My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 587

After a 16-hour flight, the plane landed at JFK Airport safely. It was 3:30 p.m. in New York, The weather in New York was much colder than in Chatterton Town. Karen Daly shivered the moment the cold air hit her. However, instead of taking care of herself, she quickly fastened Little Karen’s thick jacket tighter and adjusted Jayden’s hat. “Jayden, Little Karen, this place is much colder than Chatterton Town. We must be careful not to catch a cold. Also, we are not familiar with this place. Later on, both of you must hold my hand.” “Mom, I will be obedient and take good care of my brother too. I won’t run around.” As she saw that Jayden wanted to speak up, Little Karen spoke immediately before he could. After that, she also gave Jayden a proud look, it was like she wanted to say, “I am my mother’s precious baby. You can’t compete with me.” Jayden opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. Anyway, his sister had said all the nice words before he could. Karen touched their heads and said, “Well, both of you are great kids. Let’s go pick up our luggage with uncle.” To tell the truth, Karen didn’t know what was in their luggage. Kevin probably asked someone to pack all her things up. Even if she had forgotten something, Kevin would definitely remove it from the house. George Ken then said, “Karen, I’ll go get the luggage and pick Momo up. You can wait for me at Exit A with the children.” Karen nodded, “That’s good.” Jayden and Little Karen could not help with anything and they still needed someone to take care of them. Karen needed to look after them, so it was more convenient for George to go alone. “Mom, I need to go to the toilet.” Little Karen looked at her mother and spoke gently. “Brother, I’ll take Little Karen to the washroom. You keep an eye on Jayden.” After handing Jayden to George, Karen took Little Karen to the nearest washroom. The washroom was close to the baggage reclaim area, so there were a lot of people waiting in line to use the washroom. Karen and Little Karen were last in the line. At this time, two more people came up and stood closely behind them. Because the people behind her were too close to her, Karen took two small steps forward with Little Karen. As soon as she moved, the people behind her moved closely behind her again. People queuing up would typically keep some distance between themselves. Karen felt strange that the woman stood closely behind her. She looked back at the woman, but found nothing out of the ordinary However, at the moment when Karen turned around, a sharp blade suddenly appeared in the woman’s hand, as if it were a magic trick The woman’s hand quietly reached out to Karen, trying to subdue her. Unexpectedly, the man behind her moved faster and pointed a gun at the woman’s waist. “Damn it!” She cursed in a low voice. As soon as she found her target, she was already caught by the enemy. The man pressed the gun against her, and the woman no longer dared to act rashly. The man with the gun whispered, “Come with me, or you’ll have to bear the consequences. The woman looked at Karen reluctantly, but there was nothing she could do Soon, the man with the gun took away the person who wanted to seize Karen. Before she left, she gave a look to the people behind Karen, indicating that she would leave with the enemy first and they could continue protecting their madam. There were enemies in the washroom, and also in the baggage reclaim area. Wherever Karen and the others went, there were enemies. However, these enemies were taken away before they could even touch Karen. So, Karen and the others did not know that a lot of things had actually happened from the moment they got off the plane and waited for their luggage to arrive, everything had seemed peaceful to them. Of course, she would never know that it was Kevin who arranged for these for her. Only after they walked out of the airport did they realize how cold it was. The rain was drizzling and the wind was howling. It was as if they had reached another world in an instant. Karen said while helping Little Karen to wear a hat, “Brother, I heard that New York is cold, but I didn’t expect it to be so cold. It seems to be colder than Beaford City.” “You have been in Chatterton Town for too long and are used to the weather in there.” George put Momo in Little Karen’s arms and said, “I’m in charge of the luggage, and you’re responsible for looking after the two children and Momo.” “Okay.” Karen Daly nodded and looked around. “Let’s find a hotel to stay. We can’t freeze the children.” Karen felt that she had to familiarize with the environment first and inquire about the neighbourhood before she could decide on a place to stay George dragged two big luggage and walked behind Karen and the two children. “I spent a few years in this city when I was in college, so I’m relatively familiar with it. Let’s find a hotel first. I’ll help survey for places to rent, and I can also ask my old classmates for some help.” “Mr. Ken, Miss Daly, I am the driver assigned to take you to your accommodations.” Just as they were worried about getting a taxi in this weather, a driver came up to them. “Sorry, we didn’t call for a taxi.” They had just arrived at this place and barely made any arrangements. Karen thought that it would be better to keep their guards high. The driver said, “Miss Daly, I was arranged by Mr. Tanner, who also arranged for your accommodation. If you don’t believe me, you can call him to check.” “Which Mr. Tanner?” Karen did not remember anyone named Tanner. The driver responded, “Director Kevin’s special assistant, Mr. York Tanner.” Karen knew who he was immediately. Kevin’s special assistant had always been so efficient. However, she still shook her head and said, “Thank you. We don’t need your services.” She still had some savings, and with her reputation in the design industry, she would be able to get a stable job. She could raise her children by herself, so she didn’t need Kevin’s help. Since they were divorced, they should cut each other off and no longer have any contact. This would be better for them all. “Get in the car first. What’s wrong with accepting Kevin’s help? You’re taking three children with you. Shouldn’t he help you a little?” George picked Little Karen up and continued, “If you don’t get in the car, the children will get cold.” Karen had no choice but to get in the car. After being in the car for some time, George was still nagging, “You requested for this divorce, and you didn’t ask for a single penny from Kevin. I guess he’s also feeling very sorry for that and wants to compensate you. He’s a rich man, and there’s no reason for him to not help you. If you don’t accept it, he would still send help and support your way anyway. Then matters might get messier.”.

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