My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 592

Neil Brown had just ordered for his men to take action when his phone suddenly rang. Mia Kyle called him. Neil took the call immediately when he saw Mia’s number. He didn’t have time to deal with these useless people anymore. He picked up the phone and said, “Mia, I just called you, and you must be crazy to hang up on me. Are you done with your work now?” Neil’s temper was triggered when he called Mia earlier and she hung up his call because she needed to begin filming. Hence, he decided to teach those rascals a lesson sternly. He certainly couldn’t tell others about such a shameful thing, so he vented his anger on those scumbags. When Mia called, although he spoke rudely, but the smile on his face just made him look like a fanboy. His smile was particularly wide. Mia’s pleasant voice came from the phone. “Neil, you know I’m filming. Why did you call me?” “Mia, which is more important, filming or me?” Surely, he must be the pick? “Of course filming… is not as important as you.” Knowing that this man was petty sometimes, Mia didn’t want to offend him. Otherwise, the surprise she was going to give him tonight would be ruined. “You’re a sweet talker,” Neil responded casually, yet his face was full of tenderness. “I’ll drive to the film set to pick you up and have dinner together tonight.” He didn’t know if this little girl was charming him. If she wasn’t by his side, then he found eating to be such a chore. “Well, Captain Brown, i’ll wait for you then. Hurry up!” Mia said with a grinning face. “Mia, wait for me. You’ll see what I have for you tonight.” Mia was brave to seduce him with that voice, so she had to put out the fire for him tonight. “Captain Brown, I can’t wait. If you don’t have much, won’t let you go.” Mia spoke playfully. then I Mia was feeling disgusted over her sweet voice already, but Neil seemed to like it. He sped up his walk. Neil drove his conspicuous military vehicle to Mia’s film set. He thought it was a good idea to have a dinner date first before going wild on her tonight. Neil felt pain all over his body as he hadn’t met Mia for a long time. She must make up for what she had done recently Thinking that there would be a “feast” at night, Neil was whistling happily while driving the car. Today was Neil’s birthday Mia knew that Neil must have forgotten his own birthday, but she remembered. Therefore, she changed her filming to an earlier time in order to give Neil a surprise at night Of course, she was the surprise. She felt that any gift she gave Neil wouldn’t be as good as presenting herself to him. She had not been with him for a long time. He must have missed her very much. Mia had always been so shameless and confident. “She slept with this man for one day, and she slept with another man the other day. Now the gossip’s surrounding Captain Brown. I think her good days are coming to an end.” A woman spoke out quietly, talking about Mia’s “promiscuous” days. “That woman is not good at acting. If she didn’t sell her body, how can she play the leading role? Let’s wait and see. There’s going to be a good show.” Another woman continued Mia sat in her personal car and removed her makeup happily. She was thinking about Neil. The voices of two women talking about her came from behind her car. F*ck! The two women kept praising her acting in front of Mia, which made her feel a little embarrassed and shy earlier. At this moment, they were bad mouthing her. She didn’t know if they knew she was there and deliberately said it anyway Mia was never a person who would let others step on When she heard someone saying bad things about her behind her back, it really wouldn’t be typical of her to just ignore and move on She wound down the window and poked her head out. Looking at the two actresses who were bad mouthing her, she smiled and said, “Two aunties.” “What? What did you say?” As they heard her speak, the two women had forgotten that they had been caught criticizing her earlier. “Aunties, even if I sell myself in exchange for my roles, it’s also a form of skills. It’s all because i’m beautiful and young, and the big boss likes me. Look at you, your skin is saggy and dull, you don’t even like your skin. If you have time to discuss how I sleep with others, why don’t you use the time to pamper yourself? Maybe Captain Brown will like you one day.” “You, you…” The two women were so angry that they could not utter a complete sentence. “Aunties, I have to remove my makeup now, so I can’t catch up now. You are welcome to discuss ways to seduce a man some other day.” Mia said with a smile and closed the window, which made the two actresses extremely angry. Humph- Those women did not know their place. She never cared about how others looked at her. What she only cared about was her family and Neil. She knew that the incident at the airport yesterday must have stirred some headlines about her in the tabloids. There were people claiming that she was deliberately creating news for her own fame. Apparently, according to others, she was bold enough to spread the rumours about her and Captain Brown of the military region of Chatterton Town, who was not even in the entertainment industry. Everyone who heard of Neil knew that he had a bad temper. If someone provoked him, he would not let the person go. As for the reputation of Captain Brown, he was a big shot who was admired by so many people, but none of them could come close to him. There was a rumor that a woman had tried to get close to him, but had been scared out of her wits by his loud voice. She got so scared and shocked that she died later on. It was also rumored that Captain Brown’s demands and standards were particularly high. Ordinary women would not be able to satisfy him, and there had been women who died on his bed before. These rumors were spread quickly, and Neil had never clarified them, which further confirmed the credibility of the rumors. Everyone did not know that these rumors were made up by Mia. She needed to create some bad reputation for Neil to prevent other women from approaching him. Mia thought that the news was spread discreetly. Little did she know, without Neil’s indirect approval, how could these news spread that big? He was the well-known captain of the military region of Chatterton Town. No one would have enough guts to spread bad rumours about him..

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