens during those three years when his wife went missing. But as soon as she returned, he stopped doing anymore interviews. Therefore, he was very well known in public but no one really knew who Karen and Little Karen were. “Director Kevin, Director Kevin, I..” The middle-aged man was so scared his entire body already went limp. He wanted to apologize, but as soon as he wanted to speak, his fear made him bit his tongue instead. This was exactly the power of Director Kevin. Director Kevin always seemed to be cold and indifferent. No one had the courage to offend him. “Director River, I’ll give you two minutes to get out of here with your family.” York Tanner stood up just in time to Intervene his speech. He was not qualified to talk to Director Kevin. Moreover, Director Kevin only cared about his wife and child at that moment. He couldn’t care about others any lesser. “Kev, Kev.” Director River was too frightened and immediately knelt on the ground and bowed down to Kevin. All because he was too ignorant and full of himself. He knew very well that there were two people in Chatterton Town that no one could ever offend, yet he didn’t realize that he should’ve been more careful before raising his voice earlier. “If I had been more careful and looked into the matter before I took any actions, I wouldn’t have offended someone I shouldn’t have.” The man thought silently to himself. However, Kevin ignored him because he was focusing on his wife and child Especially since Little Karen was injured, Kevin was carefully checking out the wound. If his family weren’t there, Kevin would have already beaten the person who caused this trouble. “Little Karen, the wound is all wrapped up, but it will still hurt. Let’s be careful with it, okay?” Kevin’s voice was gentle and pleasant The gentler his voice was, the more frightened the others were. Because the more he loved his daughter, the more miserable these guys who mistreated her would be. “Dir… Director Kevin, I really don’t know that they are your family. If I knew… If he knew, he would never have the courage to mistreat Kevin’s family, Before the middle-aged man finished his words, Kevin stood up with one hand holding Little Karen, and the other holding Karen’s hand. He ignored the man and continued to speak to Little Karen and Karen, “Let’s go home.” He left with the ladies under the escort of his subordinates. He did not pay attention to anyone else all the way. He walked away not because he didn’t want to deal with them, but he knew that his men would know what to do next. A silver Bentley limousine was waiting for them outside the kindergarten After getting into the car, the driver, Uncle Watson turned around and asked, “Little Karen, what happened today?” Uncle Watson had been working for Kevin for a really long time. He was like family to the Kyle’s, so he treated Little Karen just like his own granddaughter too. Whatever he found interesting, he would always give it to the little fellow as a gift. When he saw the little fellow appeared weak and all nestled in her father’s embrace, Uncle Watson was really worried. “Grandpa Watson, I’m fine,” Little Karen answered sensibly. “Uncle Watson, could you send us to Dreamland City?” Kevin requested. Dreamland City was the place that Karen and he stayed as newlyweds. She wanted to cook for the both of them, so Kevin wanted to go there. That was a place with a lot of their beautiful memories. When Karen went missing during those few years, Kevin came there often with Little Karen to reminisce about Karen. Since Karen had regained her memory, the three of them had never stayed there yet. So, today would be a good day to relive those memories.

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