My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 576

“Mommy?” Little Karen raised her head, “Let’s find Daddy.” She knew that her Mommy was acting weird today, but she wasn’t sure why. She knew that her Daddy would be able to help with this. “Daddy is busy!” Karen didn’t have the courage to face Kevin. She was afraid of seeing his cold face. The Kevin she saw today was colder than she had ever seen him. It’s almost as if he had put up a wall around himself, and no one could come close. “How about you go play with Brother Jayden and sister Momo? Little Karen shook her head, “No. I want to be with Mommy.” She must keep an eye on her Mommy. She must hold on to her tightly. She must not let her Mommy go away this time. “Okay, then let’s go take a nap.” Karen picked Little Karen up and gave her cheek a kiss. As sensible as she was, Little Karen was still a kid. Lying beside her mother, she fell asleep quickly. Little Karen was asleep, but Karen was not sleepy at all. She got up again and cleaned up Little Karen’s room by herself. Then, she sorted her clothes in her wardrobe and put up some notes for the nanny on how to plan her outfits. As for Little Karen’s shoes, Karen wiped and polished each pair until they were sparkling clean and put them neatly in the shoe rack. After doing that, Karen sat with Sarabelle and Little Karen’s nanny, and explained everything about Little Karen’s care and routine again She then handed a small notebook to Sarabelle, “Sarabelle, these are all the foods Kevin is allergic to. You must be careful to not let him touch any of these.” She once used onions in a dish without knowing Kevin was allergic to them. He ended up spending a night in the hospital. Although all the helpers and servants clearly knew these things, Karen was still worried. She was scared that something would go wrong. “Madam, is there anything wrong?” Sarabelle felt that Karen had been acting strangely for a few days, but she was in no place to ask about her Madam’s matters. “Kevin doesn’t like to talk, so please just bear with him in the future.” She knew that Kevin had only been chatty with her. He was always cold and distant to everyone else. “Madam, please don’t scare us.” These ominous words made Sarabelle feel strange, as if Karen was saying her last words! “You can go get busy. Please prepare dinner. Just prepare Kevin’s, Jayden’s and Little Karen’s portions. I’m not hungry.” Karen put on a gentle smile. After that, she went upstairs again. Just after taking a few steps, she felt dizzy and almost fell down on the ground. She immediately got a hold of herself and shook her head to feel better. She couldn’t get into any trouble at this moment. They were about to proceed with their divorce procedures the following day. Before that, nothing could happen to her. She must stay alright for one more day, until she completely disappeared from Kevin’s side. In the future, she would never see him again. He probably wouldn’t want to see her anymore as well, since she was the one who betrayed their marriage. She proposed a divorce by citing Kevin’s comments about how love didn’t exist in the world, and their marriage was only an act to the public. But actually, he had told her before that no matter what, neither of them should mention leaving each other so easily. She firmly remembered this, and yet she brought it up. Karen took a deep breath and walked up the stairs while holding the handrail. She would stop for a moment every step she took, because she knew this could be one of the last times she would walk these stairs. The place was filled with the scent of the two people she cared the most. She greedily wanted to take in all of it. After getting upstairs, when Karen walked past Kevin’s study, she slowed down and took a look at the room. The door was shut. She wondered what Kevin was busy with? Was he busy asking someone to prepare the divorce agreements, or was he busy with work? Karen didn’t want to think too much. She was afraid she would not be able to control herself and open the door. She pressed her lips tight and continued walking to their room. It still looked the same. In a split second, it was as though Karen could see Kevin sitting on the armchair he always sat on reading the newspapers by the windows. When he heard her, he would adjust his glasses habitually and smile at her, “Come over here!” Karen walked over, and Kevin disappeared from her mind’s eye. She took a closer look. The armchair was empty. Kevin wasn’t there. Karen laughed at herself, her tears filling up her eyes. She hadn’t even left him, and she was already like this. Would she survive once she left him for good? Buzz, buzz Just as she was deep in thought her phone started buzzing again Karen picked up the phone. The person at the other end of the phone asked, “Miss Daly, how is everything?” Karen chuckled, “We will go through the divorce procedure tomorrow. Are you satisfied?” After that, she hung up the phone, not wanting to listen to the disgusting voice anymore. However, Karen didn’t expect to see Kevin behind her when she turned around after she hung up. He was judging her through his golden-framed glasses as if she was a stranger. Karen was so shocked her hands trembled, and she dropped her phone on the ground. Fortunately the floor was carpeted, so the phone was fine. Karen wasn’t sure whether he heard the phone call. She stammered: “You, why are you..” Kevin looked away, took a book from the room, and left the room without saying anything. He completely ignored her. Karen was a little sad, but she let out a breath of relief at the same time. Luckily, he hadn’t heard anything. “You can have the room tonight.” Kevin spoke without even looking back. Karen felt so sad she wanted to laugh. So he really couldn’t wait to get separated from her. That night, Secret Garden had a different atmosphere. The usual laughter and chatter that filled the dining room was nowhere to be found. Only Little Karen and Jayden were there. Both Kevin and Karen were not. Karen kept herself busy and went upstairs right before dinnertime, intentionally avoiding Kevin. She didn’t want to face his coldness. As for Kevin, he was in his study all day and night. Nobody knew what he was up to..

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