My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 586

Thinking of the expression on Kevin Kyle’s face, like he had him under control, Neil Brown was very angry. However, he could only endure it because Kevin was his nephew. “Anyway, I think my cold brother changed because he met my sister-in-law…” Mia was still holding Neil closely. “But it doesn’t matter, I’m just relieved that they didn’t really divorce each other.” “Mia, when did you start to worry like your mother?” Mia was definitely not such a sensible person in Neil’s eyes. “Get out!” Mia kicked him and shouted, “I still have to shoot one more scene today. I have to go now.” As soon as she took a step, Neil pulled her back. He looked at her with looks that were so endearing, she had never seen this before Mia’s heart beat faster uncontrollably. Damn it! He knew how much she loved him! When he looked at her with this kind of look, she couldn’t wait to throw herself at him, so how could she still be in the mood for filming? Mia tried to suppress her desire, but the temperature on her cheeks was rising. She was hoping that Neil could just quickly “do it”, so she could still go back to filming after. “Mia, take a day off and let’s get a marriage certificate together.” After some silence, Neil finally spoke up. “Neil, are you asking me to marry you?” The man wanted her to marry him with just a few words. He could dream on… But, Mia really wanted to say yes. To dote on him and be his legal wife… Wasn’t that what she had been looking forward to? Now that Neil finally mentioned it, what reason did she have to reject him? Of course, she could not find any reason to reject him, so she wanted to accept his proposal. “I.” Mia finally replied but she was interrupted, “I’m just joking. Don’t take it seriously!” “Shit!” Mia kicked his groin. Her good mood was ruined by this bastard. Neil leaned over slightly and dodged Mia’s attack. He took advantage of the opportunity to hold her in his arms and then kissed her wildly. Mia opened her eyes wide and she was groaning with dissatisfaction. She really wanted to bite the bastard to death. In B City, at the Star Entertainment Club A middle-aged man entered through the door. Without a waiter leading the way, he walked towards a VIP room with the name Bright Stars Entertainment written above the door He raised his head and glanced at the door. Without knocking at the door, he just opened the door and walked in “Young master, our plan to take Karen away from Chatterton Town has failed.” Chace Yaleman looked at the man with a sinister expression on his face. “What did you say?” The middle-aged man hurriedly explained, “Everything went as you expected. Karen and Kevin got divorced, and he sent her and their daughter away… We also sent people to follow their car according to your arrangement, and attracted Kevin’s attention. Everything was going according to our plan, but..” Halfway through his words, the middle-aged man raised his head and glanced at Chace. Seeing Chace’s gloomy face, he did not dare to continue. “But what?” Chace’s expression and voice were much calmer. There was still plenty of time. There was no winner in this game yet. However, he knew that the chances of winning were lower if he was impatient, so he had to calm down. He couldn’t let himself get in a mess before the enemy even struck him. The middle-aged man continued, “But we didn’t expect Neil to go to the airport and ordered a special force to ambush at the airport. Our men were captured as soon as we wanted to take action. Karen and the others have successfully boarded the plane and flew to New York.” “Neil brought his special forces with him to capture our men?” Chace sneered. “It seems that Karen is much more important to Kevin than I thought.” As his subordinate said, the rest was under his control. However, he did not expect that Kevin would enlist Neil’s help. Moreover, Neil consented to send a special force over. In the military field, everyone knew that the offensive ability of Neil from the Chatterton Town Military was the strongest around. He never thought that Kevin would protect a woman with such a highly skilled special force. It was beyond their expectation, so it could prove that Karen meant much more to Kevin than they thought. Chace was once again certain that Karen was his most important weapon against Kevin. He had to obtain her at all costs. Seeing that Chase had calmed down a lot, the middle-aged man continued, “Young Master, we failed to stop them at the Chatterton Town Airport. I’ve already asked the people from New York to get ready.” “Rovio’s base is in America. Although their headquarters has moved to Chatterton Town, and the Kyle family has also returned to Chatterton Town to settle down, don’t forget that they’re also rather powerful in the States.” This was the reason why Chace wanted people to stop Karen here, before she could board the plane to the States, even though he knew that Chatterton Town houses both the Kyle and Brown family. He knew that it was as difficult to capture Karen in both Chatterton Town and New York. However, it was better to take her away in front of Kevin’s eyes, which could be regarded as a painful lesson for Kevin. Once Karen arrives in New York, the Kyle family will be influential as well. It would not be easy for Chase to snatch her away. “Young master, don’t worry. We have chosen the most capable men over there. Without the protection of the army from Neil, Kevin probably would not expect that we would attack them again, so we could catch them off guard… The man assured. “Catch him off guard?” Chace interrupted the middle-aged man and said angrily, “Do you think that Kevin’s brain is as simple as yours?” The middle-aged man said, “Young Master, I.” Chace continued, “In Chatterton Town, Kevin had asked Neil to send them off with his men. He certainly will be prepared in the United States as well.” “I was wrong, sir. I’m going to send some people to stop Kevin’s men before they pick Karen up at the airport in New York.” The man apologized and thought of a solution quickly. “Tell everything clearly in one go. Next, we need to be fully prepared to deal with Kevin. That man is too hard to deal with.” Chace spoke sternly. Things didn’t go as he expected and it had caused him plenty of headaches. But at least he won in the first round. Kevin did not allow him to leave Chatterton Town, but he had left easily. He was now in B City, where the Yaleman family had its stronghold..

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