My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 575

Besides losing Kevin, their Little Karen wouldn’t belong to her anymore as well. After she leaves, Little Karen would eventually forget her as a mother, and she would call someone else ‘Mommy’. Kevin got up, “Miss Daly, do you have anything else to say?” “…” Karen had a lot to say, but she didn’t know what to say. Kevin smiled faintly, “Miss Daly, I still have things to attend to. Please excuse me.” He spoke politely and courteously, just like how Karen had seen him talk to strangers. He sounded so polite, and distant. Once he said that, he turned around and walked off without sparing her another glance, as if he was not the same sweet and gentle Kevin. Karen subconsciously reached out her hand to stop him, but she stopped herself. “Ke-Ke…” Kevin stopped. Without turning back, he asked coldly, “is there anything else?” The view of his back seemed very lonesome, like a cold statue. He didn’t even bother turning back to look at her. Karen felt her heart bleeding in pain. She took a deep breath. Trying to put up a front, “Mr. Kyle. I wish that you’ll find a woman who loves you as much as you’ll love her, soon. It was the same ‘Mr. Kyle’ that she always called out before, but it had lost all sentiments and romance. Now, it was just a greeting for a stranger she didn’t know. Kevin’s hands tightened visibly, and his eyes looked gloomy. When he turned around, he changed his expression and let out a faint smile. He asked gently, “Miss Daly, who are you to me?” “I.” Karen was at a loss for words. Indeed, who was she to him? For now, she was still his wife. But soon, they would have no relationship. Once they completed the procedures the next day, they would be complete strangers. If they were to meet again, they might greet each other. Or, they might just act like they didn’t see each other. “Miss Daly, you can be rest assured to pursue the marriage and the happiness you want. You don’t have to worry about me.” After saying that, Kevin turned around and left. His posture was straight, and he walked so gracefully; just like a piece of living art. What Karen didn’t see was that his face changed completely the second he turned away from her. He looked so down and distressed that it was frightening. Watching him go upstairs and disappearing from her sight, Karen couldn’t stop the tears rushing out from her eyes. Kevin! Her Kevin would never belong to her in the future anymore. She would never get to lie on his chest and listen to his heartbeat again She would not have the chance to hear him tell her again in his low and seductive voice, “Karen, I’m here, don’t be afraid!” She would never have the chance again… “Mommy, why are you crying? Are you sad?” She didn’t know when Little Karen came to her side, watching her innocently. “I’m not crying. There’s some sand in my eyes.” Karen wiped her tears, kneeling down and hugging Little Karen in her arms. “Mommy, I don’t want you to be sad.” Little Karen raised her little hand and wiped the tears for her mother, and her eyes turned red. Because her Mommy was sad, it made her sad too, and she felt like crying with her Mommy. “Little Karen, I’m really not sad, it’s just…” It’s just she knew she will never be able to see her everyday like this anymore. She really wanted to take Little Karen with her, but she knew Kevin had brought her up by himself. How could she be so cruel to want to take her away from him? “Mommy!” Little Karen tugged on Karen’s hand. “Mommy don’t cry, let’s find Daddy.” In Little Karen’s eyes, Daddy was an invincible hero. He could definitely help Mommy. “Little Karen, Daddy has work to do, let’s not disturb him.” Karen lifted Little Karen up and brought her back to her pink bedroom She put Little Karen down in front of the mirror, “Little Karen, shall I tie a beautiful braid for you?” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded. She still smiled widely as she knew that her mother was going to tie a braid for her. “Karen, you are my baby. It does not matter if I’m with you or not, I will still love. You must listen to Daddy in the future, and be a good daughter when you grow up, okay?” Karen said as she combed Little Karen’s hair. “Why wouldn’t Mommy be with me?” Little Karen didn’t understand. Was her mother going far, far away again, and she can only see her when she grows up? She used to be called the child without a Mommy’. Now that her Mommy had returned to her, she didn’t want her to go away again. “Because..” Karen could not speak. After a long time, she found her voice. “Because I have to deal with some important things.” Little Karen asked sadly, “Are the important things more important than me?” Nothing was more important than her, but she didn’t know how to explain to her. Karen took a deep breath, “Little Karen, do you think this braid looks nice?” “It looks very nice.” “If you want such a nice braid next time, ask Nanny Ida to help you.” These few days, Karen had been explaining a lot of things to Little Karen’s Nanny Ida. Karen had instructed Ida everything about Little Karen, including her daily habits, again and again, although Ida had already taken good care of the little girl. Karen was afraid that Little Karen would get bullied without her mother around. “I want Mommy to do my braids, Mommy’s braids are the best.” To Little Karen, everything her Mommy did was the best. The clothes her Mommy made were the best, the cologne her Mommy put on for her was the best, and the braids her Mommy tied were the best. “Little Karen..” Karen hugged Little Karen in her arms. She wanted to tie Little Karen’s braids forever as well. She wanted to stay with Little Karen and watch her grow up from a little girl into a beautiful woman. She wanted to be the one to send Little Karen’s hand off in marriage as she walk down the aisle with her. She wanted a lot of things, but.. Karen shook her head. She had to stop thinking. If she continued thinking, she would have a breakdown..

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