My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 582

“Matthew, we’re here. Why don’t you get off and have a look?” The car had been parked for a while now, but Kevin Kyle still did not react so Neil Brown decided to prompt him. Kevin looked up. Karen Daly was holding Little Karen in one hand and Jayden in the other. She was smiling gently She had just gone through a divorce, but there was no sadness on her face. Kevin knew very well that it wasn’t because she didn’t feel sad, but she was just too used to hiding her true emotions. This damn woman! He had the urge to rush over to carry her home to teach her a lesson. He would pour cold water on her so that she could finally come to her senses. There was nothing that she had to hide from him. Why would she use divorce to solve the problem? Did she think she could get rid of him just like that? She could never escape from him, be it this lifetime or the next. “Matthew…” Kevin ignored him. He took out his phone and dialed a number, and asked coldly, “Is everything in order?” No one knew what the person in the phone said. Kevin hung up the phone without saying anything. He turned to Neil and said to him, “Please make sure they board the flight safely. Your driver will send me back to Rovio.” “Me?” Neil pointed to his nose. How could the captain of the Chatterton Town Military become an escort? From the look, Kevin surely did not leave him a chance to refuse. Fine, forget it, he was still Kevin’s uncle after all. After getting off the car and slammed the door, Neil straightened up his military uniform and went after Karen and the rest At the same time, Kevin ordered the chauffeur to drive away. Karen wanted to leave, so he let her go. Once she got tired, she would realize exactly where her real harbor was. “Uncle!” Neil was about to say hello to them, but Little Karen noticed him first. “Baby Karen, I heard that you are going to the States, so came to see you off.” Neil picked up Little Karen and pinched her pinkish face. “Uncle, I will just be there for a few days and will come back real soon.” Over the past years, Little Karen would go to the States twice a year for about a month or so. This time, she also thought that she would return after a while. Her father brought her there in the past. She couldn’t quite get used to not having her daddy this time around. Fortunately, this time her mommy was with her. “Well, then Baby Karen, you must have a good time. When you come back, I will prepare a welcome party for you.” Neil knew very well but he decided not to reveal the truth and leave a pleasant memory to the kids. “Uncle, let’s pinky swear!” If she made a pinky promise with her uncle, then he would not lie to her. “Okay, let’s pinky swear.” Neil was always patient whenever he was with Little Karen. “Un… Mr. Brown, thank you for coming to see us off,” Karen said. She wanted to call him uncle, but realized she had nothing to do with Kevin anymore, so she decided to change the way she used to address him. Neil replied, “We are family. You don’t need to be so polite. Although you and Matthew had divorced, and you are no longer a member of the Kyle family, however, Little Karen is still the bloodline of the Kyle family. No one can ever change that.” “Neil, what are you talking about here? My sister-in-law is always going to be a member of the Kyle Family. This is a fact that no one can change.” Mia learned that Karen had come to the airport. She rushed to the airport immediately, Thankfully, she arrived before they left. However, as soon as she arrived, she heard Neil talking nonsense. She had the urge to kick his ass. Her cold brother did something impulsive. Neil on the other hand, did not try to ease the situation, but instead he was making it worse! What kind of man was he? Neil, “.. He had put aside all his military tasks and came to help today, but he didn’t expect to be trampled all over by the Kyle siblings, without even showing him any appreciation. Mia rushed over and hugged Karen. She was so anxious she almost cried. “Oh my Sister-in-Law, I know my brother is an absolute dumbass. Don’t be angry with him. Let’s go home with Little Karen, okay?” “Mia, I’m sorry!” Karen’s apology was not for the fact that she couldn’t return home with Mia. She was apologizing on behalf of her father, Herbert Ken. Although the damage done could not be erased by an apology, that was the only thing Karen could do. She wanted to save some dignity for her late father, so she didn’t say some of the things outrightly. Mia said in a hurry, “Sister-in-Law, you don’t need to say sorry to me. Even if you’re not thinking for yourself, you should think for Little Karen. She is only four years old. Do you really want her to grow up without a father?” “Sister-in-Law, you know right, my brother has always been dumb with things like these. He never knew how to say nice things since he was young. If you just leave like this, I’m sure he will be heartbroken.” “Sister-in-Law, there were things you didn’t see. After you went missing, do you know how my brother survived all those years? If it weren’t for baby Karen keeping him company, he wouldn’t have lasted to this day.” “You guys have gone through so many challenges together all these years. Why would you want a divorce now?” “Sister-in-Law, please! I beg you! Can you and baby Karen go back with me? If you go back, brother will be very, very happy.” Karen shook her head and responded, “Mia, don’t say it anymore. It’s no longer possible for us.” Aside from Kevin’s attitude towards the divorce, it was completely impossible for her to return It was precisely because she knew that Kevin had sacrificed too much for her. He blocked bullets for her and escaped with her from the deserted island. Every detail about these things, she had considered it very carefully. It’s all because she knew very well that Kevin had sacrificed too much for her, so much that she could no longer bear it. She didn’t want him to protect her all the time. She wanted to be able to do things for him too. If she were to stay with him, she would bring him endless disasters. For the sake of his own good, she would rather leave him Even if she was heartbroken, as long as he was fine, all she wanted was for him to be well and have a good life. Her parents died violently and her brother had been captured. Kevin and Little Karen were both hurt in some ways. Every single one of them was someone close to her. Everything that happened had always had something to do with her. So who would really believe that she had nothing to do with their deaths or injuries? She didn’t know what kind of bad luck she would bring to Kevin if she were to stay here, so the best choice for her was to just leave. That would be the most ideal option for everyone. Therefore, even though what she said would hurt Kevin, she would still do it, solely for his own good. She didn’t ask for much in life. She only hoped that Kevin and her children were all fine. That was more than enough for her..

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