My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 594

“Mia, are you stupid?” If he could hold it in, would he choose to do it in the car? It was cramped in the car. With any bigger movements, they would be hitting their heads everywhere. Of course it wouldn’ t be as exciting. Mia Kyle pushed Neil Brown’s chest and continued to persuade him, “Neil, can you be more flexible? Be patient, okay? I’ll make sure you have an amazing night later.” “Did you prepare something?” The desire that Neil had in his eyes faded a little, but he was still pressing on Mia’s body without letting go. Mia smiles cunningly and said, “Captain Brown, I promise to have you fully satisfied. If you’re not satisfied, I will pay you back ten times more. What do you think?” “Pay me back ten times more?” That was an irresistible offer. There was no reason for Neil to disagree. For the sake of his happiness, he had to be patient. Before he let go of Mia, he whispered in her ears, “Mia, remember this, I already had a reaction just now.” No matter how bold Mia was, after all, she was still a woman. When she heard those wicked words from Neil’s mouth, her face turned red inadvertently. His body was pressed on top of her. Of course she could tell if he’d had any reactions down there. Mia sneaked a peek at him. Seeing how hard he was trying to hold it in, Mia decided that she would make it up to him later that night. Neil returned to the driver’s seat. He started the car and drove out quickly. “What do you want to eat for dinner?’ Mia said with a naughty smile, “I want to eat you, of course.” Neil tightened his grip on the steering wheel and said, “Mia, if you don’t want me to do it to you in the car, you better start talking properly.” Mia leaned on the back of Neil’s seat and looked at his face from the rearview mirror. “Captain Brown, why don’t you try and guess what day it is today?” Neil had no patience at all. “What day is it?” Mia smiled and said, “I’m asking you to take a guess.” Neil was getting angry. “You women always remember this and that couple’s days. There are even a few of them. How will I know what kind of special day you’re talking about?” “Neil Brown!” Mia glared at this man with his low EQ. “Screw you, are you picking a fight with me?” However, Neil was angrier. “Mia, just tell me. If not I’ll just find a random place for dinner.” “Let’s go home for dinner. We’ll order takeout later,” Mia said angrily In order to celebrate Neil’s birthday, she had already asked someone to prepare the food at home in advance to surprise him. But this fella was too horny, all he wanted was to eat her. He didn’t even want to think about anything else. Whatever they were going to have for dinner really didn’t matter to Neil. What mattered more was how he was going to eat Mia tonight Baked? Boiled? Or fried? Every method of having her had its special edge, and he wanted them all. They had the whole night anyway, so he could just eat her with all different methods. He had to be fully satisfied. Therefore, when Mia said that she wanted to go home and order takeaway, Neil didn’t oppose the idea. In fact he was actually a little excited. They wouldn’t even need to change their location after having dinner. He could just enjoy a deep fried Mia straight away. Thinking of this, Neil pressed the pedal slightly harder and the car accelerated. The journey that would usually take almost one hour only took Neil half an hour today. The thing he did most during that journey was overtaking every other car… “Are you crazy, Neil?” As soon as the car stopped, Mia yelled loudly. She was in the backseat with her seat belt properly fastened. Yet, she felt like she was going to be thrown out of the car in many instances. “I’m not crazy. I’m just ‘hungry.” Neil opened the car door and picked Mia up straight away. He couldn’t even let her walk home on her own. “Neil, why are you so impatient? People would think that perhaps you have never seen a woman in your life? Listen, don’t be in such a hurry. We have plenty of time tonight.” Mia pretended to push him a little. But in fact, she was also getting excited. Neil brought Mia into the elevator, as he turned he pressed Mia against the wall and kissed her passionately, Mia responded to his kiss with burning passion as well. Suddenly, the elevator door opened while they were still kissing There was a person at the elevator door. He scratched his head awkwardly, indecisive whether to enter or not. After a good thought, he decided to step into the elevator as it was a public facility after all. However, Mia and Neil were still hugging and kissing each other. Neil was touching her at some inappropriate places, he wanted to take Mia’s clothes off. When she felt a chill on her body, Mia quickly realized that they were still in the elevator. When she opened her eyes and saw another person inside the elevator, she was startled and hid behind Neil immediately, “There’s a ghost, Neil!” Mia was bold, but she had a fatal weakness. She was afraid of ghosts. She knew for sure that they did not exist but she was still scared. They were so engrossed in their kisses earlier that they were completely oblivious to their surroundings when the elevator door opened and someone stepped in. That’s why she thought there was really a ghost. “You are the ghost, not mel!” The person was obviously offended and he stared at Mia fiercely after being called a ghost. Neil pressed Mia’s head on his chest. He glared at the man and selected the closest floor on the elevator button panel “Get out! As soon as the elevator door opened, the man got out as he was told “How can people be so rude?” They were clearly the ones doing inappropriate things in public. Yet, Captain Brown said it was the guy who was not being sensible, and that he shouldn’t have come in and interrupted them. As soon as the man left, Neil wanted to continue. But Mia had already lost her interest and refused to let him get closer. Neil was a little annoyed. “Mia, what the hell are you thinking? There’s no ghost!” Mia said softly, “Yes there is. There’s one right beside me.” Neil looked around and asked, “Where?” Mia smiled cunningly and said, “A perverted ghost!” Neil replied, “Tonight, this perverted ghost is going to serve you well. Finally, the elevator reached their floor. As soon as they got out of the elevator, Mia held onto Neil. “Close your eyes, Neil.” “What are you scheming?” Neil thought Mia could be pranking him but he still closed his eyes as he was told. Anyway, he thought it wasn’t bad to be bullied by her to make her happy occasionally. Mia said, “Close your eyes and don’t peek. Open only ask you to.” Neil said, “Don’t worry, I won’t peek.” when I What on earth was this girl doing, being all mysterious? He was getting excited all of a sudden. Mia unlocked the unit with her fingerprint. She turned on the lights and went to pull Neil in,”You can open your eyes now Neil.”.

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