My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 572

“Dinner’s ready,” Karen pushed the door open and came in. Seeing how the pair were chatting happily, she asked, “Little Karen, what are you talking about with daddy?” “Mommy, I don’t want to go to kindergarten anymore.” Little Karen quickly told her mother the good news. “Really? No more kindergarten?” Karen raised her head slightly and looked at Kevin. He was, however, looking at Little Karen without looking back at her. Kevin seemed to be doing it deliberately, Karen could feel that he was not actually focusing on Little Karen, but he was just trying to ignore her. “Yes, I promise you. You don’t have to go to kindergarten anymore.” Little Karen was excited. She hugged and kissed her daddy. Then she slipped away from her dad and threw herself into her mother’s embrace. Karen held Little Karen carefully to avoid aggravating her wound. She said, “If you don’t want to go, then we don’t need to go.” Their child was intelligent enough anyway, she’s learnt everything that was within the syllabus and has even outsmarted all the other kids. So it didn’t really matter if she didn’t go to kindergarten. Her happiness was the most important For dinner, Karen had prepared three strawberries for Little Karen. That’s Little Karen’s starter before every meal. As usual, Little Karen took a strawberry and stuffed it into her mouth. She bit it and enjoyed it happily. Kevin took a piece of tissue and wiped her mouth. “Baby, eat slowly. No one is fighting for it with you.” Karen served a bowl of soup for Kevin and handed it to him. He did not speak to her, and Karen did not say anything either. She sat down on the other side of Little Karen and looked at both of them. Her heart was so full. She was happy and contented just by looking at them. Little Karen pointed at the tomato omelette and said, “I want to eat mommy’s tomato omelette.” Perhaps Little Karen really loved the fruits and vegetables that were red in color. She liked strawberries and tomatoes. Right after she swallowed the strawberries, she was already asking for the tomato omelette. Kevin immediately served some to her plate, “Okay, let’s eat.” “Thank you, daddy! Thank you, mommy!” Little Karen said sweetly “You’re welcome.” Karen smiled and also served some food for Kevin. “Daddy, you should eat more too.” Karen knew Kevin very well. This man was stubborn as hell. Whenever they had a fight, he would hold the grudge longer than her. So she knew it was better if she could just give in to him. When she served him food, his stern look has immediately softened, even his gaze became more gentler when he looked at her. As the saying goes, a man was like a child sometimes Kevin was usually a cold person, but sometimes he would be as stubborn as a child. For example, when he asked her a question and she did not answer earlier, he’d already started being grumpy. She was right in front of him, but he treated her as if she was transparent. He’s ignored her completely. If she were to continue acting coldly too, he would probably not say a word to her at all tonight. Forget it! Karen shook her head in silence. He had always been the one who followed whatever she wanted. He was the one who really cared about her. Perhaps it was also time for her to care for him and give in. After dinner. Kevin was in charge of the dishes, and Karen was in charge of bathing Little Karen and getting her ready for bed. Right after Little Karen fell asleep, Kevin sneaked in from Karen’s back and held her gently with his strong arms. He whispered, “Karen, tell me, what have you been keeping to yourself.” Karen nestled into Kevin’s embrace. “Kevin, could you give me two more days to think about it?” After answering that phone call today, Karen had been very anxious. She couldn’t even remember if she had agreed to their requests. Yes, just like what they had said, she could tell Kevin about this and let him stop it. But this would mean that the video will get leaked out to the public. Of course, she didn’t want to see any negative news about Kevin being spread out. She certainly didn’t want his reputation to be affected either. They both wanted the best for each other. She hoped that she could something for him, like what a wife would do to her husband. She didn’t want to let Kevin just do everything for her, and she just sit idly aside. Kevin turned her around, fixed her fringe, and kissed her on the forehead. “Okay then, let’s go to bed.” Kevin had always respected Karen’s decisions. If she had asked him to give her two more days, then he would give her more time to think about it. Late at night when it was quiet and peaceful. Karen had a nightmare again, a nightmare that she hadn’t had for many years. In the nightmare, many people pointed at her and scolded her for being shameless and stealing her elder sister’s man. Her sister’s man turned into Kevin’s face. Kevin looked at her indifferently, as if she was a stranger. She watched as Kevin left with Kristine. She shouted for him but she was completely ignored. After that, she ran after him… Just as she was about to catch up with his pace, another car rushed out from nowhere. The car ran straight to her… Just as it was about to hit her, Kevin suddenly fell from the sky. He pushed her away, and he was knocked by the car instead. Bang Karen watched as Kevin was knocked away and his body fell heavily to the ground. “Kevin!” Karen tried to call out for his name, but she couldn’t make a sound. She wanted to rush to him, but her feet seemed to be stuck and she could not move at all. She could only watch as Kevin bled. “Kevin, don’t… Don’t leave me… Don’t.” Karen waved her hand and yelled out sadly. Kevin hugged Karen tightly in his arms. “Karen, I’m here. Don’t be scared! Don’t be scared! It’s just a dream, it’s only a dream.” Kevin’s deep voice pulled Karen out of the nightmare. She opened her eyes. But it took her a while to actually come to her senses and se Kevin’s face clearly. “Kevin?” She reached out her hand to touch every inch of his face. “Is it really you?” “Is it really him?” “Is he still fine?” “It’s me.” Kevin grabbed her hand and kissed it. “Look at me carefully again. My nose and eyes are still here. Who else could it be if it’s not me?” Karen stared at Kevin for a really long time. It took her some time to be assured that Kevin was still fine, and he was right in front of her eyes. The car accident that just happened was just a dream. He was still alive and lying right next to her. Karen reached out to hold Kevin’s waist, she dug herself onto his chest and whispered softly, “Kevin, what a relief that you’re still by my side!”.

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