My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 580

The destination on the flight ticket was New York, United States. It would take about 16 hours to fly from Chatterton Town to New York. A few days ago, Karen and Faye had a phone conversation and were discussing about her visit to the States. But now, without having to go through the hassle of applying for visas and purchasing tickets, everything was prepared for her. This unintentional move from Kevin had indeed saved her a lot of trouble. George was driving. He looked at Karen from the rearview mirror and asked worriedly, “Karen, are you okay?” Karen looked fine, as if the divorce between her and Kevin hadn’t impacted her. But the more she reacted this way, the more concerned everyone was. “What can really happen to me?” Karen smiled and replied, “Brother, if you don’t want to go to New York, you can just send us to the airport.” “You’re pregnant, and you have two children with you and a dog. Do you think I can let you go to the States alone?” George glared at her from the rearview mirror, he didn’t care whether she could see him or not. Karen held her children, one in each arm and said with a smile, “Jayden and Little Karen are both big kids now. They won’t be much of a worry for me.” Jayden was a sensible child. Although he was young, he had always been very considerate and would take good care of his sister. “Mommy, I will take good care of you and sister in the future.” Jayden patted his chest, like a little man. He didn’t know where they were going. He would go wherever his father arranged him to go, as long as he had his parents together. “Well, then from now on, mommy and sister will depend on you.” Karen rubbed Jayden’s head. She was already thinking about how to find Jayden a school and what kind of school he should attend in the States. Jayden was not born into a privileged family. He had suffered a lot growing up. Even at eleven years old, he still had no formal education. Unlike his family, Little Karen had family from all around the world. even her servants were from the States. As a four year-old girl, she could communicate with different people comfortably. After arriving in the States, Karen wouldn’t need to worry about Little Karen adapting to a new environment. “I want to take care of mommy too!” Little Karen looked at Jayden and said in her stubborn tone. She surely didn’t want Jayden to steal her limelight. “Very well, with the two of you taking care of me, I can just relax and enjoy myself from now on then.” Karen pursed her lips and smiled. It was excruciating to lose someone, it was a pain that was completely unimaginable. But at the same time, she had also gained a lot, she still had little Karen and Jayden by her side. The road ahead might not be easy, but it did not matter. As long as she had her children by her side, she could still have a wonderful life ahead. Could it really be wonderful though? She laughed in a self-deprecating way. The divorce was filed pretty quickly, and it ended her relationship with Kevin just like that, an absolute clear cut. However, the imprint he had left with her would never go away. Kevin really meant something to her. Karen focused all her attention on the kids, she didn’t even notice that there was a car following them all the while. They entered the airport highway, and the car was still following closely behind them. Not long after both of the cars entered the highway, a few military off-road vehicles caught up with them. They quickly surrounded the car that was tailing Karen’s. Soon after the military off-road vehicles entered the highway, the entrance to the highway was blocked, preventing any cars from entering. Until Karen’s car was far enough, the military vehicles stopped the car that was following Karen’s car. “Captain Brown, the targeted car has been blocked. Please give your order!” One of the members in the car asked their leader for instructions. “They’re trying to cause trouble isn’t it? Then we shall serve them well. Let them know who they shouldn’t mess with.” Neil Brown issued the order through his walkie-talkie. After giving instructions, he threw the walkie-talkie away and casually leaned on the carseat “Jerry, keep up with Mrs. Kyle’s car.” “Yes.” As he received his captain’s order, the driver started the engine and sped away. Neil then looked at Kevin, who had been sitting quietly beside him, and said in anger, “Matthew, what tricks are you playing? You asked me to arrange my special forces here just to help you escort your wife to the airport?” He was very busy in the military base today. Kevin had called him and asked him to arrange his team of special forces. It was definitely a big deal if he wanted to use his special forces. He left his work and rushed over with his men. But as it turned out, he was just helping Kevin to escort his wife and the children to the airport. Neil was furious he could tear Kevin to pieces that instant. Did he think that the Chatterton Town Military was operating solely for the Kyle family? How could he use his most elite men to handle such a trivial matter? Neil’ s voice was so loud that it shook the whole car. However, Kevin remained calm and sat quietly, staring at the car in front of him with his deep eyes. “I just want you to escort them to the airport. What’s wrong with that?” The person that Kevin cared most about was in the car. It was totally worthwhile to use the greatest power in the world just to protect them, even if he didn’t necessarily need them at all. “Of course I have a problem with it!” Neil roared. What a man! if it wasn’t for the sake that Kevin was his nephew, he would have destroyed him that instant. However, if Kevin wasn’t his nephew, he wouldn’t have asked Neil for help either. Neil was just angry because it was totally a waste of resources. “I didn’t ask for your opinion. So shut up!” Since Neil yelled at him, Kevin replied to him cynically. “What? You want me to shut up?” Neil was surely about to beat him up. “Well then I should also send Mia back to the States.” With that, Neil finally shut up. Neil glared at him fiercely. How dare he threaten him? Such a bold man he was. Neil had never been threatened by anyone else in his life apart from his eldest nephew. Neil picked up the walkie-talkie that he had thrown aside earlier and ordered, “Bring the man we captured earlier and give him a good beat up.” He couldn’t bully Kevin, but he could bully someone else. “Matthew, c’mon, tell me, the two of you divorced and now she’s leaving. What are you guys up to?” He thought this was quite exciting, Neil was sure that his sister and brother in-law didn’t know about it. Kevin remained silent. Neil slapped Kevin’s shoulder and said with excitement, “Well, logically, a sudden marriage and a sudden divorce should’ve been something that I would do. Yet, before I had the chance to do so, you have already done all of them.” In most people’s opinions, Neil was the rebellious type. He had never given a damn about rules and would do as he pleased.

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