My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 570

When Karen suddenly heard that Kevin wanted to return to Dreamland City, she was quite shocked. She had quite the same idea as Kevin. Did Kevin also want to go to Dreamland City, or did he find out that she wanted to go? “Hey Karen, Little Karen is fine now. Don’t worry.” Kevin let Little Karen sit on his thighs and patted Karen’s head. “Kevin, let’s find another person to keep Little Karen company.” Karen was still scared of what had happened in kindergarten earlier. She was worried that Little Karen would be bullied by other children in the future. Although it was quite normal for children to have quarrels from time to time, what if she’d come across the parents just like today? Herself and Kevin would not always be around Little Karen, so what if Little Karen was bullied again? Every child was the apple of their parents’ eyes. Karen was not around when Little Karen was growing up, so she felt that she owed Little Karen too much. Her love for Little Karen was overflowing now that she could not even bear to see Little Karen get mistreated at all. Kevin embraced her and said, “I will handle this. You…” Before Kevin could finish, Karen interrupted him and said, “Kevin, I don’t want you to take care of everything. I want to share the burden with you.” He had always mentioned that she was his wife. The wife should, therefore, be the person that he would face challenges with and they could overcome these challenges together. She shouldn’t be treated like a child and have everything done by him. “Karen, what’s wrong?” When he called Karen in the afternoon, Kevin knew that something must have happened, that’s why he got off work early and went to the kindergarten “I, I’m fine.” “You’re fine?” “If I said I’m fine, then I am.” Karen turned her head and looked out the window, ignoring Kevin She tried really hard to calm down, hoping that she would not project her emotions onto Kevin. She didn’t want to say more, and Kevin didn’t ask further either. On the way to Dreamland City, no one spoke a word. Although a few years had passed, the house they had in Dreamland City was still the same as it was a few years ago. The slippers were neatly arranged in the shoe cabinet by the entrance. The furniture had not been moved at all either. Even the bamboo bell hanging by the balcony was still there. As the breeze came by, the small and beautiful bells would collide and made those clear and melodious noises. Just like those years, when Karen came here with Kevin for the first time, she felt somewhat uneasy too. Now, in addition to having Kevin by her side, they had Little Karen, and also the baby in her belly. Time did fly by. Sometimes, Karen felt that it was just yesterday when she got legally married to Kevin. Sometimes, it would also make her feel that it’s been too long. So long that there were two more additions to the family already “Little Karen, we are home now.” Kevin put Little Karen down and helped her put on a tiny and gorgeous pair of pink house slippers Pink was Little Karen’s favorite color. She had look at the shoes and replied sweetly, “Yes, I like them very much. Thank you, Daddy!” “Woof woof!” Momo rushed over to them. She ran around her master cheerfully. It seemed like she’d also been sent here to reunite with the family. “Sister, stop barking. I’m coming.” Little Karen squatted down and lovingly stroked Momo’s white fur. She didn’t expect that her sister was waiting for her at home. She was definitely chuffed to see her. Kevin could tell that Little Karen was happy, so he told her, “Little Karen, you can go play with Momo, but make sure to watch out for the injury on your elbow, don’t touch it, ok?’ “Daddy, I will be careful.” Little Karen answered while running to the other side of the living room with Momo. After Little Karen left to play, Kevin turned to look at Karen. Karen was paying attention to Little Karen, so she did not notice Kevin was looking at her at all. Kevin had fixed his eyes on her for some time, but she was still immersed in her own world and remained silet. He didn’t know what she was thinking about. “Karen.” Kevin called her. Karen did not respond. “Karen!” Kevin’s tone became more serious. “Ah?” Karen came to her senses and smiled apologetically at him. “Are you hungry? I’m going to cook now.” “What are you thinking about?” Kevin asked again. “No, nothing. No, I was thinking about what I’m going to cook for dinner. Little Karen’s elbow is injured, so we have to watch her diet.” Karen made up some random excuses and stammered. She turned around and her eyes met with Kevin’s eyes. He wanted to see through her. Karen did not dare to look him in the eye. She shrugged her shoulders and looked away. She put the bag aside and said, “What do you want to eat? I’ll go to the supermarket downstairs to get some groceries.” “I’ve asked someone to get the groceries.” After the phone call with Karen, Kevin had already made arrangements. He had someone stock up the refrigerator with fresh ingredients and also requested for someone to send Momo over. “Then you take a rest first, and I’ll cook.” Karen escaped to the kitchen soon after. She always felt that Kevin could see through the depths of her heart. She could never hide anything Karen entered the kitchen and Kevin followed behind. He said in his deep voice, “Let’s cook together.” “No, I can do it myself.” Just like when they first got married, every time he asked her if she needed his help, she would refuse the offer. “Okay.” Kevin did not press on it. He left the kitchen and looked at Little Karen, who was playing with Momo in the living room He fixed his eyes on the little fellow and thought about the moment when he had just gotten married. He had never thought that he would have a child. Karen said that she wanted a child, and then Karen got pregnant soon after. Everything happened so naturally. He accepted all these changes without thinking much. After watching them for a while, Kevin went to the study. Karen opened up the refrigerator. Sure enough, it was packed with fresh ingredients. Most of the ingredients were either what she or Little Karen liked. She fell into a trance, and her heart tightened as she stared at the fridge. She really wished that she could have an ordinary life like this for the rest of her life. Every day, she would be able to cook for Little Karen and Kevin. She desperately wished that she could be by Little Karen’s side always. She wanted to watch her get up every day, send her to school, and then pick her up after school. She also hoped that she could help Kevin with his tie every morning, send him out to work, and wait for him to have dinner after work. But it seemed that this normal life had never belonged to her. There were always so many ups and downs in their lives, and there were always people who wanted to break up their relationship.

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