My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 571

As she thought about how she might no longer be able to do these things for her husband and daughter in the future, Karen felt like she had just been stabbed in the heart. Her tears came rolling down her face. She wiped her tears and took a deep breath to reset. Instead of overthinking, she needed to enjoy all the time she had with them. “Karen, what’s going on?” Kevin said from the back. I’m fine.” Karen’s back stiffened, but she did not have the courage to turn around. Didn’t he go to the study already? Why did he come to the kitchen again? “You’re fine?” Obviously, Kevin would not believe that Karen was fine. “What can ever happen to me?” “Karen!” Kevin clenched his hands and muttered, “Are you trying to hide something from me?” “Kevin, what do you want to hear? Tell me, then I’ll tell you.” Karen was also angry and shouted back. “You..” If he continued to talk to her like that, the two of them would end up fighting. And Kevin did not want to argue with her. He turned around and returned to his study again. He sat in front of the desk, lit a cigarette, and took a few puffs. He had been smoking all this while, but he rarely smoked in front of Little Karen and Karen. He prioritized their health and safety first. But today, he was really angry. He was angry that Karen was keeping something to herself and didn’t want to tell him. He had repeated many times that she shouldn’t keep anything to herself if something came up. He was her husband and someone she could rely on for the rest of her life. But what about her? She seemed to have not paid attention to his words. She never listened and just followed her own way. What should he do to change her? He would be satisfied even with just the slightest bit of change But now, she didn’t even want to talk to him. Kevin took a few more puffs and he was done the cigarette. Then he picked up the phone and made a call, “Have you found George yet?” When he called Karen today, he had just received some news on George. He wanted to update her, but from her tone, he decided to not say anything. Since she acted weirdly during the call, he left work and rushed to the kindergarten. And thankfully he was there, otherwise, those guys would’ve been more arrogant and done something crazier. He was saddened because of Little Karen’s injury, but the fact that Karen was keeping everything to herself made him even sadder. He had a deep urge to just aggressively teach Karen a lesson so she would really acknowledge him as her husband. However, there was no way for him to get angry at her. Nick Black responded through the phone. “Director Kevin, George has returned home safely. In fact, it wasn’t someone who kidnapped him this time. He was manipulated by someone to create the illusion that he was kidnapped. His purpose was to convince Karen to believe the evidence he has and get her to leave you.” After hearing what he said, Kevin’s face darkened and remained silent. George was usually a smart guy, but he was a fool on this matter. Someone was manipulating him but he didn’t even know it. However, Kevin was able to empathise with him. After all, the person who died was George’s biological father. How could George not believe what his father had said to him before he died? “Arrange for George to see me tomorrow.” Kevin had to let George know the truth. He would not allow George to cause any trouble. After they ended the conversation, Kevin lit another cigarette up. He turned on the computer after smoking and was getting ready to join a video conference with some overseas staff. After completing this project, he would give himself a proper vacation. He wanted to just let go of everything and do whatever he wanted. During the meeting, the door was gently pushed open. Little Karen opened the door and peeked through the door. She looked at her father while blinking those big gorgeous eyes, “Daddy, can you come and play with me?” As he heard Little Karen’s voice, Kevin looked up and his serious expression instantly turned soft. “I’m in a meeting. Come and sit with me for a while, and I’ll play with you later, okay?” “Okay.” Little Karen walked to her father’s side with Momo. Kevin immediately sat her on his lap and carried on with the video conference. The guys who had video conferences with him have found this to be quite normal. When there were meetings like these back then, their director even changed her diapers before or fed her before during sessions. They had been used to this since a long time ago so it wasn’t surprising. Little Karen sat on her father’s lap and listened to him talk to the many adults on the screen. Although she didn’t understand what they were talking about, she listened to them with interest and didn’t disturb her father. When the meeting ended, Kevin turned off the computer and kissed Little Karen’s face. “Little Karen, does the wound still hurt?” “It doesn’t hurt anymore. But I don’t think mommy is very happy at the moment.” She was still a young girl, but she knew what was going on. Her mother had been silent for a while. She went to the kitchen to look for her mother. She was quite absent minded, so she knew that there must be something. However, she couldn’t contribute much as a child. So she came to look for her father hoping that he could help. She didn’t want her mother to be upset. She hoped that her parents would always be happy, then she would be happy. “Mommy is preparing food for us. She’s not upset. Let’s just wait for her here. We’ll have dinner later.” Kevin didn’t want the kid to know what had happened between the adults. “Daddy, if mommy is not upset, then I wanna watch cartoons.” “Ok, let me play something for you, but you can only watch it for a while. It will hurt your eyes if you watch it too long.” “Okay, I know.” This little fellow was always so sensible and obedient. “Our Little Karen is the most obedient of them all.” “Daddy, will the baby look more like me or Momo?” She looked at Momo, who was lying on the ground. No matter what the baby looked like, she would probably be able to accept it. “When mommy gives birth to the baby, of course, the baby will look like you. It will be just as cute as you. So, will you like the baby?” “Yes, I will. But I also want a sister like the doll that I have. Then, there will be a lot of cute dolls I can play with.” “Okay, we will try to get you more sisters in the future.” “Daddy, I don’t want to go to the kindergarten anymore.” She didn’t like anyone from the kindergarten, and there were children who wanted to bully her. So she wasn’t a fan of the kindergarten at all. “Well, if you don’t like it, we won’t go.” Kevin sent Little Karen to the kindergarten so that she could make some friends and grow up happily like other children. Now that Little Karen was injured, and since she showed her disinterest in attending, Kevin would definitely not force her. He had always been his daughter’s “slave”, spoiling his precious princess without holding back anything.

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