My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 577

After Karen met him in the bedroom earlier, Kevin didn’t leave the study anymore. He ‘considerately left the room to Karen tonight, and didn’t stop her from staying close to Little Karen. That night, she still slept in the master bedroom with Little Karen. Since Little Karen had taken a nap in the afternoon, she wasn’t very sleepy at night. She asked Karen all kinds of questions. Although she had many questions, Karen was very patient. She answered every question Little Karen asked very carefully. This night was the last night they would lie together like this. In the future, she could not hold Little Karen’s body as she slept again. That was why she valued every second she had with Little Karen “Mommy, when will I grow up?” This question was always the question that Little Karen was most concerned about. Even though her eyes were almost closed, she still wanted to ask Karen hugged her and answered gently. “As long as you eat every meal properly and not be picky, you will grow up very quickly. “I want to grow up quickly…… When she grew up she could find Brother Lionel and even take care of her Mommy. She didn’t want her Mommy to get sad again. “Mm. Of course you will grow up quickly.” Karen looked at Little Karen, who was already asleep, and pinched her cheek. Then she grabbed her phone and took a photo of her. She had taken a lot of photos and videos of Little Karen these few days, so she could look at them whenever she missed her in the future. Flipping through her photo album, she found Kevin’s photo at the end of the album. She had secretly taken the photo the night before. Kevin rarely took photos, so Karen didn’t have any good photos of him. This was the only one. But at least she had one. Karen spent the whole night with her eyes wide open. The slow and dreadful night was however, going too fast for her. How she wished time would move slower, then her marriage to Kevin could last for a little longer. However, things seemed to be always going against one’s will. The more she wanted time to slow down, the faster it flew by Although she didn’t sleep throughout the night, Karen was rather energetic the next day. She got up early, changed into a pretty dress, put on some makeup… She was going to get divorced from Kevin. When she got up, Little Karen was still asleep. She told the nanny to look after her, and sent Kevin a message as she left. “Mr. Kyle, I’m going to the Civil Affairs Bureau first, please come as soon as you can! Thank you very much.” The polite text did not get a reply. She didn’t even know whether he saw it, or what time he was coming. Karen put her phone away, walked out of the house and took a cab to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Since she had decided to break up with Kevin, she didn’t want to use his resources anymore, so she didn’t ask his driver to send her She told him that she wouldn’t want any of his money yesterday, but what had she done to deserve any of it anyway? She also didn’t want to take Little Karen away. It’s not that she didn’t want her, but she felt like Kevin and his daughter couldn’t live without each other. She came into her life ‘later than he did, so she had no right to take Little Karen away. Sitting in the backseat of the cab, Karen gently placed her hand on her stomach. The baby in her stomach was the only thing she was taking with her. It was the only thing Kevin had left for her! In the Civil Affairs Bureau. When Karen arrived, they had just started operations. She looked around and found a place to sit. She was thinking that she would have to wait for some time since Kevin was always so busy. But once again, she was wrong. Not long after she arrived, Kevin arrived as well. Kevin was dressed in a white shirt and black trousers as usual, and he attracted attention everywhere he went When Kevin arrived, Karen didn’t spot him immediately, but she looked over because of the gasps of the people around her. When she looked over, she saw Kevin walking in front of two men. Karen knew one of the men was Kevin’s special assistant York Tanner, but the other man was unfamiliar. Karen had never seen him before. Kevin saw her, but he only looked at her briefly. He walked straight into a private consultation room. Karen thought bitterly, “He must think that sparing me another glance would cause damage to his eyes, and talking to me would only be a chore too.” York and the other man walked towards Karen. York smiled politely at her, “Miss Daly, I am Director Kevin’s assistant, York Tanner. This is Attorney Hudson. He will be responsible for the the divorce agreement.” Not only did Kevin address her as Miss Daly, his men also followed suit. In less than 24 hours, she was no longer Mrs. Kyle. Although she felt sad, Karen still smiled politely, “Nice to meet you!” Attorney Hudson took out a document and handed it to Karen, then he spoke courteously, “Miss Daly, please take a look at this agreement. If you are okay with this, please sign at the bottom.” Karen held the agreement and flipped through it. There were only a few simple lines. The first few agreements were the ones she mentioned the day before, but Kevin had added an additional agreement. He requested for her to take away everything that belonged to her, including the custody for Little Karen! Kevin didn’t even want Little Karen anymore? Or.. Karen looked at the room that Kevin entered earlier but she couldn’t see Kevin. Attorney Hudson asked, “Miss Daly, do you have any objections regarding the agreement?” Karen shook her head, still in a trance “If you have no objections, please follow me to the private room. You will sign the agreement with Director Kevin there, then you can finish up the rest of the divorce procedures. “Attorney Hudson, he really doesn’t want Little Karen’s custody?” Karen did not expect this at all. Kevin treasured Little Karen so much, how could he not want her? “Miss Daly, everything on the agreement were Director Kevin’s requests. I believe I’ve stated everything quite clearly.” Attorney Hudson was a cold man. He spoke in a brief yet concise manner, not willing to explain any further. “Assistant Tanner, Kevin really doesn’t want Little Karen to go with him?” Karen could not believe it. She held on to her last sliver of hope as she looked at York..

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