My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 591

How strange was she behaving? It was she who sent a message to tell Kevin Kyle not to prepare anything for her. She wanted to cut off all ties with him. But when she heard from York that these were not prepared by him, she was sad again. Karen patted her face and tried to put on a weak smile. “Karen, don’t think about anything that doesn’t belong to you. Think about Little Karen, think about the child in your belly. You are not alone, and you still have them.” She told herself. Yes, she was not alone. She still had her children… Karen felt a little better, as if she could finally feel her heart beat calmly again “Director Kevin, I followed your words and have explained the situation to your wife.” York hung up the phone and looked into Kevin’s gloomy eyes. He then wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. Kevin did not say a word, and his face remained cold as usual. His hand held the phone so strongly that it seemed like he wanted to break the phone. His boss didn’t say a word, and York still stood still there. He didn’t dare to walk away. He wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead again and again. After a long time, York thought that Kevin might have fallen asleep with his eyes open. Finally, Kevin said, “Please send Nick in.” “Okay, I’ll go right away.” After getting the order, York ran away quickly. If he stayed any longer, he would be scared out of his wits. He ran away when he had the chance. When York went out, Nick opened the door quickly and came in. “Director Kevin, you asked for me.” Kevin said coldly, “Speak.” Nick said immediately, “Director Kevin, Mrs. Kyle has arrived safely. We have taken the most thorough measures to ensure her safety over there. There wouldn’t be any problem. The people who blocked them at the airport have all been caught by our people.” Kevin only spoke one word, but Nick knew what he wanted to hear. After all, Nick had been with him for so many years and learned a lot. “Well.” Kevin responded briefly and went back to his expressionless face, so that no one could see his emotions. Their boss looked cold and distant, but Nick understood him too well, so he continued, “Director Kevin, while you were busy with your wife’s matters yesterday, Chace found a way to escape from Chatterton Town and returned to his base in B City.” “So what? Rovio not only dominated Chatterton Town, but also the whole business world. He didn’t need his enemy to be in Chatterton Town to deal with him. If he wanted to hurt someone, he would be able to find the person from every corner of the world. Whoever provoked him would be seeking their own death! The Gook family went down like this, and so did the Wilis family. Kevin had easily defeated them and left no chances of survival. Chace was from the Coleman family, who had a better background than the Gook family and the Willis family. He seemed as equipped as Kevin. However, no matter how strong LAY Corporation was, it was still no match for Kevin. The first headquarters of Rovio had been based in the United States, and Kevin spent most of his time working there. A few years ago, the headquarters of Rovio moved back here because he saw a huge business opportunity at home. After a few years, Rovio had bought over a lot of well-known companies that were on the verge of bankruptcy. The investment allowed them to continue to expand their thriving business. Every job deserved to be respected. Every profession was profitable, and each profession had talented people. Kevin had a good grasp on how to make the best out of talented people. Therefore, for the past few years, the business of Rovio had been expanding all over the country, and it had gained great reputation on the international platform. Now, at the mention of Leo Kyle from Rovio, everyone knew that he was a legendary man. He was a man that could only be admired in life. Kevin added, “Pay attention to every move of the Yaleman family. We must snatch every project that they want.” “Director Kevin, are we going to snatch every project that they want?” Nick asked tentatively. Kevin shot him a cold look. Nick nodded quickly and said, “I’m going to pass on the message now.” Nick understood that Director Kevin was fighting against the Yaleman family. Rovio would get every project the Yaleman family wanted, and they would force the Yaleman family into a dead end gradually. What was the point of doing that? This was the usual means of Director Kevin. He wanted to kill people, but he didn’t need to resort to violence. He secretly forced the enemy into a desperate situation. As long as the Yaleman group was forced into a desperate situation, Chace would not stand a chance against them. He guessed that Director Kevin did not want to see Chace dead. Instead, he wanted Chace to be homeless, pathetic and suffer! In the military region of Chatterton Town. Neil Brown had nothing on his schedule, and Mia Kyle was off filming on site again. He was so free that he was patiently watching his men perform their interrogation. Yesterday, he told Mia that as long as a person was in his territory, even if he was a dead man, they would find a way to make him speak. He didn’t exaggerate. The instruments of torture he had here were all used to deal with military spies. Military spies had typically undergone the most brutal training and were the best candidates to attack others. Even so, the instruments of torture here could extort confessions from military spies. What’s a few weaklings to them? They just told them the usage of the tools and the consequences after. Before they could use it on the men, a man got so scared that he wet his pants. One by one, they plopped down on their knees and begged for mercy… However, he had given them a chance before. It was their choice to forego their chances. Since the instruments of torture had been taken out, he must use them anyway Listening to their screams and cries, Neil was excited. “Cry harder, shout louder.” “Captain Brown, as we said, it was Chace Yaleman who sent us to capture Mrs. Kyle. He wanted to transfer Mrs. Kyle to B City. We also told you the location of our lair in Chatterton Town. The rest of our men were also caught. Just give us a quick death.” A man begged loudly. They were not afraid of death. They were just afraid that they would suffer worse than death. Obviously, Neil wanted them to make their lives a living hell. How could they not be afraid? “Go on, say more. Maybe i’ll let you go if I’m happy.” He was not running a charity, why would he let them go when they begged him on their knees? “We’ve said what we should say. They said. “Since they’ve finished, let’s get started.” His day was too boring. There weren’t any main tasks to complete, and Mia was not by his side, so Neil could only see these cowards crying and howling At the beginning, Neil was still a little excited, but now he felt bored and needed to play a more exciting game.

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