My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 578

“Miss Daly, please rest assured. You will be the one raising Little Karen, but Director Kevin will provide alimony and financial support every month.” This was York Tanner’s answer. “What? Alimony? Who wants his money?” Karen shouted angrily, attracting unwanted attention from the people around her. She was a strong and independent woman. She could easily earn a living for herself and her child. What she wanted to know was, what was Kevin Kyle thinking? Did he think of Little Karen as an object? An object that he could just kick around? The reason why she wanted him to take care of Little Karen was because she believed that Little Karen had a deeper relationship with him. How could he ask her to take away this precious child that they brought to the world so callously? And this was Little Karen they were talking about! “Miss Daly, we are just passing on Director Kevin’s words. If you have any further questions, please ask him personally.” York said politely. At the thought of confronting Kevin personally, Karen hesitated. What could she ask him? When she proposed the divorce, he didn’t ask or say anything. She was worried that his answers and responses would be the same now. She was thinking of leaving Little Karen to him, because he was the most important person to the child. But it appeared that he didn’t even want her. If that was the case, then she would raise Little Karen on her own! Karen took a deep breath, “Attorney Hudson, didn’t you ask for me to sign the agreement with Director Kevin in the private room? Why aren’t you leading the way yet?” She was the one who brought up the divorce. Why should she be unsatisfied if Kevin agreed without objections? “Yes, Miss Daly, this way please!” Attorney Hudson walked ahead of Karen to lead the way. Karen was about to follow suit, but suddenly, she heard York whispering in her ear, “Mrs. Kyle, you’re familiar with Kevin’s temper. If you had a fight, you just need to say a few nice words to him, and it will be alright.” As an assistant, he should not be meddling in his boss’s personal issues, but if he did not help the situation, his life would be tougher from now on! Their Director Kevin was terrifying today. He wasn’t aggressive nor he was loud, but he seemed to have became the cold person he used to be a few years ago. This Director Kevin was truly terrifying. Just when they couldn’t understand why the director was acting this way, he had asked them to draft a divorce agreement. Then everyone knew what the problem was. It must have been about his wife! Everyone who worked with Kevin knew that he viewed his wife as someone who was larger than life. Now that he was talking about a divorce, something big must have happened. “Thank you for your kindness!” Karen thanked him and caught up with Attorney Hudson In the private room, not only were there servants, there were even snacks and drinks on the table. Even when getting a divorce, the wealthy received special treatment. Kevin was sitting on the sofa. He had put his legs up while holding a cigarette. As he saw Karen coming in his expression did not change but he subconsciously put the cigarette out. Attorney Hudson reported to him, “Director Kevin, Miss Daly has read the agreement, and she has no objections. Now you just have to sign the agreement, and you can go proceed with the divorce.” “No. I have an objection. I do not need any alimony or support from you.” Karen looked at Kevin, but he ignored her. Attorney Hudson placed the agreement in front of Kevin and gave him a pen. Kevin took the pen and signed his name forcefully. He signed his name on countless documents every day, but he had never signed it like this before. He signed it with so much force that even the paper broke. Every stroke he drew was like a sharp knife crossing his heart. If he didn’t exert his strength, he would probably yell out in pain instead Finally, the words ‘Leo Kevin Kyle’ appeared on the agreement. Seeing his name on the agreement, Karen’s heart was trembling, but she pursed her lips and forced a smile. Once again, she could confirm that Kevin really couldn’t wait to get divorced from her, since he signed his name so quickly, without hesitation. She used to find comfort in seeing his name on paper, but at this moment, it was painful to look at. But that was fine, wasn’t this what she wanted? Wasn’t this exactly what she wanted? Karen took the black pen from Attorney Hudson and signed her name clearly, ‘Karen Daly. She had been using this signature since she was four years old. It was very familiar to her. However, this time was probably the only time she was extremely unwilling to sign it and yet, she knew she had to Once she signed her name, then the words ‘Karen Daly’ and ‘Leo Kevin Kyle’ would never be put together again. Finally, she managed to sign her name primly and neatly, just beneath Kevin’s fierce and wild looking signature. Their styles of signature appeared to be in contrast with one another. From this moment on, Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly were no longer husband and wife, and they were not legally bound to each other anymore. “Mr. Kyle, Miss Daly, are you both willing to get this divorce?” The person-in-charge of their divorce asked as part of the procedure. Karen still remembered the day she got married to Kevin, the person-in-charge also asked a similar question. “Mr. Kyle, Miss Daly, are you both willing to get married?” On that day, just when Karen was a little hesitant, Kevin held her hand for the first time. That small action gave her the confidence to nod her head, “Yes, I’m willing.” On that day, the personnel stamped on the certificate of marriage that had their pictures on it, legalizing their marriage Today, the personnel was stamping on the certificate of divorce that also had their pictures on it, announcing the end of their marriage. From now on, it would be completely legal for both of them to get married to someone else. They could no longer interfere each other’s lives. As soon as they stamped on the document, Kevin got up and left. He didn’t even bid her goodbye out of courtesy. His assistant and attorney packed up for him. Karen held the certificate of divorce tightly in her hand. In future, she would have nothing to do with Kevin anymore, but at least she had a divorce certificate with his name, which proved that she was once married to him. After taking the divorce certificate and walking out of the registration hall, Karen remembered one thing. Today was a national holiday. Normally, these government would declare an off day for the department, but why were these officers working today? When she looked back, the sign stating Closed’ had already been hung at the door. They were on holiday. This meant that Kevin had made use of his powerful connections to finalize the divorce proceedings on a public holiday. Apparently, Kevin was even more anxious than she was. He could not even wait for a day longer to get this divorce..

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