My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 584

Karen Daly watched Mia Kyle and Neil Brown walk away before she could look away. Perhaps Mia couldn’t tell that, when Neil looked at her, his eyes were full of tenderness. Once upon a time, there was a person who often used that kind of look to look at her and smiled at her before. He would once lovingly address her as his wife. But… it wouldn’t happen again in the future. Karen could not help but to touch her chest. Her heart was aching. But no matter how painful it was, she had chosen this road. She needed to walk on. Karen took a deep breath and put on a smile that concealed her true feelings. “Brother, Jayden, Little Karen, let’s go.” Let’s set off and start a new life. Even if she clearly knew that it was impossible to forget that person she left behind, she could not stay any longer. She had to move forward. The plane headed for New York took off on time from Chatterton Town Not far from the airport runway, there was a silver-gray Bentley parked, and a man in a white shirt was sitting in the car. He was holding a cigarette in his hand. The cigarette was burning slowly. The heat gradually emanated towards his fingertips, but he did not feel any pain. He sat still and looked into the distance. He watched as the plane took off a while later. He continued to watch as it flew higher and farther away. His heart seemed to be leaving with them too, so he could not feel the pain of the cigarette burning his fingers. The plane had already flown away and disappeared in front of his eyes, but he still did not look away. It was like someone was smiling at him in the air. Maybe it was his wife and children, the lovers that he would never lose in his life. Little Karen’s soft voice rang in his ears. Her voice was so warm that it would melt anyone’s heart. Before leaving home this morning, he took Little Karen’s hand and told her, “Mommy wants to go live in the United States with your brother and sister. You’ll follow her, okay?” “Daddy, don’t you want to go?” Little Karen blinked her big watery eyes and looked at him expectantly. He could see that Little Karen hoped that he could go to America with them. “I still have some work to do, so I won’t go with you today. When I’m finished with work, I will go over to find you. So you can follow your Mommy first, and don’t make her sad, okay? That was what Kevin said to the little girl. Little Karen nodded sensibly and said, “Dad, I will be obedient and accompany Mommy, my brother, and sister Momo. I won’t make mom sad! We will wait for you.” “Good girl” At that time, he held her baby tightly and kissed her pinkish face several times. Little Karen also kissed his father back and left sloppy marks on his face. Her lips were soft and warm when she kissed him. Half a day had passed, and he could still feel the warmth of the little girl on his face. Kevin touched his cheek. That was where Little Karen had kissed him this morning. The reason why he loved Little Karen so much was because Karen birthed this perfect child for him despite the many hardships. Little Karen accompanied him on countless days and nights when he felt that he could not hang on anymore. How could he not dote on her and love her? “Director Kevin!” Nick Black disrupted his thoughts. Nick stood outside the car while waiting for Kevin. It was time for him to move his director along. If he went on like this, it would be dark soon, so how could he proceed with his revenge then? “Let’s go back.” Kevin said. Kevin looked away from the sky, closed his eyes, and leaned against the seat. His mind was completely blank. In the past, he had heard people say that there are no winners in a war. It was the same as their divorce. How could he not be sad? He was just a human being at the end of the day, and he would feel pain and bleed too… He agreed to finalize the divorce so quickly because he always remembered his promise to her. He would not force her to do anything, so if she wanted to leave, he would agree. However, when she left, his heart was empty. “Director Kevin, about the video Chace asked someone to send to your wife, we have confirmed that the person wearing the mask is Old Mr. Ken.” While driving, Nick was still reporting to Kevin diligently. Without waiting for Kevin’s reply, Nick raised his head slightly and looked at him briefly from the rearview mirror. Kevin closed his eyes. No one knew if he was paying attention If he remained distracted, it would be difficult to work effectively in the future. It seemed like a part of him went away with his wife. After thinking for a while, Nick added, “But we haven’t found any clues related to him yet about the murder. So there’s a chance that he’s probably not the murderer. “I don’t care if he’s the murderer or not, we won’t spare him at all!” Kevin suddenly opened his eyes. The coldness in his eyes made Nick shiver. Compared with the murder case, what was unforgivable was that Chace dared to mess with Karen and forced Karen to leave him He needed to let this person feel his pain. The pain of parting with his wife and daughter could not be in vain. After giving orders to Nick, Kevin Kyle closed his eyes again and said, “Let’s go to Joy Ocean Park.” Kevin remembered that it was the first time he invited Karen out for dinner. After the meal, she hinted that she would like to take a walk with him. He remembered what happened that night. She showed him the sea beyond the mangrove forest. She said enthusiastically that she wanted to build a private ocean park there. Whenever she was in a bad mood, she would take a walk there on her own. She wanted to enjoy the sea breeze, listen to the sound of the waves, and look at the birds fly in the private ocean park. As she spoke, her expression changed. She told him that the place was probably a nature reserve. Even if she had money, without the government’s approval, she wouldn’t be able to build a park there. She only said this once, but he still remembered it firmly. Later, he asked his men to draft the proposals for the development of the ocean park and got the government’s approval at a great cost. According to what she once described, he personally sketched a design that would fulfil her dream of enjoying the sea. Yesterday was the completion date for the ocean park. The facilities and decorations were already set in place and could fully begin operating. He could take her and their children there anytime to fulfil her dream. However, just as he was about to tell her this piece of good news, she spoke about the divorce. Divorce! Kevin could no longer remember how he felt when he heard Karen say that word. Perhaps he froze and went completely numb, so he just put up his usual smile and looked at her calmly, at the heart wrenching moment.

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