My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 593

Mia Kyle had won the fight. She asked her assistant to continue removing her makeup for her, like her mood was not affected at all. However, the two women told the filming crew what had happened earlier and exaggerated the story. They said that Mia called them old when she was just a few years younger than them. How could they be “old”? They felt offended. However, Mia had a cute appearance, especially with her vibrant smile, which made her look younger. Although she was in her early twenties, she still looked like an eighteen-year-old student. In Mia’s own words, she had great genes and was born beautiful to attract people’s attention. What could she do? Well, Mia had always been so shameless and confident. As soon as she was done cleaning up the phone call from Neil came in. “Mia, I’m here. Where are you?” She was at a film set in Chatterton Town. When there were celebrities filming, the security was very strict, so entry was limited “At the North Gate, I asked Jacky to get you.” Mia was going to test if Neil was willing to introduce herself as her boyfriend. “I saw him.” After that, Neil hung up the phone. Mia thought that Neil would hesitate, but the man didn’t hesitate at all. She didn’t know if he knew the significance of finding her at work. The world world know that he was her boyfriend. After thinking for a while, Mia decided to call Neil to explain clearly. She had been pursuing him and waiting for him for so many years. She was willing to give him more time to think about announcing their relationship. Of course, no matter how long he would need, he was still hers anyway. No one else could take him away As soon as the call was connected, Neil answered immediately. He said impatiently. “We’ll be there soon. Why are you still calling me?” “Neil, there are crew members and reporters here. If you come, it’s implicating that we’re making our relationship public to the media… Are you sure you still want to come?” Mia asked the last sentence in a very soft voice. Although she was prepared for Neil to turn back, she should still feel somewhat disappointed if he really turned back. After all, she still hoped that Neil would publicly declare their relationship instead of keeping the relationship private. “Mia, are you missing some brain cells recently?” Neil said. He had already appeared in Mia’s sight. He was still wearing his military uniform. He was tall and looked sharp, and he walked very confidently towards Mia. Mia watched him approach her gradually, getting closer and closer. Looking at his chiseled and handsome face, her heart was pounding so fast that it seemed to be jumping out of her chest Damn it! Neil looked the same as usual. Why did she think he was especially handsome today? Mia couldn’t move her eyes away from him. “My god, isn’t that man Captain Brown?” “Yeah, it’s really him.” “Yes, it’s him. I’ve seen him in some military-related news a few days ago.” “Why did he come to the set? Did he…” Amidst the confusion and the noise of the crowd, Neil Brown walked over to Mia and touched her head gently with a smile, but what he said was quite the contrary, “Mia, are you stupid?” Mia was immersed in her beautiful dream. She imagined Neil walking over to her, then he knelt down on one knee and said to her affectionately, “Mia, marry me. Under the witness of the media, marry me.” However, Neil’s words brought Mia back to reality. Mia was so angry that she gritted her teeth. “Bastard!” The son of a bitch ruined her daydream! She really wanted to bite him to death! “I came here to pick you up, and you scolded me.” Mia was getting more attractive. Seeing her, Neil felt increasingly turned on by her. He can’t wait to just go wild on her right now. Perhaps it wasn’t too bad to enjoy her as a “feast” before dinner. He had always been a man of action. When he had this idea, he made his move already. He carried Mia on his shoulder, turned around and strode away “It turns out to be true. Their relationship is real!” A reporter shouted. In an instant, the reporters were flashing their cameras at the couple, desperately trying to take photos of them from different angles. Neil stopped and looked back at the reporters who were taking photos. “We are lovers. Spread the word however you want, but please delete the photos on camera. If any of you uploads any photos online, you can quit this industry, rest assured.” After speaking rudely, Neil continued to hold Mia as they left. He walked faster and faster, hoping that they could reach his car soon so he could do whatever he wanted. “Neil, why did you allow them to spread the word about our relationship but not allow them to take photos?” Mia was so excited that she forgot that she was hanging onto Neil. “I’m just happy and I can do whatever I want. Do I still need a reason?” Neil knew how much Mia cared about her looks. If the photo of her hanging upside down by his shoulders was spread out, she would go crazy “Of course, your happiness is very rare.” Although the plot didn’t go as Mia expected, Neil did very well today when he came over Mia decided to be nicer to him today and not bully him, so she was still going to give him a present for tonight. Seeing Mia being carried away by Neil, Jacky looked away with disappointment in his eyes. He said nothing and helped his assistant to pack up Mia’s belongings. Previously, he followed Mia wherever she went to protect her safety. Since Mia was in a relationship with Neil, Jacky had to stand aside whenever they were together. Neil carried Mia out of the North Gate and got in the car parked on the side. As soon as the car door was closed, he rushed to Mia like a wolf. He lifted her dress up with his strong hand, “Mia, I can’t wait any longer.” “Neil, wait a little longer.” Although it was exciting to do it in the car, Mia had prepared a big gift for Neil today. If he had sex with her now, the big gift presentation at night would not go as well as she wanted. Therefore, she needed to stop Neil’s advances for now..

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