My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 573

At this moment, Karen realized that nothing could make her feel more at ease than seeing Kevin being alive and well. As long as he was alive and well, she would be satisfied even if that meant having to walk away. Although she would be heartbroken if there was another woman by his side, the thought seemed more bearable when compared to his death in her dream earlier. “Karen, don’t be scared. Dreams are often the opposite of our reality.” Kevin patted her back and comforted her softly. “Well, I know, you will be fine,” Karen responded even softer. Perhaps this dream was a warning. If she stayed with Kevin and acted selfishly… maybe she would end up losing Kevin completely “Karen, George is fine now. We have found almost all the evidence of the murderer who killed Old Mr. Ken. He will be punished soon.” Maybe Karen didn’t trust him enough. She didn’t actually believe that he could really rescue George nor did she think that he could actually find the person who killed her father. Therefore, she was so unhappy and paranoid the entire day. “I’m glad that George is fine now. You don’t have to investigate further. It is no longer important.” Karen didn’t want Kevin to take anymore risks. What if he provoked the murderer and the murderer attacked him? She had lost two important people in her life. So, no matter what, she could not let Kevin get hurt at all. That’s right, she didn’t care about anything else. She only wanted Kevin to be well and alive. “Ok, if you don’t want to investigate further, then we’ll stop.” Kevin listened to Karen to ease her worry. Karen looked into Kevin’s eyes and said, “Kevin, promise me that you must protect yourself. Don’t let anyone hurt you.” “You silly, don’t think too much. No one can ever hurt me.” Kevin rubbed her head and said softly, No one in the world could hurt him but her. “Anyway, you have to promise me that no matter what happens, you have to think about the matter through. There’s still Little Karen at home waiting for you.” “You’re wrong. I have both my Big and Little Karens waiting for me at home.” Kevin pressed Karen’s head on his chest and said, “It’s getting late. Let’s go to bed. The baby needs some sleep even if you don’t.” Karen leaned on Kevin’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. It was so comforting that she fell asleep after a short while. Since Karen wasn’t sleeping well and acted weird all day, Kevin took some time to think. He took her phone and unlocked the phone with her fingerprint. After spending a night in Dreamland City, Kevin brought the ladies back to Secret Garden. Dreamland City felt more like home, but the safety measures there were too weak. With everything that’s going on now, Kevin didn’t want to risk the safety of his family. After returning to Secret Garden, Kevin went to work again. Karen and Little Karen were left at home. Mia was busy with filming, and Faye was still in the States. Karen had no other good support apart from them. She had no one to talk to even when she had something to share. After a while, she decided to call Faye. Faye sounded quite happy. “Oh, Karen, are you missing me?” Karen responded, “Yes, I’m missing you. You are not home yet, I can’t even find anyone to go shopping with. When are you coming back exactly?” “Oh, I didn’t know my only function was to serve as a shopping companion.” Faye sounded angry, but she was obviously just joking with Karen. “Yes exactly, your only function was to serve as my shopping companion. No matter how long it had been, these two would always speak this comfortably with each other. It would be too awkward if their conversation was absolutely normal. “Okay let’s be real. We were supposed to return at the end of this month, but a few days ago, the management at Rovio HQ gave Sebastian a task, so this would mean we would have to stay in the States longer.” Faye heaved a long sigh and said, “I think once Sebastian is done with his projects, I’ll be giving birth too. So by then, we’ll have to delay a few more months before coming home.” Faye eagerly wanted to return to Chatterton Town. But since Sebastian had to work in the States, and she’s heavily pregnant at the moment, Sebastian would definitely not let her go back on her own. Karen replied with a smile, “Why don’t I come and see you in the States?” “Yes, of course, I’ll be happy that you can come to the States to see me. But Mr. Kyle surely will not allow you to travel alone so far away.” Faye had certainly witnessed how precious Karen was to Kevin. “Faye.” Karen was about to say something but she stopped. “Karen, what’s wrong?” “You know what, I really like Kevin. I like him so, so much, you probably know that already. I only know that since I decided to marry him, I’ve made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with him.” There are some words that Karen did not have the courage to tell Kevin, but at least she could share it with Faye. “Of course, I do. But why would you say that all of a sudden?” Karen had been betrayed before in the past. If Kevin wasn’t able to give her a sense of security, she would not have agreed to marry him so quickly. “It’s nothing, but there’s something bothering me and I want to speak to someone about it.” She felt so much better after saying those out loud. “Karen, it’s a bit boring now that you’re staying at home all the time. Why don’t you come and visit me in the States with Little Karen? I promise you’ll be happy here every day.’ Faye spoke so casually. No matter what Karen went through, Faye was still the same person that Karen knew a long time ago, she hasn’t changed one bit. “Well, if there is a chance, I will definitely go and visit you in the States.” Kevin was born in the States. Karen had thought of visiting a long time ago but there was never a chance to do so. If she left Kevin someday, she might not have the courage to continue her stay in Chatterton Town. It would be a good chance to travel out then. It would good to visit the place where Kevin was raised and connect with him in another indirect way. “Faye, it’s getting late now. Why are you still awake?” She could hear Sebastian’s voice over the phone. Karen finally realized there was actually a time difference between the two cities. It was early in the morning at Chatterton Town, but it was already quite late in New York. She quickly replied, “Faye, you should get some rest. I’ll call you another day.” “Alright Karen, I’ll go to bed soon. Don’t think too much about it. Call me more if you have time.” Faye spoke a little more while before hanging up. As soon as the conversation ended, Karen’s phone rang again, and the caller was the same number as yesterday. She felt as if she was staring at her very own death sentence as she stared at the phone. After it rang a few times, she finally picked it up with her trembling hands. As soon as the call was connected, the person on the phone asked creepily, “So Mrs. Kyle, have you made up your mind about the matter we discussed yesterday yet?”.

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