My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 579

She should just forget it and stop thinking about those useless things. Since Kevin Kyle had already filed for the divorce as she wished. Now as she tried to recall, Kevin had always agreed to any requests she made over the years. Hence, this divorce was no exception as well She stood on the side of the road and looked at the cloudless sky. The world is big, but suddenly, she did not know where she could go. Go home? But where was home for her? She had lost her home! Since their marriage, home was where Kevin was. Now that Karen Daly had separated from Kevin, where would her home be? Where could she settle down in the future? “Baby, where can I take you to?” Karen asked in her heart while touching her belly. It was a question for the baby, and also for herself. Little Karen’s custody had been awarded to her. So she had to pick Little Karen up from Secret Garden. She needed to find Little Karen and herself a home. “Mommy!” Karen was just thinking about Little Karen when she heard her baby voice. For a second, Karen thought she was hallucinating. “Mommy!” Little Karen called out again with her sweet voice after not getting any response Karen. When she saw Little Karen standing in front of her, she hope once again. Yes, without Kevin, she still had two children, Little Karen and the baby in her belly… and Jayden, who was standing behind Little Karen Behind Jayden, there was George Ken… and the fluffy ball in George’s arms, Momo. “Woof Woof Woof.” Momo was making noises to get attention She had her brother, her children, and Momo… Without Kevin, Karen still had a lot. But why did she still feel empty when she had so much? No one seemed to be able to fill up the emptiness from the loss of Kevin. “Mommy, can have hugs.” Little Karen ran over. As such a young age, she did not know that her parents had separated Perhaps, she did know that her parents had had a divorce, but she did not truly understand the meaning of divorce. From her perspective, her daddy was still her daddy, and mommy was still her mommy. It’s that simple! Karen hugged Little Karen, kissed her on the face, and said with a gentle smile, “Little Karen, thank goodness I will have you.” Thankfully, Kevin did not request for Little Karen’s custody. When she felt absolutely helpless, she could at least have Little Karen by her side, giving her strength and motivation to move forward. “Let’s go home,” George spoke. He was standing a few steps away from her and was looking at Karen quietly. He seemed to have a lot of things to say to Karen, but in the end, he only said those words. “Brother, thank you!” Karen said with a smile. She should thank George. Since she was reunited with her brother, he would always be by her side whenever she needed him I’m sorry!” George said out of a sudden. Karen was stunned and asked, “Why are you apologizing to me all of a sudden?” George did not explain further. He led Karen and the children to his BMW. He really owed Karen an apology after all that had happened. If he hadn’t told Karen about their father’s death before proper investigation, she wouldn’t have misunderstood Kevin and caused their divorce. Two days ago, Kevin met up with him and showed him all the evidences they had found. The evidences has proved to him that the man who kidnapped his father was just a man who looked like Nick Black’s subordinate. The man had been murdered, his body had been discovered to. All these has proven Chester’s innocence. What was even more frightening, however, was the human skin mask that looked exactly like Kevin’s face… Before his father died, he said that Kevin was a bad guy and asked him to save Karen and her children from him. His father had to have seen that man and mistakenly thought that he was Kevin. As a psychology major who had been a psychologist for so many years, George thought he could see through others easily, but when he himself encountered things like these, he was being played like a fool. Fortunately, although he was a fool, Kevin was clearer minded. Kevin and his men tracked the clues and discovered the murderer. It also made him realize in time that Kevin was being wrongly accused, and unveiled who the real murderer was behind his father’s death. However, the relationship between Karen and Kevin could no longer be saved. Kevin asked his men to send Little Karen, Jayden, and Momo to him, and informed him about their divorce. When he heard it, George took almost half an hour to digest the shocking news. How could Kevin divorce Karen so easily? He called Kevin. But Kevin only asked him to take care of the mother and daughter pair, and not to worry about other things. He didn’t want to be so nosy about their private affairs, but Karen was his own sister after all. He couldn’t just leave her alone like that. Yet, no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t get any further information. Karen carried Little Karen in her arms and as she got into George’s car, York Tanner rushed over and handed her a bag, “Miss Karen, here’s the four tickets and your passports. Visas have all been sorted as well. The flight will be departing in another three hours. You guys should probably hurry to the airport now.” “Flight tickets, passports, and visas? The flight will depart in three hours?” Karen was confused. She had not figured out where to go “It’s like this.” York coughed a bit and imitated his director’s cold tone. “I don’t want to see her in Chatterton Town anymore. Send them abroad. The farther the better.” He didn’t want to see her in Chatterton Town anymore? Kevin was really ruthless and unrelenting in his actions. But in the past, she was lucky enough to not witness this side of him. Karen took the tickets, endured the heart-wrenching pain, and responded with a smile, “Assistant Tanner, please send on my thanks to Director Kevin.” They had gone their separate ways anyway. From now on, they would be complete strangers. They would be so far apart they would never meet again in this life. It wasn’t that bad an idea actually “Miss Daly, thank you for your cooperation. Your luggages have been sent to the airport. If you need anything in the future, you can call me at any time.” York said respectfully. Although Karen and Director Kevin had divorced, and Director Kevin had also said those hurtful words to ask her to get out of his sight. However, everyone knew that it was impossible for Director Kevin to turn a blind eye on them. It was not as if Director Kevin had never kicked out someone from his life. If he were to truly do so, he surely wouldn’t have instructed him to prepare their visas and luggages before sending them away..

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