My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 588

“In fact, if you want to really let go of a person, you should treat him like an ordinary acquaintance, you don’t need to reject everything he sends your way.” “Karen, you and Kevin have been married for a few years now, but you didn’t spend much time with him. Perhaps no one else can see his feelings for you clearly. What Mia said to you today was true. In the three years when you were missing, without Little Karen, he might not have been able to hold on.” “Later, you came back, but you didn’t remember him. I also saw how sad he was. Now I have regained my senses and my thoughts are clear. I admit I had been confused for a while after our father was murdered, and even dragged you into that mess, it was my mistake.” George had spoken a lot at a go. Karen thought sarcastically that he should have been a motivational speaker, and not a psychologist. Why didn’t she know that he was so good at speaking? In fact, Karen had always firmly believed that Kevin would not be the murderer behind her father’s violent death. When they quarrelled that day, she was just so angry that she accused him. When Kevin admitted to her claims angrily, she regretted her words. However, the damage was done. After that, Karen had stopped listening to George. She thought about what George had just said. If she could really let go of her feelings for him, she could treat him like an ordinary acquaintance when they met again. The mere mention of his name had caused her heart to ache so much that she could hardly breathe. In this life, how could ever she treat Kevin like an ordinary acquaitance? “I miss Daddy” Little Karen muttered in her sleep when Karen was lost in thought. She had only been away from her father for less than 24 hours. The little girl was talking in her sleep already and called for her father, which made Karen sad. She lowered her head and kissed Little Karen. “Baby, I will love you as much as Daddy loves you.” No matter what life would be like in the future, Karen was a little confused on the road ahead, but it didn’t matter. As long as her precious ones were with her, she would be able to hold on They arrived at their destination after nearly an hour’s drive. The bungalows in front of them looked luxurious and they were surrounded by pleasant surrounding landscapes. The cars that they passed looked very expensive too. Karen asked George, “Brother, where are we? It looks very expensive here.” George said, “Kevin’s gift wouldn’t be too cheap.” That was his brief yet accurate answer. George was right Kevin’s gift wouldn’t be too cheap. Besides, this was the place where his “former wife” and their children would live from now on. Kevin had restrained himself by not arranging for a huge villa for them. “Bitch, I didn’t sleep for a whole night, and now you’re finally here.” A familiar voice range in the air. Karen looked up and saw a pregnant Faye Reed running toward her. “Faye, why are you here?” “Slow down.” Karen was so worried at the speed that Faye was moving No wonder Sebastian Spencer didn’t want her to go out alone. With Faye’s recklessness, she would cause havoc if she went out alone. “Why can’t I be here?” Faye ran over and gave Karen a big hug. “Bitch, you’re getting more and more annoying. You didn’t tell me that you were coming to America. If Sebastian hadn’t heard the news from York, I wouldn’t have known that you are in New York.” Faye knew that Karen had come to New York because when Sebastian and York were chatting on the phone, she heard York spill the beans and so she asked more about it. In fact, if they thought about it carefully, they would understand that this matter was definitely not as simple as a slip of the tongue. York Tanner was chosen as Kevin’s special assistant. Part of his job was to keep secrets! Therefore, the reason why he had a slip of tongue was definitely because Kevin ordered him to share the news with Faye ‘inconspicuously Karen was coming to America, and Faye happened to be in America too. If he didn’t tell Faye, who else could York share the news with? “I was in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to inform you.” Karen was really happy to see her best friend in an unfamiliar place. The fatigue of travelling for so many hours, and the pain from the divorce were temporarily forgotten. “Faye, it’s been a while,” George greeted politely “George, yes, it’s been a while.” Faye greeted him with a smile and then looked at Jayden, who was standing beside Karen. “This must be Jayden, right? What a lovely child.” “Thank you, Aunt Faye!” No one had introduced Faye to Jayden, but he was very observant. He just heard his mother call her name out, so he addressed her respectfully. “So adorable!” Faye smiled. “I didn’t prepare a gift for you today. I’ll make it up to you some other day.” “Aunt Faye, don’t you recognize me?” Her Aunt Faye had spoken to Jayden first, so Little Karen demanded for attention bitterly. “How could I not recognize you? You are so important to me, so how could I forget you?” As she spoke, Faye picked Little Karen up immediately, and frightened Karen with her actions! “Faye, Little Karen is too heavy. Don’t hold her in your arms. Be careful with your baby.” Karen was so worried that she broke out in a cold sweat. “The baby is fine. It’s okay!” Faye was at ease. Karen once again understood how tired and worried Sebastian was. Faye really didn’t regard pregnancy as a big deal. How could he not worry about her? “Little Karen, we haven’t seen each other for months. You got prettier.” Faye pinched Little Karen’s face again. “Oh my god, what should I do?” Little Karen became more and more adorable, and Faye liked her so much so that she wanted to make Little Karen her daughter-in-law. However, her son had not even been born yet. “Aunt Faye, I eat well every day, so I grew prettier.” Little Karen was happy to receive praises. Faye wanted to ask more questions, but she realized that everyone was still standing outside the house, so she ushered everyone in, “Let’s not stand outside. Let’s head inside to catch up. Karen, I’ve checked out the house. The cleaner is very diligent, so this house is much cleaner than mine. I believe you will be satisfied when you see it.”.

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