My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 583

“Sister-in-Law…” Karen interrupted Mia and said firmly, “Mia, stop it. The flight is about to take off. We still have to go through the boarding procedures and the security checks.” She tried persuading Karen but to no avail. So Mia looked at George Ken who had been quiet. “George, why don’t you say a word? She is your sister. Please persuade her not to leave my brother, please?” “Mia, just go.” George said the same thing. This was between Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle. If they had not figured it out themselves, it would be useless for others to persuade them. He knew both their temper very well. It would be a waste of time to say anything now. So it would be better to just remain silent Seeing how her persuasion had not changed anything, Mia Kyle yelled at Neil Brown anxiously, “Neil, I order you to tie her up and send her back now. They’re not allowed to leave.” She believed, as long as they were given more time, then they would not divorce once they had it all figured out. She sincerely hoped that her brother and sister-in-law would be fine and that Little Karen could grow up in a happy family. In the past three years when Karen was not around, she knew very well how painful it was for Kevin. She found out many times that her brother would sit alone in the house. He would leave the lights off and remained silent. And then he would just stay there the entire night, as if he had been abandoned by the whole world. “Little Aunt, I will still be coming back.” The moment Mia arrived, Little Karen had been watching her. After listening to their conversation, she finally figured it out. It seemed that her Little Aunt was reluctant for them to go to the States. “Baby Karen… When Mia heard Little Karen’s voice, she burst into tears. “You silly girl!” At such a young age, she certainly didn’t know anything. She didn’t know that her mother was taking her away and might never return. She didn’t understand what divorce meant to a couple. If she knew, she would be devastated too. “I’m not silly!” Little Karen said and pursed her lips. Hmph… She decided to ignore her Little Aunt. Neil handed over Little Karen to Karen and bid them farewell. He picked Mia up at once and left, “Mia, have you got nothing better to do?” “Damn you, Neil, put me down.” Mia kicked him, hit him and scolded him madly, “What do you want to do, you asshole? Neil said, “I don’t want you to cause any trouble here!” Mia was already so anxious that her blood pressure had shot up. Now that she was being carried by Neil on his shoulders, she could really feel her blood boiling. She was so angry she bit Neil on his back. However, this guy’ s muscles were too hard. Not only was she not able to bite him, her teeth ached from the biting. She punched Neil’s back over and over again. She shouted as she punched “Someone is kidnapping me. Help! Help!” Mia was hot-tempered, so it was quite crazy when she got furious. Neil couldn’t even hold her properly any longer. He finally slapped Mia on her butt. “Mia, shut up!” “Damn you, Neil, you beat me again. Just you wait. I will remember to take my revenge for what happened today.” By now, Mia could no longer hold her anger in anymore. Yet, before she knew it, she was being spanked again. The bastard, Neil, didn’t know how to be gentle to women at all. He hit her really hard. Mia started tearing from the pain. The anger inside her instantly turned into endless grievances. She bit her lips and sobbed silently. She felt that she had lost her dignity. After all, she was a celebrity. There were so many people at the airport, and everyone’s eyes were on her. How could she appear in the public from then on? “Guys, look! Isn’t that the famous movie star, Polaris?” “Yes yes, that’s her.” “How did she end up being carried by a man?” “Isn’t that Captain Brown of the Chatterton Town Military Region?” “Yes, that’s really Captain Brown. I just saw him on TV a few days ago.” “No wonder she can do as she pleases in the entertainment industry. She is backed by an influential person as it turns out. If I were her, I could do whatever I want too.” All kinds of comments were thrown at them. The very thing that Mia had worried about finally happened. She felt so mistreated that she pinched Neil real hard. It’s all his fault! If she couldn’t survive in the entertainment industry from then on, she would make sure he paid for that. Neil suddenly stopped and turned around. His sharp eyes looked at those passers-by who were gossiping, and said, “You guys are right. She is the famous movie star, Polaris. And I am Neil Brown of the Chatterton Town Military Region. She is my future wife, and I am the person backing her. If you guys have the ability, then go and find someone like me for yourself. If you don’t, then stop your stupid gossips now.” After he left those words casually, Neil acted like nothing had happened. He carried Mia and continued to walk out of the airport This time, Mia did not make a fuss anymore. Instead, she gently placed her face on Neil’s back, like a kitten. She had never thought that Neil would so proudly announce that she was his future wife in front of so many people. Future wife. This meant that he was actually planning to marry her. She had been courting him ever since she could remember. She had always been the one to take the initiative. This was the first time and also the only time that he had admitted their relationship. There was no such thing as uncle and niece. It was a pure relationship between a man and a woman. That simple happiness came so suddenly, it caught Mia off guard but she was not really surprised at the same time. In short, Mia felt like she was in cloud nine. From then on, in the entertainment industry, she could proudly say to everyone that she had a backer. The captain of Chatterton Town Military Region, Neil Brown, was her greatest backer. She felt so exhilarating with that thought, all her anger disappeared that instant. She even forgot why she was there at the airport earlier. “Will you regret it, Neil?” Would he regret that he had stated their relationship so publicly and that he had defended her in front of them. “You deserved to be spanked!” She was finally behaving after being spanked. Of course he wouldn’t regret hitting her. If he didn’t spanked her twice, this girl would probably still be screaming. That’s why he had always said that she was asking for troubles. “Neil Brown, you are really a bastard!” The warmth and touching feeling from earlier dissipated immediately as soon as Neil said so. Neil retorted, “Mia, I’m warning you. Don’t go crazy again.” “Bastard! You stupid idiot!” Mia pinched him real hard again to cool down her anger.

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