My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 581

An impulsive marriage without discussing it with the family, and getting divorced without informing any family members. These would totally be the things people like Neil Brown would do. It never occurred to anyone that Kevin Kyle, a powerful figure in the business world and someone who had always abided by the rules, would do such a crazy and unbelievable thing. Although Neil felt that his men had been underused, he wasn’t that angry actually. Instead, he was very curious about what happened between Kevin and his wife. Kevin replied indifferently, “As you can see, we are divorced.” Karen wanted the divorce so he fulfilled what she wished for. If she said that she wanted to go look for the happiness she desired, then he would let her search for it. As long as it was what she wanted, he would fulfill her wish no matter what. So what else could she ask from a husband like this? “You are angry!” In his memory, Kevin was hardly angry. To put it precisely, whenever Kevin was angry, he would control his emotions very well and never let others realize it. “Matthew, you are actually angry!” Neil felt like he had discovered something rare, and the fact that his men were underused for an event like this was actually quite worth it to be able to see his nephew angry. Kevin turned around and glared at him, giving him a serious warning [Neil, answer quickly. I’m Mia, the most beautiful girl in the world..] Neil was getting excited, when the mobile phone rang at the most inappropriate timing. As soon as he heard the ringtone, he knew that it was from Mia. As soon as he heard Mia’s voice, Neil’s manly expression suddenly turned gentle. He answered, “What is it?” “Neil, I received the news that my brother just had a divorce. I couldn’t get through to his phone. Please go and check for me what’s going on,” Mia said in an anxious tone. “It’s really a divorce. You don’t have to check further.” The man himself was sitting right next to him. He had accompanied him to send the other party involved in the divorce to the airport. He had been part of the whole process, so he didn’t need to confirm it with anyone else. “What the hell, Neil?” Mia was angry and yelled, “Why are you so unwilling to do something for me?” If she hadn’t been too busy filming, she would have gone to Secret Garden to confirm the news herself. Why in the world would she ask him to do this for her? “Mia, are you tired of living now?” This girl had become more and more arrogant and unreasonable. It was time to teach her a lesson. “Bloody Neil. You’re the one who’s tired of living now!” Click! Mia hung up the phone. That little woman who used to pester him all day hung up on him today. Neil was furious he was totally going to smash his phone that instant. But he quickly realized that someone was next to him. His nephew really had the ability to keep everything to himself. He hadn’t spoken a word the entire day. If he continued to hold it in, it wouldn’t be a good thing. “Matthew I know that you have your own considerations, but you better call your family and inform them. Your parents and sister are still your family. Even if you don’t care about their feelings, they will still be worried about you.” “Also, you’re not the only one in the world. You’re not the only one in the Kyle family either. Don’t push yourself so hard, there are things you should let go off.” “I don’t know why you two got divorced, but I know you don’t feel good about this, and I believe Karen feels the same.” It was rare for Neil to give advice to someone. However, Kevin was still sitting upright and staring ahead. No one could tell if he was actually listening to Neil’s words. Neil patted him on the shoulder and said, “Matthew, people who’re directly involved usually wouldn’t be clear-minded. I know this is both of your problems but if you can share it with me, I might be able to offer some help too.” Although he had little experience in relationships plus he still hadn’t gotten married at this age, but he.. he really didn’t know how to deal with couple problems. So as he spoke, Neil decided to just keep his mouth shut. It was better to let them solve their own relationship problems. All of them, including Mia and her parents, would want to help him, but they couldn’t do much either. Over the years, Kevin had been in charge of everything for Rovio and the Kyle family. Be it his family or the company, he had taken care of all perfectly While he was talking, Mia called again. She yelled, “Neil, are you with my brother right now?” Neil nodded, “Yes.” Mia then instructed, “Let my brother answer the phone.” Neil said, “My girl, mind your own business. Don’t make things difficult for yourself.” Mia said again, “1 asked you to give your phone to my brother. Neil looked at Kevin and asked, “Mia’s calling, do you want to answer it?” Kevin remained silent, like a lifeless sculpture. Neil shrugged and said, “Did you hear that? He doesn’t want to talk to you at all. If you have some advice to give, you can call your sister-in-law and speak to her.” Mia roared, “If I could get in touch with my sister-in-law, will I still call you? Neil, are you dumb, huh?” Neil’s eyes twitched from fuming. He hung up the phone this time. “Damn, this woman needs to be taught a lesson!” After that chaotic argument between Neil and Mia, Kevin suddenly realized that perhaps it wasn’t that bad for couples to quarrel after all. It would have been better than keeping things to themselves and not communicating. No matter what happened, they just had to say it out loud and then they could face the challenges together. At the same time, George’s car had passed the highway toll station. After exiting the highway, the car that Kevin and Neil were in also followed closely behind. They would arrive at the Chatterton Town Airport after the overpass. Since the establishment of the airport, there had been an endless amount of passengers arriving and departing every day Kevin had also been to this airport countless times. Every time, he would be rushing to the airport, hoping the flight could take off as soon as possible, so he could reach his next destination sooner. But today, he was actually hoping for the weather to change all of a sudden, or that Karen’s flight could not take off on time, so that he could stay with her for a little longer. In fact, he was still waiting childishly, in the hope that Karen would run to him and tell him about the threat from someone. Even Kevin thought he himself was hilarious. Since when did he become so naive and childish. If Karen had considered telling him that Chace Yaleman had threatened her, then she wouldn’t have asked for the divorce so easily After so many years, she still couldn’t remember what he had said to her. That no matter what happened, she should not break up easily No matter what happened, she should not be afraid. He would always be there for her! He had told her more than once, but she had never remembered..

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