My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 590

When she fell asleep lately, she would have nightmares. In the past, Karen experienced this before. However, she stopped having nightmares when she returned to Kevin’s side. Karen was too familiar with the horrible feeling and she didn’t want to experience it again. Because of fear, Karen did not dare to fall asleep. She got up from the bed, opened the suitcase, and planned to take out the clothes in the luggage to hang them in the wardrobe. She wanted to find something to do so she wouldn’t fall asleep and she wouldn’t miss Kevin too. Maybe time would pass faster. When Karen opened the suitcase, she realized that it wasn’t filled with her clothes, instead it was filled with her design materials and tools. There were her beloved brushes, drawing boards that Kevin had given her, and a lot of her hand-drawn designs. These things were trash in other people’s eyes, but to her, they were precious treasures. Every unwanted sketch was Karen’s creation, and the drawing board was given to her by Kevin. Karen recalled the day that Kevin gifted her the drawing board. On that day, Kevin got off work early and went to PM Corporation to pick her up. He invited her to have dinner outside and took her for a walk. Finally, they returned to the car. When she was about to fall asleep in his arms, he took out the drawing board and said, “Karen, it’s for you. Do you like it?” The items that she needed in her daily life were all prepared by Kevin, but this was the first time that he gave her a gift. “I like it! Of course I like it!” How could she not like it when he had given her the gift? “As long as you like it.” At that time, Kevin smiled very widely. Later, Karen learned from Uncle Watson that the drawing board was customized by Kevin and he even put it together on his own. The gift was not expensive, but every detail of the drawing board showed Kevin’s sincerity. The clearer her thought was, the more Karen understood how much Kevin had cared about her in the past few years, When she thought of this, she felt as if her heart was being clenched by someone else, and she couldn’t breathe. Karen didn’t want to see it anymore. She closed the suitcase immediately and wanted to find something else to distract her. There were no clothes in the luggage, so buying clothes was Karen’s priority. She wrote it down in her notebook. It was so cold in New York, so she had to buy a thick coat for Little Karen and Jayden as soon as possible. However, when Karen opened the wardrobe and looked through it, she was shocked again. The wardrobe was full of clothes, including coats, cotton jackets, down jackets, and many more varieties. The color and patterns were all to her liking. Not only her wardrobe was filled with clothes, but everyone’s wardrobes were full of clothes too. So even when they got divorced, Kevin still didn’t treat his “former wife” badly. He still prepared everything for her like how he did before. In the past, Karen could accept it because she was his wife, But now that she had nothing to do with him, so why should she still enjoy all these? She wanted to be firm with Kevin that he should stop doing these things for her in the future. She didn’t want to be his burden anymore. He could pursue a new, happy life. As for her, she had already lost him. She hoped that he could find his happiness soon. Karen picked up the phone and looked at the familiar number for a long time. She wanted to call him badly, but she didn’t have the courage to press the dial button. She was afraid that as soon as she heard his voice, she would spill the truth in her heart. She did not want to ask him to pursue his happiness, but she wanted to listen to his voice. After hesitating for a long time, Karen was in a dilemma. She did not even have the courage to call him. After some time, it was getting dark outside. She gritted her teeth and typed a line of words, “Mr. Kyle, I can take care of myself. I don’t need you to arrange matters for me. Please take care of those who deserve your care.” The words did not directly reject Kevin’s support and care, but each word seemed to have thorns. This message could pierce through his heart, as it did to her heart already. Karen typed the message with her trembling hands. She sent the message. Since she had finalized her divorce, she had to cut off all ties with him and keep a distance from him. She could not let him suffer any inexplicable harm because of her any more. After sending the text message, Kevin did not reply to her like before. Karen stared at the phone. Her feelings were complicated. She hoped that he would reply to her once, but she also hoped that he would not reply. In the end, she shook her head and smiled. “Karen, oh, Karen, how can you be so hypocritical?” Karen had just put the phone down when the phone rang suddenly. She picked it up and looked at it. This phone number was a little familiar, but she couldn’t remember who it was. When she answered the phone, she heard York Tanner’s voice. “Hello, Miss Daly! I am Director Kevin’s assistant, York Tanner. I wonder if you still remember me?” Karen certainly remembered him. “Mr. Tanner, what’s the matter?” “Here’s the thing. I arranged the house in the States for you privately. I prepared everything behind Kevin’s back.” “At that time, I thought that even if you’re no longer Director Kevin’s wife, Little Karen was still Director Kevin’s child. I couldn’t let her suffer, so I made the decision to prepare the house for you.” “I was chided by Director Kevin for meddling in other people’s business. Miss Daly, I won’t do it in the future anymore. Please don’t misunderstand that Director Kevin did it for you.” “Miss Daly, I’m just worried that you’ll blame Director Kevin, so I called you to explain. Do you understand now?” York spoke calmly. On the other side of the phone, York discretely looked at Kevin who was sitting on the other side of the desk. Kevin was still emotionless. York knew that Kevin would not be so calm as he looked on the surface. Otherwise, Kevin would not have asked him to call Karen to explain. To be honest, he was busy all day long and barely had time for rest If it weren’t for Kevin’s instructions, he wouldn’t meddle in other people’s business too. “It’s good that it’s not him. You don’t need to do this anymore in the future. Thank you for your kindness anyway.” Karen responded politely and hung up the phone. As she hung up the phone, she seemed to hear that something was shattered. Maybe it was the broken heart in her chest..

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