My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 585

Karen Daly would never know what kind of storm she had stirred in his heart when he heard the word “divorce”. He wouldn’t let her know either. Maybe in Karen’s eyes, he was just a cold and ruthless person. Nothing could defeat him. Indeed, in work and in his business, he stood extremely tall and strong. Nothing could defeat him. But in front of Karen, he was just an ordinary man. Like everyone else, he was still a human being at the end of the day. He would feel pain and sorrow. At the same time, he loved a woman deeply. He would love to take her under his wing and love her for the rest of his life. “Haha–” Kevin let out a subtle and cold laugh. Then, he hid all his emotions under his expressionless face. At the security room at the Chatterton Town Airport. There was a big “spy war” going on. Neil Brown, the captain of the Chatterton Town Military, was present, along with Mia Kyle and some others. There were at least 15 people in the room. Neil stood tall in his military uniform. He scanned through the room. “How dare you kidnap people at the airport. That’s so stupid! Is your mastermind insane?” “Captain Brown, we aren’t weak.” A man replied to him. Their opponents were too strong. Thus, they were captured before they even had the chance to attack. “Who sent you here?” Neil didn’t have the mood to discuss their abilities. The leader of the pack replied, “No one sent us here. We came here by ourselves..” Slap Before the man could finish his words, he was slapped heavily by Neil, “Don’t think I’m as dumb as you are.” What a fool. How did he expect Neil to believe his answer. Neil had a hot temper, and he didn’t follow the rules. He never showed mercy to anyone who was dishonest. If he just gave the person a slap instead of tearing him into pieces, he was already doing the person a favour. Moreover, Mia was advising him by his side, “Neil, calm down. Don’t hit them without any reason. These bastards have mouths, but they can’t talk right. So we could just cut their tongues.” It was obvious that she was fanning the flames. Neil pulled the playful Mia behind him, and continued speaking to the rest of them in the room, “Be honest with you, or you’ll suffer a merciless death.” Mia peeped from Neil’s back and echoed, “You’re so brave for choosing to mess with my sister-in-law. I’m telling you, you’d better tell me everything you know. Otherwise, when my brother comes, you’ll have no choice but to suffer.” Not long ago, she was carried out of the airport by Neil, but Neil brought her back to the airport through the staff entrance. They weren’t the only two that were arranged to enter the airport, but there was also a team of people working under Neil’s command. When Mia wondered what they were going to do, Neil’s men had already identified a few gangsters who disguised themselves as travelers. They wanted to kidnap Karen Knowing that these people wanted to kidnap her beloved sister-in-law, Mia was so angry that she just kicked them impulsively. Recently, Mia had spent more time with Neil. Mia had truly understood what Neil meant by “actions speak louder than words”. Several men looked at each other and exchanged glances. There was worry in their eyes, but they still did not say anything These people’s lips were sealed, they didn’t want to reveal their mastermind. Mia was so anxious that she wanted to beat them up again. She shouted again, “Neil, they won’t say it, right? Give them to me, I’ll kill them.” “There’s no need to make a fuss over them.” Neil sneered and beckoned his soldiers to come over. “If they don’t say anything, just take them back to the military region. I don’t mind the methods you use to drag them there.” Neil raised his wrist to look at the time and said, “Before eight o’clock in the evening, we must know the truth.” Before catching these people, Kevin had already informed Neil about these people who would try to kidnap Karen. In fact, they all knew who was the mastermind. However, they wanted to force these people to betray their mastermind by exposing him, to let the mastermind realize the pain of betrayal. “Neil, are you sure that those people will expose the mastermind?” Those people were then arrested and deported to the military region in Chatterton Town, but Mia was still worried. “As long as they enter my territory, I have the ability to make them speak, Neil said very confidently. “Are you sure?” Mia glared at him. “Neil, how did I just realize that you are also good at bragging?” Neil put his hand on Mia’s shoulder and said, “Mia, you don’t know a lot of things. You can learn more from me in future.” Mia hugged his waist and responded, “Then please teach me. But before that, please tell me what’s going on between my brother and my sister-in-law?” Neil replied, “Don’t worry, they are fine. If something really happened between them, will your brother arrange for your sister-in-law to go to America?” “They are fine? They’re divorced!” Hearing Neil’s casual response made Mia anxious again. “Please elaborate.” Neil put his arms around her waist. “Divorced? Do you really think they are divorced?” Mia said in a hurry, “They’ve got the divorce certificate. It must be true.” Neil poked Mia’s head. “I don’t think you’re smart. You’re as stupid as a pig whenever matters get tense.” “Neil, talk nicely, don’t scold me…” As she said this, Mia suddenly realized something, “Neil, do you mean that they’re not divorced? But it’s impossible..” Neil laughed and said, “If you really wanted a divorce certificate, your brother can ask someone to arrange it for you too.” Mia was surprised, “Did my brother prepare a fake divorce certificate?” Neil explained further, “Today is a public holiday. Your brother borrowed the place and arranged for a person to produce the fake divorce certificate. Even the seal is fake.” “It’s great that they’re not actually divorced then!” Mia was so excited that she jumped up and put her arms around Neil’s neck. She kissed him on the face, “I didn’t expect my brother to be so cunning.” Neil sneered and said, “You didn’t expect your brother to be so cunning? Even a fox is not as cunning as your brother. He doesn’t talk much, and it’s not because he doesn’t know anything, but that he’s just planning tricks in his mind.”.

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