My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 574

It was a beautiful time of the year, the weather was good, and the sun glowed warmly in the sky. The following day was a state holiday, so before leaving home that morning, Kevin Kyle told Karen Daly that he would not be working in the afternoon. He would be back by noon to have lunch. As soon as he left, Karen got busy preparing lunch. She prepared two of Kevin’s favorite dishes, and two of Little Karen’s favorite dishes. She also didn’t forget to ask their new family member, Jayden, on his favorite dishes too. After making the few dishes, it was almost time for lunch. After looking at the time, Karen went to change into a beige coloured dress. The dress was flowy and airy, so she strapped on a thin belt, which carved out her dainty waistline. Although she was pregnant, she was still in her first trimester, so her baby bulge was still very small. If she didn’t say so, no one would have noticed that she was pregnant. Not only did she wear a pretty dress, Karen wanted to put on some light makeup to let Kevin enjoy the best version of herself. Karen sat down at her vanity table. As she was looking for some eyeliner, she raised her head and caught a glimpse of someone else in the mirror, Looking at him in the mirror, she smiled awkwardly, “You’re early.” “What were you doing?” Kevin looked at Karen in the mirror with a gentle gaze. “I wanted to put some makeup on, so that I’d look better.” Karen told the truth as she wanted to look the best in Kevin’s heart. Kevin kissed her, “You look better without makeup.” Karen’s complexion was rosy and healthy, plus she was pregnant, so her skin was glowing. Kevin was serious when he said that she looked better without makeup. “Am I really that beautiful?” No matter what others thought of her, she didn’t care. She just wanted Kevin’s opinion. “Do you think our Little Karen is beautiful?” “Of course.” “You were the one who gave birth to Little Karen. So do you think you’re beautiful?” In fact, Little Karen was a combination of all the best features from Kevin and Karen, so she was very good looking even at a young age. Karen didn’t like to bury her natural features in powder and cream anyway. Now that Kevin was back, she didn’t want to put on makeup in front of him. “Lunch is ready, let’s go eat.” Kevin nodded and went downstairs with Karen. Karen had requested that the helpers take some time off, so she laid out the dishes and set the table by herself. When Kevin was eating, she looked at him attentively, as if she wanted to remember his face. No matter how much time passed, she didn’t want to forget him. After lunch, Karen asked Jayden to go play with Little Karen, and asked Kevin to stay. Kevin didn’t seem surprised that she had something to say He sat across the table, waiting for her to speak. “Kevin, I’m tired. I’m very tired.” Karen took a deep breath, and said those words with effort. Kevin raised his eyebrows, “What do you mean?” “Our marriage started with a blind date, right? And during that blind date, you told me you didn’t believe in love, right?” Kevin remained silent, looking at Karen. She continued, “You didn’t believe in love, and I didn’t believe in love, so we got married and lived a life that seemed normal to everyone.” Kevin narrowed his eyes, but he didn’t interrupt. He wanted to let her finish and hear what she wanted to say. “So our marriage was all for show. There is no love in our marriage.” Kevin asked softly, “What are you trying to say?” “What I want to say is, I’m really tired. I want to stop acting as if I am very happy.” “Kevin, I’ve had enough. Enough of a marriage without love. I want to go for the love I yearn for. The happiness I want. The marriage I have dreamed of. Since you can’t give me all of these, let’s get a .. divorce.” ‘Divorce’ was a simple word, but it took Karen all her courage to say it. From the day she promised to marry Kevin, she never expected that she would say this word one day. “A divorce?” Kevin repeated the word softly. His tone sounded calm and he remained composed. “Yes.” Karen nodded. Such a simple answer, yet it took her a lot of energy to speak. “You’ve already made up your mind?” Kevin still sounded calm. Just as calm as if he was casually asking someone about the weather. “Yes.” Karen nodded. “Okay,” he said. Okay? Kevin agreed just like that. Karen didn’t think that Kevin would agree so quickly, like he had been waiting for her to say this all along. Karen clenched her fists quietly. After much debate in her heart, she added, “I won’t want any of your money.” She looked at Little Karen who was playing with Momo, “Little Karen is yours as well, I won’t fight you for her.” Kevin looked at her and smiled subtly. He still only said one word, “Okay.” “Since both of us agree, then let’s get the procedures done tomorrow. With every word, Karen felt like she was tearing off her own flesh. However, she had to say it no matter how painful it was. There was no other way. She had tried to search for another way, but she couldn’t find any alternatives, so she could only live the life that someone else dictated. “Okay.” Kevin looked at her, with a smile like a gentleman. It was the most attractive smile Karen had ever seen on his face. “Then…” “I’ll see you tomorrow then, Miss Daly.” Miss Daly! He called her Miss Daly. She just proposed the divorce, and they haven’t even started any procedures yet, and he was already addressing her so distantly! Just how much did he want her to leave? Although she was the one who mentioned the divorce, seeing Kevin agree so easily without even asking why still made Karen’s heart ache. She knew very well that once she let go of his hand, he would never belong to her again. He would belong to some other woman, and that woman will never be Karen Daly.

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