My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 589

Yesterday, when she learned that Karen Daly was coming to the United States and would stay next door to them, Faye Reed took Sebastian Spencer to see the house in the middle of the night Although she trusted Kevin’s arrangement, how could Faye be at ease if she did not see it with her own eyes? “Faye, it’s so good to have you here.” Karen felt like home when she saw Faye, and recalled the time where Faye moved to Chatterton Town with her many years ago. When they moved from Beaford City to Chatterton Town, they packed light and just bravely headed over with nothing. At that time, they were full of energy and confidence. They believed that they would be able to create a future of their own in Chatterton Town. Later, the two of them slowly settled down in Chatterton Town. With their own studio creating bridal designs, their lives were pretty good. Karen believed that she could adapt to life in New York too. She wanted to live in this city with her children, because this city was where Kevin was born and where he grew up in. She had not been by his side when he was in New York. In future, she could not be by his side too. Hence, this was her way of reconnecting with him. It was a three-storey landed property with a small yard. There were flowers and greens everywhere, and a small vegetable garden in the yard. The common areas were all in the ground floor, while rooms were located in the second and third floor. “Well, Karen, you and Little Karen will stay on the second floor. I’ll bring you there. George, you and Jayden will take the third floor. Have fun exploring.” Faye pulled Karen away after. She really regarded herself as the hostess of this house. There were three rooms on the second floor, one was the main bedroom, one was a children’s room, and one was a study. The decoration of each room was unique. The design of the master bedroom was simple, and Little Karen’s room had a kiddy theme. The study was decorated in a vintage style, and even the drawing board and tools were prepared for Karen. Karen was amazed. Kevin’s assistant was so meticulous and he paid close attention to details. The master bedroom was spacious and bright. The wardrobe and dressing table were arranged neat and tidy. What attracted Karen most was the vase of Jasmine flowers in the room. “Faye, thank you for preparing so much for me.” Karen had liked the fragrance of Jasmine flowers since she was a child. She rarely mentioned it. She didn’t expect that Faye still remembered it after so many years. “Karen, do you know that when I heard that you were coming to New York, I was excited at first, and then worried… I didn’t expect that my worries had turned true. Why did you divorce Kevin?” Faye asked. When Sebastian got the news from York, Faye was beside him. At that time, she was so agitated that she shouted at York, but he told her that Karen proposed the divorce. During Karen’s absence for three years, Faye knew how miserable Kevin had lived, so she could not believe that they were divorced. “Faye, let’s not mention him, shall we?” When she saw Faye, she finally stopped thinking about Kevin. When Faye brought him up, Karen thought of him again, and it was very depressing Faye responded, “Karen, don’t hide your problems. Whoever I am to you, in my heart, you are my best friend. If I have a problem, I will tell you about it. If you have problems, I hope that you’ll tell me.” “Faye, give me two days to think about it, and I will tell you when I have thought matters through clearly.” Karen’s mind was chaotic. She could not believe that she ended her marriage too. Karen needed time to figure things out. After that, she could move on. “Karen, no matter what, don’t forget that you still have me. I abandoned everything and went to Chatterton Town with you before, now I can…” Faye continued speaking. “Faye, don’t do anything stupid. I’ll live here with my children. Don’t say those words anymore.” Faye was pregnant. If she did something crazy and hurt herself, how would Karen explain to Sebastian? “Silly girl, we are mothers now. We are no longer the fearless version of ourselves like the past.” Faye assured Karen. She did miss the past, but she was very content now. People should cherish every day they had. One should not always be stuck in the past and abandon the future. “Karen, you didn’t sleep much on the plane. Take a bath and rest first.” George was worried that Karen’s body would not be able to cope after such a long journey. She was pregnant, so he needed to be careful. “I asked Sebastian to prepare a feast. Come to my house for dinner tonight.” Faye looked at the time and said, “It is almost dinner time, actually. Put down your things and come over. You won’t lose anything if you sleep less.” George added, “Karen is pregnant. She’s about two months in.” “You’re pregnant? Then why did Kevin still.” Faye Reed bit her lip and commented nervously. “Sit down and rest for a while. I’ll bring dinner over.” Faye was not even that nervous when she was pregnant. As soon as she heard that Karen was pregnant again, Faye was extremely nervous. Karen laughed, “It’s okay. I’m pregnant for the second time. The baby is fine.” Karen felt that her baby was very strong and brave. The baby had been disturbed by so many things that had happened in the past few days. “Don’t talk too much. Rest up, and then get up to eat when you feel better. If you don’t feel well, I’ll send dinner over.” Faye instructed her so Karen was forced to take a short nap. Although she did not sleep on the plane, she was not sleepy at all. She was surprisingly energetic, which she thought was weird too. Perhaps, she didn’t dare to sleep. She was afraid that when she lay down, she would feel the absence of a thick chest, and she couldn’t listen to his calm heartbeat to sleep. When she had a nightmare, no one could wake her out of it. She did not sleep at all on the flight, and she also did not sleep the night before the divorce was finalized. She could fall asleep now, but she was just too afraid to fall asleep. Faye took the two children away and insisted that Karen rest for a while. Karen lay on a soft and comfortable big bed and stared at the ceiling with her eyes wide open. Lying on the bed for a while, she gradually felt sleepy. She blinked hard again to keep herself awake. She was afraid to sleep because she was worried of having nightmares and being taken away by those evil spirits in her nightmares..

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